Down Syndrome

by: Junji Takano

"Down's syndrome" is a genetic disorder characterized by blunt facial features, short stature, and learning difficulties. It is caused by the presence of an extra copy of a particular chromosome. It may not be necessary to discuss about its DNA, medical, or scientific findings here, because after all, scholars explained its probable cause from A to Z. But no right answers can be found. According to doctors, no one knows why Down syndrome occurs and there's no way to prevent the chromosomal error that causes it. Scientists do know that women at age 30 and older have a significantly higher risk of having a child with this condition.

Simian Line

At first, all children suffering from Down syndrome look alike all over the world regardless of race and color. Also, most of them have a Simian line in their palms. This is medically known as "Single transverse palmar crease" or "Simian crease". The behaviors of such children show ape-like activity such as smile when they are happy and anger when they are sad. Is there anyone who could answer the above mystery? Yes, many people can answer that.

In 1961, I met several traditional healers in the deep mountain tribes of Burma (Myanmar) and Malaya (Malaysia). There I witnessed two exorcists performing at mothers who have children with Down's syndrome. I had difficulties to accept the fact but there were no tricks around them.

Two children, one is in Burma and one is in Malaya. They were not the children of their fathers. Who are the fathers of the two children, then? The fathers are human-like ape from myths. Do you believe that?

Today, I perform exorcism by myself, and I am convinced on the facts about mysteries in spiritual world. Here I can tell you why women above the age of 30 have a higher risk of having a child with Down syndrome.

Women above 30–35 years old have a higher rate of sexual desire. Some of them are not satisfied with their husbands alone. They even daydream to fill their sexual desire. In that state of mind filled with sexual desire, the women emit brain waves that attract spirits and human-like ape of spiritual world, and they will have sexual intercourse. That's the answer to a Down's syndrome baby.

It is important to know that you are not to blame for your child having Down's syndrome. Down's syndrome occurs in all parts of the world.

It can happen to anyone who desire to have aggressive sex rather than their husband in their dream at night or during daydream.

How to prevent it from happening? It's easy. Do your homework hard, so you can forget your sexual desires. Or use PYRO-ENERGEN at least once a day, to prevent other spirits entering your body.

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Junji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause.
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