Secret Ways to Extend Your Lifespan

by: Junji Takano

The lifespan of humans is truly a mystery, veiled by the wisdom of God. Good people often die young, while those filled with hatred can live longer. Science cannot unravel the wisdom of God.

On average, women tend to live longer than men. There are certain regions, such as Siberia and Okinawa, where a significant number of individuals reach the age of 100 and beyond. Scientists are actively researching ways to uncover the secrets behind their longevity.

Reports suggest that there are specific locations in Siberia and Okinawa where centenarians are common. I have personally visited Okinawa multiple times and have encountered numerous individuals aged 100-110 who are still active and working on farms.

Extend Your Lifespan

Scientists have somehow concluded that the consumption of kelp is prevalent in the diet of Okinawans, while people in Siberia consume more yogurt and grape wine. Renowned doctors claim that these food items hold the key to a long life. Therefore, my family and I consume a significant amount of kelp daily, similar to the Okinawans.

However, even if one's life extends beyond 100 years, it is crucial to maintain good physical health in order to carry out daily tasks, just like the Okinawans and Siberians. Otherwise, living like a 'living dead' would be futile.

According to Japanese statistics, the average lifespan in Japan is approximately 84-87 years.

To gain insights into the daily habits of centenarians, we requested a group of 100-year-olds to provide us with details about their diets, hobbies, and activities. We discovered that some enjoy a cup of Japanese rice wine daily, while others engage in light smoking. Most elders also relish outings and socializing with friends.

Their daily diets typically include kelp in miso soup (Japanese fermented soybean paste), tofu (made from coagulated soybean extract), honey, and pickles. There are no restricted foods, meaning they eat whatever they like. Their lives seem ordinary and unremarkable.

Additionally, they find joy in watching television, humming, and, notably, laughing frequently.

Despite experiencing diminished sight and hearing, they have managed to avoid illnesses. It is not necessary to be a vegetarian or a non-smoker to achieve this. One common trait among them is their religious inclination and love for flower arrangement in their gardens or rooms.

What struck me even more is that their lives are simple and somewhat primitive, yet they possess "wisdom" in the modern world. What does this mean? Most of them reside in remote areas or countryside, working as farmers amidst trees, rivers, mountains, and farms. However, their living conditions are modern, with access to electricity.

I have also observed that people living in rural areas of South Asian countries (tropical regions), Africa, and South America (Latin continent) lead simple lives, but their average lifespan is considerably shorter according to global records. Is this due to malnutrition and poverty? Is it influenced by race or climate? The answer should be NO, as there are countless exceptional cases.

Nutrition and lack of education may also contribute to lifespan. Let's discuss body pH. We believe there is a connection between body pH and longevity. We noticed that healthy elderly individuals have higher blood alkalinity compared to unhealthy individuals with shorter lifespans, particularly those living in poor countries.

This suggests that nutrition plays a vital role in longevity. It is also true that consuming ample amounts of kelp or yogurt can improve your pH balance (alkalinity) within a matter of weeks.

Another factor that may contribute to a prolonged healthy body is PYRO-ENERGEN treatment. Our research indicates that both rabbits and humans treated with PYRO-ENERGEN exhibit slightly higher blood pH (alkalinity) and reduced breathing rates per minute. This signifies a longer life and better health. Someone once wrote to me that human lifespan is influenced by social, economic, medical, and natural factors. Apart from the disparity in quality of life between poor and wealthy nations, the significant imbalance in medical resources is undoubtedly another reason for the discrepancy in lifespans. Yes, this also seems very plausible. Regardless of the ideas one may have, the key to longevity lies in maintaining a well-balanced diet with kelp, yogurt, honey, and practicing slow breathing, while also utilizing the PYRO-ENERGEN <^O^>.


If you have been consuming kelp, yogurt, honey, and undergoing PYRO-ENERGEN treatment for over a week, you should notice an improvement in your blood pH levels. Is this the only way to extend your life? Of course not. There are likely other ways to achieve this. To uncover these clues, my family and I have relocated to the countryside, surrounded by mountains, rivers, and green grass. We have built a modern house with electricity to keep our minds active. To reduce physical exertion, we employ heavy machinery and automobiles for farming and transportation. For your information, our location is approximately 100 km (62 miles) away from the nearest small town. Ahead of my family, my brother has already moved to and resides in the forests of Nara prefecture in Japan, embracing a modern lifestyle. At 74 years old, he is still full of energy and confidently tells his friends that he will live until 120 years old to repay his significant bank loan. Let's see if our family can live longer and healthier <^O^>.

An additional info - living primitively in the countryside will make your life short. That's for sure.

Lifespan of Various Animals

These animals have lifespans that correspond to their breathing rates, which are 1 billion times as follows. What do you think? Unbelievable? Wishing you all a long and happy life!

Alligator 50-60 years
Bat 20-25 years
Bear 40-45 years
Camel 50-55 years
Carp 70-100 years
Cat 20-25 years
Chicken 12-17 years
Cow 20-25 years
Dog 17-22 years
Duck 18-22 years
Elephant 70-80 years
Goat 15-17 years
Horse 40-42 years
Lion 33-37 years
Parrot 50-80 years
Pig 20-22 years
Pigeon 22-26 years
Rat 3-5 years
Turtle 120-130 years

Can You Determine Your Lifespan?

Can you determine your lifespan? The answer is NO. However, there might be a way to slow down the aging process and extend our lives.

According to an ancient Chinese book I found during my 30-year journey around Asian countries in 1956, every living animal seems to breathe approximately 1,000,000,000 times throughout their entire life. Is this true? The figure sounds plausible.

We humans breathe about 18-25 times per minute, which amounts to approximately 30,000 times per day or 10,950,000 times per year. Dividing 1,000,000,000 breaths by 10,950,000 gives us 91 years. This means that our lifespan is likely up to 91 years old.

Let's consider the case of a dog. An average dog breathes about 140 times per minute, so their lifespan is around 17 years or less.

Athletes or individuals engaged in physically demanding work tend to breathe faster than the average person. Our records indicate that their lives are shorter than those of common people. Could it be because they consume 1,000,000,000 breaths at a faster rate? Is this true? Whatever the case may be, our records indicate that people who breathe slowly tend to live longer than others.

Using PYRO-ENERGEN may help reduce your breathing cycle, leading to a slower aging process. This means that you may live longer and maintain a youthful appearance.

Yes, you can use makeup to make yourself look young, hiding wrinkles around your eyes and lips, or through plastic surgeries. However, there are parts of your body that you cannot hide, such as the back of your hands! Take a look at the back of your hands, and they will reveal your physical age. Keeping your hands youthful, like those of children, can make you appear younger than your actual age. But how can you achieve youthful-looking hands? Consume seaweeds and green tea, maintain a well-balanced diet, and most importantly, THINK RIGHT and DO RIGHT, along with PYRO-ENERGEN treatment.

What do I eat every day? For the past 40 years, I have been consuming at least 1-2 eggs, ½ cup of tofu, 1 liter of green tea, 2 cups of coffee, 3 tablespoons of honey, 50 grams of seaweeds, and various vegetables to ensure an adequate mineral intake. Yes, every day, that's what I consume to keep myself young. If you observe my hands, you will be surprised to see that they resemble those of a 50-year-old rather than a 70-year-old.

Furthermore, did you know that according to Moses in the Bible, people are given a maximum of 120 years to live? No one has lived beyond 120 years. If there is anyone older than 120 years, they fall into the category of exceptional cases. "For every rule, there is an exception."

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