Secret Ways to Extend Your Life Span

by: Junji Takano

The life span of man is really a secret, veiled by the mystery of God. Good people die young and bad people exist longer with hatred. Science cannot clear the wisdom of God.

In average, the life spans of women are longer than men. There are places where golden-aged people live more according to the world statistic records. Is there any way to prolong their lives? That's what many scientists are trying to discover.

We were informed that there's a certain place somewhere in Siberia and Okinawa, where aged people over 100 years are common. I have visited Okinawa several times, and many people I met are over 100-110 years old but still kicking and working in the farm.

Scientists concluded somehow that they eat more of kelp in their diets in Okinawa. People in Siberia drink more of yogurt and grape wine. Renowned doctors claim that these foodstuffs are the key to long living. Yes, kelp, yogurt and grape wine, may also be a key to long life. My family and I take a lot of kelps daily as much as Okinawan's consume.

Even though your life is extended beyond 100 years, your physical health should be good enough to tackle all works like what Okinawan's and Siberian's does; otherwise, it is useless to live like a living dead.

The average Japanese life span is about 84-87 years according to a Japanese censorship group.

We have requested a group of 100-years-old people to list down their daily foods, hobbies, and works. There we found that some love to drink a cup of Japanese rice wine daily. Some people even smoke although it's not heavy smoking. Most elders enjoy outing and chatting with their friends, too.

Their daily diets usually include kelp in miso soup (Japanese fermented soy bean paste), tofu (made from coagulated soybean extract), honey, and pickles. There are no prohibited foods to eat, which means they eat anything they like. Their lives seem to be just the same or common.

They enjoy watching TV and hum a lot everyday. Oh, yes, what we notice with them is they laugh a lot.

Even though their sight and hearing are not what they used to be, they've all avoided getting illnesses. It's not necessary to be vegetarian, or even to be a nonsmoker. One thing I noticed with them is that they are all religious and love flower arrangement in their garden or in their room.

What I notice more strongly is that their lives are so simple and looks somewhat primitive, but they live in the modern world with "wisdom". What do they mean? Most of them live in the remote areas or countrysides, and worked as farmers, surrounded by trees, rivers, mountains, and farms. But their living condition was modern with electricity.

I notice people who live in the provinces of South Asian Countries (tropical areas), Africa, South America (Latin continent) are so simple but their average life span is too short, according to the world records. Is it because of malnutrition and poverty? Is it due to race or climate? The answer should be NO, because there are uncountable numbers of exceptional cases.

Nutrition factor and lack of education may count for life span, too. Let's talk about body pH. We believe that there is some connection between body pH and long life span. We noticed that people who were aged but healthy have more blood alkalinity compare to unhealthy people whose life span is short and live in poor countries.

This may indicate that nutrition is an important factor for long living. It is also true that if you take a lot of kelp or yogurt, your pH balance (alkalinity) will improve in a matter of week.

PYRO-ENERGEN treatment may be another factor to prolong healthy body for long living. Our research indicates that rabbits as well as people treated under the PYRO-ENERGEN have slightly higher blood pH (alkalinity) and reduced breathing cycles per minute. This means more life and better health. Someone wrote me that human life span is also determined by social, economic, medical and natural factors. Aside from life quality disparity in poor and rich countries, the extreme unbalanced medical resources are undoubtedly another reason for the great disparity in life span. Yes, this sounds very right, too. Whatever ideas you may have, the key to longevity is to eat a well-balanced diet with kelp, yogurt, honey, and breathe slowly, then use the PYRO-ENERGEN <^O^>.


If you are eating kelp, yogurt, honey, and being treated by the PYRO-ENERGEN for more than a week, then, you should notice the improvement of your blood pH. Is it the only way that you can extend you life? Of course not. There should be more ways for it. To find the clue, my family and I moved to countryside where mountains, rivers and green grasses surround. That's where I built a modern house complete with electricity to keep our brains working. To breathe less, all heavy works such as farming and transportation are done with heavy engine machines and automobiles. For your information, our location is about 100 km (62 miles) far to the nearest small town. Ahead of my family, my brother moved and lives in the forest of Nara prefecture in Japan with modern living. He is still kicking around at 74 years old and telling to all his friends that he will live up to 120 years old in order to finish his big loan in the bank. Let's see if our family will live longer and healthier <^O^>.

An additional info - living primitively in the countryside will make your life short. That's for sure.

Life Span of some Animals

These animals correspond to breathing number consuming 1 million times as follows. What do you think? Unbelievable?
Happy long life to you all!!!

Alligator 50-60 years
Bat 20-25 years
Bear 40-45 years
Camel 50-55 years
Carp 70-100 years
Cat 20-25 years
Chicken 12-17 years
Cow 20-25 years
Dog 17-22 years
Duck 18-22 years
Elephant 70-80 years
Goat 15-17 years
Horse 40-42 years
Lion 33-37 years
Parrot 50-80 years
Pig 20-22 years
Pigeon 22-26 years
Rat 3-5 years
Turtle 120-130 years

Can You Know Your Life Span?

Can you know your life span? Answer is NO. But there might be a way to slow the aging and extend our life.

Every living animal seem to breathe 1,000,000,000 times from their whole life according to one of the ancient Chinese books I found in 1956 during my 30-year journey around Asian countries. Is this true? The figure sounds acceptable.

We breathe about 18-25 times per minute or about 30,000 times per day or 10,950,000 times a year. 1,000,000,000 breath divided by 10,950,000 comes out 91 years. This means that your life span is likely up to 91 years old.

Let's take the case of a dog. An average dog breathes about 140 times per minute so their life span goes 17 years or less.

Average sports players or blue-collar workers breathe faster than we do, then our records indicate that their lives are shorter than common people. Is it because they consumed 1,000,000,000 times of breathing so fast? Is this true? Whatever it is, our records indicate that the people who breathe slowly live longer than the other.

If you use PYRO-ENERGEN, your breathing cycle may reduce, that will lead to slower aging process. This means that you may live longer and make yourself look younger.

Yes, you can make up yourself to look young, hiding wrinkles around your eyes and lips or by plastic surgeries. But there are parts where you cannot hide. That's the back of your hands! Look at the back of your hands, and they will tell you your physical age. Keeping your hands young like children makes you look young or younger than your age. But how do you make your hands look young? Eat seaweeds and drink green tea, and eat a well-balanced diet. Most important thing is that you THINK RIGHT and DO RIGHT, and PYRO-ENERGEN treatment.

What am I eating everyday? Since 40 years ago, I have been taking at least 1-2 eggs, ½ cut (1 cup) of tofu, 1 liter of green tea, 2 cups of coffee, 3 tablespoons of honey, 50 grams of seaweeds, and various vegetables as mineral intake. Yes, everyday, that's what I take to keep myself young. If you see my hands, you will be surprised, noticing that they look like 50 years old and not 70 years old.

Also, don't you know that people are given 120 years to live, not more than that according to Moses in the Bible? There is nobody who lived more than 120 years. Is there anyone more than 120 years old? Then he or she is under categories of exceptional case. "If there is a law, there is an exception."

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Junji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause.
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