The PYRO-ENERGEN Works Against the Following Diseases:

  • All Major Types of Cancer (carcinoma, sarcoma, melanoma, lymphoma, and leukemia)
  • Diseases with an Unknown Origin or Whose Cause is Unknown (e.g. Parkinson's disease, autoimmune diseases)
  • Practically All Diseases Caused by a Virus (even future virus mutations)

The PYRO-ENERGEN Will NOT Work Against the Following Diseases:

  • Infections Caused by Bacteria, Fungi, and Parasitic Worms
  • Bone fractures, cuts, burns, and wounds
  • Occupational cancers (cancer caused by exposure to chemicals and minerals at work, e.g. Asbestos Cancer)

Unhealthy cells like cancer cells and host cells infected by viruses have different electrical properties compared to normal healthy cells. They also have a lower pH than normal cells. Static electricity, which exhibits repelling properties, can be utilized by exposing the patient's whole body to the machine's special electric field (comprised of a powerful negatively-charged electrostatic field). This exposure stabilizes the human body's electrical systems, resulting in improved pH alkalinity and disruption of cancer cell growth. Since abnormal cells have different electrical properties compared to healthy cells, the machine's electric field output can be finely tuned to specifically target these unhealthy cells and pathogens. This makes the machine superior to conventional treatment methods as it provides highly targeted treatment.

Furthermore, there are no side effects since the machine's treatment is non-invasive, as it involves enveloping only the patient's outer body in an electrostatic field during the treatment. To illustrate, think of cancer cells as radio antennas, and the machine emits a specific signal that interrupts only the cancer cells.

Once the body's electrical systems are stabilized by the machine, resulting in the death of cancer cells, symptoms will eventually subside, and the body's immune system will begin to function properly to repair the damaged body cells.


The PYRO-ENERGEN machine operates by creating a unique electric field of negatively-charged static electricity that surrounds the patient's body. The specific method employed by the machine remains the inventor's trade secret. When the body is enveloped in this electric field, it establishes an environment in which cancer cells and viruses are unable to reproduce, mutate, and eventually die. Remarkably, this process does not impact normal body cells. In healthy individuals, the use of the PYRO-ENERGEN can prevent the formation of cancer cells and viruses.


Experiments have shown that cancer viruses can go down to as much as 20-50% in just a week by simply soaking the entire body of negative static electricity. That's already more than 10 times better than some alternative cancer treatments, for which a good program can only go to as far as about 10% reduction a month. That makes the PYRO-ENERGEN method work really fast compared to most orthodox and alternative treatments! What's more, it's 100% safe and with 0% side effects.

Now, compare that to high-cost treatments like chemotherapy, which only have an overall 3% success rate. The risk of getting side effects is insanely high and devastating. On top of that, chemotherapy does not cure 96-98% of all cancers and people are more likely to die faster with chemo than without it.

All of this makes the PYRO-ENERGEN 100,000 times better than chemotherapy and hundreds of times cheaper.

How PYRO-ENERGEN Works (Scientific Illustration)

The special electric field the PYRO-ENERGEN emits, which glows continuously around the user's body, interfere with cancer cell division process. In other words, the waves of static electricity affect cell division chromosomes so the tumor cells do not divide and will eventually be destroyed.

Cancerous or malignant tumors will also begin to shrink until they disappear. This static electric field emission also damages the virus DNA and its surrounding protein structures making it incapable of replicating and causing infection.

These phenomena result to both cancer cell death and virus death. The dead cancer and viral cells will be subsequently decomposed, reabsorbed, and digested by the body's immune system.

How PYRO-ENERGEN Works (Scientific Explanation)

Another way to say it is this: It is a fact that the most common form of DNA, which is B-DNA, is electrically conductive. Therefore, you can think of virus DNA and cancer cell DNA as "radio" antennas. The PYRO-ENERGEN's special electric field emits a signal that interrupts the working of the virus and cancer cell while no harm is done to normal body cells.

This is the major reason the PYRO-ENERGEN electrostatic therapy machine is far more superior to chemotherapy and radiation therapy as these conventional methods results in numerous negative side effects as they also target normal body cells leading to their death including making the cancer worse.

Historical Evidences in the Use of Electricity to Treat Diseases

  1. The earliest recorded medical use of electricity is in 46-47 A.D. when the Roman emperors' physician Scribonius Largus recommended treatment with the electric torpedo fish or electric rays (known for being capable of producing an electric discharge) for rheumatism and gout.
  2. Benjamin Franklin used electricity to treat people with neurologic problems.
  3. In 18th century, John Wesley in England is also known to use electricity to heal many disorders.
  4. Skin rubdown using a dry towel to scrub the whole body also produces static electricity and is a Japanese traditional procedure since hundreds of years ago. Skin rubdown is also known to improve cellular immunity like massage therapy. Visit for more information about skin rubdown.

In 1968, Junji Takano discovered the root cause of cancer, viruses, and incurable diseases, and found that electricity does not need to penetrate the body, thereby completely eliminating all negative side effects that electrical current penetration and electric shock can cause to the body. The PYRO-ENERGEN is a complete revamp and the most remarkable breakthrough from how electricity was used historically in treating various disorders and diseases. It is by far the only machine in the world that utilizes electricity at its maximum potential and in most effective and safest way.

Scientifically speaking, based on the information we have cited thus far, including case studies and evidence, the explanations provided above are theoretically valid. However, it is important to note that there are still many questions that are virtually impossible to scientifically explain, primarily because the etiology of these diseases remains unknown to science.

Some of these questions include:

1. How does PYRO-ENERGEN work on diseases with an unknown origin or cause?

2. Why do cancer cells and viruses die when exposed to static electricity?

3. Why doesn't PYRO-ENERGEN work on diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, and parasitic worms?

4. Why doesn't PYRO-ENERGEN work on occupational cancers, which account for approximately 4% of all cancer cases according to WHO (with asbestos cancer being the most common)?

All of the above questions can be addressed by disregarding scientific laws and examining how PYRO-ENERGEN operates from a completely different perspective, as explained below. It is important to acknowledge that there are numerous aspects of the world that science cannot definitively prove or explain.

How PYRO-ENERGEN Works: Alternative Illustration (Original Representation)

Note: The statements below are based on the findings and discoveries of Japanese health researcher Junji Takano, which led to his invention of the PYRO-ENERGEN electrostatic therapy machine. Some concepts may have similarities with complementary medicine, energy healing, and spiritual healing.

To heal cancer, viral diseases, and incurable diseases, you must treat the cause and not the effect.

Did you know that we all exist within a natural electric field composed of waves? When this field is disrupted, it can lead to poor health.

In today's modern world, we encounter various pollutants and face the consequences of global warming. These factors generate significant amounts of negative energy forces, which contribute to the development of unhealthy conditions such as cancer, viruses, and other incurable diseases. Consequently, nature loses its perfectly balanced electric field in the atmosphere.

We highly recommend reading our literature on the root causes of cancer and viral diseases at for a better understanding of this subject.

Moreover, individuals who experience disharmony in their body, mind, and/or spirit may also disrupt their personal electric field, similar to the concept of the human aura in complementary medicine that protects one's body from these negative energy forces. This phenomenon is often referred to as "energy field disturbance" in alternative medicine.

Now, look at the image below:

How Disease is Created


  1. As depicted in the illustrations above, our bodies are surrounded by an external negative energy force that contributes to the development of diseases.
  2. When a user sits on the PYRO-ENERGEN machine, their body is enveloped in a protective layer of negatively-charged static electricity.
  3. The purpose of the PYRO-ENERGEN machine is to create static electrification just outside the body, effectively discharging the negative energy force. By eliminating this external negative energy, cancer cells and viruses are deprived of their life source, leading to their demise and freeing the individual from these dreadful diseases.
  4. Since this external negative energy is responsible for the creation of cancer, viruses, and other incurable diseases, using PYRO-ENERGEN can even help prevent the development of these diseases in healthy individuals.

Unsolved Mysteries in Science Revealed

The causation of bacterial diseases, fungal infections, parasitic worm infections, physical injuries, and occupational cancers is fully understood by science. This means that these types of diseases can be prevented and even cured. For instance, wearing proper protective gear can prevent asbestos cancer (mesothelioma) by minimizing exposure to asbestos dust. Bacterial diseases can be cured through antibiotics or natural methods that target the bacteria.

However, understanding how viruses and cancer cells cause diseases is much more complex for science, as they exhibit extraordinary diversity. While bacteria are considered living organisms, there are differing opinions on whether viruses qualify as a form of life. Bacteria can form fossils, but viruses cannot, which makes their origin unclear.

Despite numerous theories, science has yet to uncover the cause of cancer and the origin of viruses. There are also many chronic and debilitating diseases, such as Parkinson's disease, arthritis, diabetes, and asthma, for which the causal agents remain "unknown." However, by disregarding scientific laws, we can arrive at a clearer explanation: the causal agent labeled as "unknown" by science is, in fact, the external negative energy force itself!

This clarifies why PYRO-ENERGEN cannot treat diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, and parasitic worms. PYRO-ENERGEN can only repel or eliminate the negative energy force. Bacteria and fungi are distinct living organisms that did not originate from negative energy. On the other hand, viruses, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause are products of the negative energy force. PYRO-ENERGEN effectively removes this negative energy.

In other words, PYRO-ENERGEN does not directly destroy viruses and cancer cells, but rather targets their underlying "root cause" that enables their appearance and survival. This is why using PYRO-ENERGEN can also help prevent the occurrence of these diseases.

Spiritual Aura

Can We Prove the Existence of Realms Beyond Our Plane or Brane?

Now, let's delve into a bigger question: What exactly constitutes this external negative energy force? Can it be measured using scientific instruments?

Regrettably, no scientific instruments currently exist that are capable of measuring this negative energy. However, scientists have recently encountered a matter that bears a striking resemblance to the negative energy force.

In the field of cosmology, this enigmatic energy force is referred to as "dark matter" or "dark energy". In physics, researchers are also exploring the concept of a "fifth dimension". Junji Takano, the inventor of PYRO-ENERGEN, posits that the negative energy force resides within this fifth dimension.

While these scientific discoveries remain hypothetical, they provide evidence of the existence of this negative energy force within our world and the universe. It is simply a matter of science not having a 100% understanding of the universe, and it is possible that such understanding may forever elude the scientific community.

Also read the article "Negative Energy (Dark Matter/Energy) Resides in 5th Dimension"

Dark Matter / Dark Energy

The technology behind PYRO-ENERGEN does not conform to established terms within the world of dictionaries. Existing medical or scientific vocabulary fails to explain its underlying principles.

Scientists and medical scholars are diligently searching for the root causes and origins of dreadful diseases. However, if the origins cannot be identified, how can remedies and cures for these illnesses be discovered?

Doctors are left with the option of applying available drugs and modern medical devices. Antiviral drugs merely inhibit the growth of viruses without eradicating them. Treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy impact both cancerous and healthy cells, often yielding low success rates and a heightened risk of malignancy. Other so-called modern medical devices employ electric currents or shocks that penetrate the body, resulting in harmful side effects.

Many individuals initially doubted Albert Einstein when he formulated the theory of relativity. Similarly, the current reception of PYRO-ENERGEN technology is reminiscent of that skepticism. Over 40 years ago, when Mr. Takano, the inventor of PYRO-ENERGEN, unveiled the origins of viruses and other enigmatic diseases, many refused to believe him. Today, however, countless people around the world place their trust in his findings.


Have you ever noticed that currently active arc welders rarely suffer from viral diseases?
Arc welding generates a range of signals or waves, some of which bear resemblance to the waves emitted by PYRO-ENERGEN. The wave produced during arc welding has the ability to eliminate the external negative energy force from active arc welders, thereby providing further evidence of its existence.

Arc Welding