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NOTE: Some clients have asked for their privacy to be protected, so there are many testimonials that are not included herein. We received many questions from other people asking if there are customers they can talk to personally. We understand that you want reassurance, but please consider the following. No one who leads a normal life wants to leave themselves open for strangers or foreigners to call them at any hour of the day and take an average of 15–30 minutes on the phone or by sending emails asking numerous questions. Besides, many questions can be answered on this website.

All the testimonials shown here are unedited and unsolicited. They were submitted and taken from different sources (through the form above, e-mails, letters, blogs, forums, online discussion boards, etc.). They are sorted based on their historical appearance.


Janet and Clive, Europe:
At the end of June 2017 an irritating lesion appeared on the surface of my husband's ear cartilage. Living on a farm, he attributed the problem to some kind of fungus or insect bite of which many abound here. He tried nearly every natural remedy that we investigated, believing that we would eventually eradicate this invasion. However the lesion grew rapidly into a tumour with a dark core. I took it upon myself to search for a means to cure this challenge to our lives by means of the wonderful internet. I decided that if the information was there then I was going to find it.

At no time did we ever consider enlisting the assistance of mainstream doctors and therefore never requested nor received a diagnosis although we did take photographs to illustrate its progression for our own records.

In my private studies of healing and health, I have come to the conclusion that there is more to our existence than the physical realm detectable by our senses. In my quest to find the answer to our plight I changed my internet search to "cancer caused by evil spirits". Pyro-Energen came up as a result and I read that the inventor of the machine had at one time been an exorcist which I found very interesting and which took me in an altogether different direction. I subsequently spent many hours reading the testimonials on the Pyro-Energen website as well as articles written by the inventor of the machine, many of them being of a spiritual nature which was what I was looking for. By now I had run out of physiological options.

I told my husband about the Pyro-Energen but he said that he didn't see how it could work and, as we had already spent a great deal of money on different "remedies", we did nothing about it at that time. By November 2017 the tumour was occupying about half of my husband's ear cartilage, causing him great discomfort—itching, bleeding, foul odour, hideous in appearance and having to be covered up or hidden by a hat when we went out. By December, the problem had become so great that my husband came to the conclusion that there was no option other than buy the machine and try it.

We bought the Pyro-Energen which arrived just before New Year 2018 and within three days of use, there was a noticeable reduction of the tumoral material. Encouraged, my husband went on to maintain a regime of five half-hour daily sessions on the Pyro-energen for what he considered to be the foreseeable future. (Thankfully we are retired and so this was practicable for him). There were a few glitches—bleeding, swelling, etc but he kept going and the tumour continued to shrink slowly. One evening in June, the tumour began to itch as it often did at night. He scratched and pulled it and was horrified when a piece of flesh came off his ear into his fingers, bleeding profusely, complete with its own blood capillaries. He was afraid that part of his ear may have fallen off! After calming down somewhat and the bleeding having quickly subsided, we both examined and photographed the tumoral material before putting it where it belonged – down the toilet. We were shocked and ecstatic though apprehensive. Although there was nobody who was able to vouch for the healing methodology, he kept it going and by the end of September 2018, we were confident that the tumour had been 100% eradicated. What was a very scary and challenging time is now well and truly behind us. My husband continues to use the Pyro-energen two or three times per day as a precaution but we have no doubt that his life has been saved thanks to Pyro-Energen.

I recommend this company completely. Their customer support is reassuring and, in my opinion, they are providing a vital service to humanity. The Pyro-Energen will work differently on each individual so each one of us must be very patient and give ourselves plenty of time to heal in our own unique way. It has taken between eight and nine months for my husband to do so and we now understand that his tumour was in an advanced stage.

Before and After


Brain and Spinal Tumors

Anonymous from Nairobi, Kenya :
I have considerable recovery of the condition that have persistent in my body for more than twenty years. I had a tumor in my back side along side the spine plus another one in my head and they are really disappearing away. This is like a miracle to me. Thanks to you and thanks again for sending the machine to me. I have been recommending this machine to many it really working wonders.

Unknown Body Pain

Jose A :
I feel some pain in my lower back it was sciatica pain so I remember I have Pyroenergen so pull it out in cabinet I start again for 1 hour and yesterday again for 1 hour today I feel better 80% pain gone thank you again Pyroenergen.


Nishanto Kane from USA:
I purchased this system as a protection for my 78 year old husband who owns his own grocery store and in an atmoshere of lots of people. It kept him safe. We both are not vaccinated. My husband retired and infrequently used it.
I was diligent and used it often, especially during covid outbreaks.
My husband got covid...i never did and still no covid im 78 years old.

Shingles; COVID

Daniel Clarke from USA:
It's really hard to determine results without tests, blood test c scan, etc.
I made it through covid with no problems, and I had a few contacts with people who were sick and than tested positive One thing I am sure of is, I developed shingles. I got the sores over a couple of days, and they were going to be very painful I could tell. I sat on the machine twice a day and immediately the pain went down, and within a week the sores were gone. Whole episode was over in one week.
I had not used the machine previous to the episode for a couple of months
I have had the machine for years.
And pull it out if I think I am getting sick or not feeling 100 percent.
As far as I'm concerned I feel it performs as described, and is my go to for prevention, and cure. I rarely if ever go to a doctor.
I am a Male, in my late sixties, pretty healthy.
I highly recommend it.
Thank you.

Prostate Enlargement; HIV, Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Liver Problems, Ulcer, etc.

Anonymous from Accra, Ghana:
The healing power of this device is beyond belief. Ever since I started using it prostate enlargement was reduced to normal. I decided to help others and so many people have recovered from their ailments including HIV, breast cancer, diabetes, liver problems, ulcer, etc. The challenge is refusal of people to continue maintenance once they recovered. Also, some cancer patients came too late when the disease has already reached terminal stage. I could only alleviate the pain but eventually, they passed on. I would wish orthodox medicine practitioners will be open and accept this device. Unfortunately, it is not so. Many call it quackery. But I am not discouraged and will continue to help people with this wonderful device. I realise that healing is faster with a diet plan. Thx for your information on foods to eat. Keep up the good work.

Myasthenia Gravis (Autoimmune disorder)

Belavendiran Rayappan from Port Moresby:
My brother Fr. John Bosco was suffering from an unusual condition of Myasthenia Gravis. He was bedridden and was on ventilator for six months. Autoimmune system was not was not working. Lost all the hope of surviving. A physiotherapist recommended PyroEnergen. We tried for a month and my brother slowly recovered. He got discharged after eight months in ICU. He has fully recovered. Thanks to PyroEnergen.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension); Diabetes

Nshamihigo from Rwanda:
Sir this tools has done a miracle for my friend; for me I bought it as Holistic Doctor to stay with it in emergency case so one of my friend was advised by a doctor to go to dialysis ; he hadn't any choice only to go there he came to me to request any advice and a support ; by choice I have told him that I have a last solution I have trained him how to use it but after six months the result of creatinine was become normal ; his high blood pressure was gone even his diabetes of type 2 he used this machine 3 times per day within 30min each time and after he take an 8oz of mineral water. Thank you for your frequency.

Breast Cancer; Sudden Finger Numbness

Report from a health practitioner:
Someone came in with numbness on her finger on Thursday, she started treatment immediately, and when she came the following day, she could fold and unfold her palm.
Another update:
Am glad to tell you that the patient I wrote you about with breast cancer is responding very well. The thick hard breast is softened now. Although the lump is still there but not as big as when she came in. The lump on the armpit has also reduced drastically.
Am looking forward to when she will go for test and we be told that the cancer is completely gone. That will be awesome.

Genital Herpes (Herpes Simplex Virus - HSV)

Feedback from a client in USA:
I know before I bought this machine I had genital herpes, but suddenly I stop using the machine because I was not seeing any improvement, I had to abandon the machine.
But suddenly genital herpes is gone, no blisters and itching, I have started using the machine again, people say herpes simplex don't go, but friends my own is gone. I think the machine works.

Insomnia and COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Update from Abdullah A. Hamadah of Kuwait City:
I've been tested positive from COVID-19! Then during quarantine I'd use pyoenergen daily after 11 day retest RESULT WAS NEGATIVE AND I DON'T GET OR FELT ANY OF TIREDNESS AND WEAKNESSES!!

Abdullah A. Hamadah from Kuwait (November, 2018):
I'm one of hundred sufferers from insomnia!! The most important thing is Sleep, and next experiment also nerve system starts to be fresh, no tension. All my workmates said and ask what I've done to my skin, which became softer looking and fresh. It seems I was infected with virus or disease from eating every day from restaurant!! Next thing VERY IMPORTANT is improved brain ability and high memory focusing. I dont know how to explain that but it really works.

Throat Cancer

Feedback from a client in Sweden:
Hello Dear Friend 🙏🏻

I have News to tell you

We have used The mashine evry Day since we got it 28 July.
Every day my Sister has used it and use it 5 times a Day for at least 30 minutes, and also whole nights long.
Her very big carcinoma on The throat, The lymph, has now started to get smaller and smaller, we can see it with The eyes and she can now eat again, one month ago she couldnt swallow now she can swallow food again but only sip but howewer she can now eat again, we are so happy
It is soon exactly 1 month she started, her energy is back
One month ago she couldnt walk from The car into The hospital to The oncologist, we had to carry her in a chair with vehicles, Today one month later we went to The same doctor again and he couldn't recognize her, because he remember her totally without energy and feeling so sick, now she can go by herself full of Life and new energy, she definitely couldn't recognize her, he was very very sursprised, but we didn't tell The doctor that we treat with this, we want tell it yet, later we will tell it And The cancer markers has fallen down from 54 to 31 in 4 weeks,
Thats what i wanted to tell you now after 4 weeks
We are so happy
So we want to thank you for this 🙏🏻

Jaw Viral Infection

Feedback from a client in Newport Beach, CA, USA:
We've seen this device do really great things, even for tougher stuff, serious jaw infections/advanced where the teeth fall out in a young girl....Fun to watch her hair stand on end, next time I saw her she looked like a different woman & is actually attractive now........she tested for a virus in her sinus floor/brain that was getting the best of her – Amazing how fast this can work to clear "energies" out

Sleep Problems

Feedback from Incheon, South Korea:
Just to let you know that I have been using the machine now for a few days and am very pleased.
I have not cured any viruses yet BUT I have found that I can now sleep well and much stress has gone. I work shift work, day and night and lack of sleep has caused me to rely on sleeping Pills. Now I sleep soundly without pills. FANTASTIC... this has improved my life 100%.
Thank you.

Sinusitis; Arthritis

Rebecca David from Brampton, Ontario, Canada:
This is surely a life saving machine. My severe Sinus inflammation is gone. My arthritis pain became minimal. Varicose vein pain disappear and more. Amazing!

Lung Fibrosis

Tharimanathan from Malaysia:
Given to me by Ruth Wong, and has indeed helped me improve my lung fibrosis to breathe better, God Bless You

Pain Issues; Coma

E-mail feedback from a happy client:
In 2017, I got sick in another town about 100 kms from my home. I got admitted in a friends homeopathic clinic. After one week I wasn't getting better. In fact I was getting weaker.He refered me to another homeopath who diagnosed me using a Bioresonance instrument which showed a picture of my Aura being torn at the elbow due to psychic attacks.

For treatment the doctor gave me some analgesics and made me seat on a pyro for two hours. He later checked me and my Aura had been repaired ie sealed up. I got well and I was discharged within a few days. I started frequenting that clinic every week to use the pyro. Later in 2018,I bought mine. And I treasure my pyro so much. I use it often. That's why I tell people to buy it.

I also know of a doctor who used it for a patient who had been in a coma for six days. Started by 8pm and next morning at 6.30 am, the patient woke up and got out from the bed like a normal person waking up from sleep.


Neurological Disorder (of a pet dog Chihuahua)

Report from Stockholm Sweden (May, 2019):
We have had the machine several years and it has helped us with serious problem and this time it was time for our dog. It started with that he suddenly got problems to Jump up on the couch and in the next few days he got problems with balance and walking and also got cramps in his legs from time to time so I took him to veterinarian and they suspected it was a neurologic problem, something was pressing on his Brain or Spine so I got a prescription for MRI xray but had to wait one month for that.

Now we really was worried about our loved pet (8 years Chihuahua boy) so the first thing I did when came back home was to put him in my knee for a session of 30 minutes and I continued with that every day 3 times a day. The improvement came after a few days, he got stronger and stronger after each session and after about a month the symptoms are totally gone and he is now happy again, playing and jumping as he used to do 😃 .

Oral Herpes; Stomach Pain & Cramp; Prostate Cancer

LS from Sydney, Australia (January, 2019):
Oral Herpes - I bought pyroenergen few years ago due to my husband was suffering from oral herpes. Every winter painful blisters came out at the corner of his mouth and required medication. Yet after the frequent using of PE no more blisters have appeared.
Stomach Pain & Cramp - Early one morning I was suffering from extreme stomach pain & cramp. I was sighing and sweating from the profuse pain. My husband thought I needed to go to the hospital, however, I couldn't even stand. Then he suggested I should try to use the PE. It was laborious for me to get to the machine which is in the lounge room. With husband's help it took a while to get to the PE chair. I could only manage to sit there for 17 minutes as the pain was just excruciating. I had to return to lie down in bed. It was about 7a.m. then and the funniest thing happened, despite of the pain still with me I fell into a deep sleep and when I woke up around 11.30 a.m. I felt completely well with no sign of being sick before whatsoever! PE is just amazing!
Prostate Cancer? - recently my 76 year old husband went to his yearly check up. Dr told him his prostate is enlarged and the PSA count had increased from 3 to 8 since 2016. We decided to go natural rather than the conventional way. He had tried the Hot House (a far-infrared heat treating equipment) but the result is not prominent. So since December 2018 he has started using the PE again. He sits 3 times on the metal mat for 1 hour each time. It's early days yet, but he will go back in March 2019 for another blood test and check up. Will give you another report if all goes well. But we thank you the kind Mr Takano who helps us all over the World! Bless him!

Sleep Problems

JH from USA (January, 2019):
I felt the need to leave a testimonial here today, to let others know what I've experienced so far by using the Pyro Energen every night for 30 days, while sleeping. First, I will say that I am a fairly healthy 49 year old female. I love to step outside the box and look for unconventional ways to improve my wellbeing. This is why I have purchase the Pyro-Energen. The biggest improvement I’ve seen so far is that I’m sleeping so deeply and soundly, like I used to do as a kid from playing outside all day. I have experienced sleep issues for years up until now.
My second big improvement, and it has to do with sleep, is that I’m not waking up during the night from hearing strange noises or feeling a spirit trying to communicate with me. I'm a psychic and a medium. I'm like a beacon in the night for the spirit world. Night time is their favorite time to try and make contact.
Some how, Pyro-Energen has completely stopped all of the paranormal activity while I use it during the night. I'd love to know if someone from this company, maybe even Mr. Junji Takano, could comment on why this works for the spirit world like it does for keeping disease energy away, while using the device. I know it's not a placebo. Believe me, you can't just trick your mind into pretending that spirit isn’t trying to get your attention...
I may be the only one that has experienced this effect, I don't know.
I plan on purchasing another Pyro-Energen device soon, for back-up purposes, in case something happens to the one I have now. That's how important I consider this device. It's a miracle for me. I used to have to take melatonin before bed as well as ask several Archangels to stand guard over me during the night, just to get the rest I needed for the next day. Now, all I do is use my wireless remote to turn the machine on and within 10 minutes, I'm out like a light. It's truly life changing!
I feel blessed beyond measure to have discovered this amazing company.
May God Bless Each and Everyone Who Is Apart of Pyro-Energen and Especially Mr. Junji Takano. 🙏🏻🏻🌟🌸 You have sincerest gratitude!
Brightest Blessings Always,



Feedback from a customer in UK (November, 2018):
I have experienced "silent migraines" for years - I didn't know that was what it was until a friend of mine told me last year, I thought it was just flashing lights and dizziness.
Anyway I haven't had one for some time, not since having the pyroenergen machine. But yesterday I had one so I thought "get on the machine" and see what happens.
Normally it takes at least 50 mins to an hour for the symptoms to subside but about 3 mins on the machine and everything seemed to be back to normal. Don't know if that was coincidence or the pyroenergen but I am putting my money on the latter.

Various conditions

Andres from Toronto, Canada (June, 2018):
Hey, from Toronto, Canada. I LOVE my Pyro-energen machine, :-) it's fascinating better health technology! It really creates a strong static field around the body, I've been using it several months now and have definitely noticed positive results in helping improve my overall health. I try often to do the 30 minute sessions throughout the day, but I always use it while sleeping every night at home, I've found that I sleep much better with it, I feel protected and more regenerated with this field of energy it creates.

I bought for my bed, a larger piece-roll of aluminum screen here (then the smaller one it comes with for using on a chair) from the hardware store; Lowes, to use it more easily on my bed, I put it below my top sheet on the bottom 2 feet portion of my queen sized bed connected to the Pyro-energen machine, and around the wire to the machine from my bed, I put a piece of pipe insulating foam, and the machine itself I protected it in a plastic box with foam below and partially on the sides not covering any vents and top being open for air, being tall, that way my feet are always on top of my bed sheets but I am connected and have the field surrounding me from the machine, I also put a wireless remote to shut off the machine easily when I awake, but I still disconnect the cable in the morning so the static dissipates.

My dreams are also better overall now, besides also waking more refreshed. Great machine, love it! It's perfect for home, also hope if possible in the future, if it's possible to develop a smaller sized one for travel, this machine is great and not too big, and one could travel with it, but as luggage space now is so limited on airplanes, a very portable one for travel would be awesome too, but as this machine puts out such a strong static field, not sure if a smaller unit could hold all the technology, just an idea for you guys..., but this Pyro-energen machine is fascinating cool health technology and for anyone else reading this testimonial, it really does work!!! I totally recommend it! thanks :-) Andres


Feedback from a customer in Kenya (April, 2018):
I must say I'm the most happy and joyful one. After receiving the machine I immediately started using it together with my family and another woman who had suffered cancer for some years and she had have two chemotherapy and required to have another one, and amazed by the testimonies. Well I have no words to describe this amazing machine and the miracles it's performing. God bless you for your good work.

Various conditions

Yanka from Sofia, Bulgaria (March, 2018):
Some time ago, a friend of mine asked me to order for him one Pyro-Energen, because he didn't feel very good for long time. he also wanted to make a gift for the other friend, who couldn't afford to buy one. So, i ordered two PEs. The result was more than we expected - My friends were very pleased with the effects of the PEs. They felt the old pain, and the joy of the ease / release of the negative / negative energy. I believe it will help them improve their bodies, physical and mental health.
I especially want to thank Mr J. Takano for the careful and helpful attitude in the whole process of buying and sending the shipment.
Thank you for supplying such a useful and therapeutic thing!


Rheumatoid Arthirits; Piles

Anonymous from Lagos, Nigeria (September, 2017):
My neighbor had the PYRO-ENERGEN machine and introduced it to me last year plus it was used to cure my dad suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis. Three months ago I had pile and I used the machine and behold it totally cured the pile.

Bell's Palsy

Anonymous from Nigeria, West Africa (August 9, 2017):
A friend who suffered from Bell Palsy for over 3 years approached me after several unsuccessful bioelectric therapy treatments on her left face which left ringing sounds in her ears which got worse each time she flew in an aircraft.

Two and a half hours daily for weeks on the machine resulted in a remarkable change both on the face and within the ears. The ringing sound disappeared and then the drooping face straightened. She can now feel sensations and twitches on that side of the face and can now smile. Things she couldn't do not too long ago.

Plantar Warts

A customer from United States (July 11, 2017):
I purchased one of your machines a few years ago to help eliminate the 30 warts on the bottom of my daughters foot. With consistent use, all the warts were gone in five months! This was after two years of efforts from western medicine with only worsening effects.

Rheumatoid Arthritis; Gastritis; Spondylitis; Allergies; Edema; Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Anonymous from Nigeria, West Africa (April 23, 2017):
In February 2016, I received my pyro-energen electrostatic machine in Nigeria and handed it to a 69 year old aunt who suffers from severe rheumatoid arthritis that was threatening to twist her knee into a 'K'. She was in such pain that she quit going downstairs to cook because she wouldn't be able to climb back up. After three weeks of daily sessions of two and a half hours per day, along with water therapy, her right knee quite hurting and she started going downstairs as she was now able to climb up without any problems.

Again in June 2016 a senior friend (mid fifties) in the South East of Nigeria developed a particular type of gastritis that would not let her eat such that she had to be infused with drips. Her stomach was filled with acids. And she could hardly come downstairs to work and earn income. She had undergone endoscopy and was preparing for a second one when I suggested the use of the machine. Again after a one month use of two and a half hours daily, she was back to work hail and hearty.

In April 2017 also in the South East, a senior staff of my sister's school who had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for over 30 years and spondylitis began using the machine. She is 73. Again one month after she feels lighter, the spondylitis is totally gone, the swell on the right knee is gone and the pain greatly reduced.

I have been sleeping with the machine since March 2016. My allergies are totally gone. I use to be allergic to cold, dust and all manner of things. Now I barely catch colds or react to dust the way I use to and whenever I catch cold, a few hours on the machine and I am fine. I used to be terribly asthmatic. Though controlled at the time the machine arrived, it's totally gone now. I used to battle frequent edema but that too is under control with the machine. The machine helps me deal with stress. Each time I am stressed out, I get on the machine and I am fine by the time I wake up.

A friend was battling the early beginnings of BP. On this particular day her diastolic kept rising no matter what she did. I got her on the machine for two and a half hours and she was relieved. Unfortunately she wasn't able to do a full month's treatment.

My practice is to do a free one month's treatment and encourage them to go buy the machine. I hope this helps people seeking to know the efficacy of the machine. It has done a lot to improve my health in so many ways I can't describe. I have always been a sickly person but this machine has dealt with alot of ailments I can't mention because I don't have the facts in terms of test results to prove it. But generally, I feel well and know that investing that huge sum in buying the machine is the best decision I made for myself in 2016. It is worth the purchase.

P\s: for the sake of the people who have been treated by this machine, I have remained anonymous. But suffice it to say that these are true stories which I decided to send over because I noticed that what you have on your site are very old stories. And I do know that lots of people go to your site to seek testimonials as it helps them decide whether or not to purchase machine. The friend who introduced me to this machine, uses it both for her father and friends. She has several testimonials too but I doubt that she'd have the time to share. People are using this machine with great results but some are not even literate enough to come to your site to share.


Cheryl Peterson from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA:
I've had 3 sessions now for 30 minutes each and I have to say that my eczema itching and soreness has reduced 99%! I'm about to have my 4th and in 4 hours another. Before my 3rd session I was pretty miserable and seriously was considering not going to my family's Christmas Eve dinner, but I'm feeling pretty good now thanks to the Pyro-Energen. Will keep you updated on my progress.

Breast Cancer

Peggy Matthews from Florida:
I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two and a half months later, after changing my eating to organic/alkaline and using my Pyroenergen everyday, the cancer was completely gone.


A customer from Singapore:
Fyi, after using it for about 2 months, generally it makes me more alert and refreshed. And it help relieve my constipation. I am quite satisfied with the equipment so far.

Various Conditions (Clinic Use)

Feedback from a doctor in Turkey (Turkish language):
Türkiye Cumhuriyeti nin Bursa şehrinde ikamet ediyorum Mesleğim tıp doktoru ve halen kendi işyerimde çalışıyorum İki sene önce sizden üç adet Pyro Energen makinesi aldım. Makinelerden memnunuz Bu nedenle sizinle bayiniz olarak çalışmak istiyoruz Teşekkür ederiz
Saygılarımla Dr. Ali Özgür


Ramesh A N of India:
Yes, it works wonderfully. We are using the pyroenergen in our family daily. We are healthy and happy. We have been relieved most of the allergy related problems. Thank you.

Test Result Using Electro Interstitial Scanning (EIS) System

Feedback from a customer in Australia:

Here is the one result I had with using it for fifteen minutes on a female patient age 35 years. I use an EIS medical scanning system it is 93% accurate and 84% specific it is used in space to see changes in the human body we use perameters for 22 different parts of the body when we scanned this girl her score was 7 out of the 22 organs and specifics inside the perameters we scanned her blood was clumped and aggregated.

After fifteen minutes on the machine her score was 21 out of 22 it was fully negatively ionized and flowing like a river this we would class as a mini miracle we have the scans recorded 17 minutes later when we rescanned her she was a different girl.

Chronic Cough

Feedback from a customer in Singapore:
I had chronic cough for almost a month. My cough was very persistent from midnight till morning and after using this equipment for about 2 days I noticed my cough has became less frequent and now after 5 days it is almost gone. I used it 3 times a day for 30 mins each session.