Food and Wine

by: Junji Takano

Finding a bottle of wine to complement your dinner can be difficult if you are not a wine enthusiast, but with a few basic guidelines, you might be shopping for a red wine like a professional wine lover in no time.

You might question that "Does it really matter what wine you should drink with your food?" Yes, you should know it, and it may absolutely matter.

"Drink what you like, don't worry about what wine goes with what food." Picking the wrong wine with a meal is like putting salt on applesauce, wearing polka-dots with plaid or wearing gloves on your feet. We would never do such a thing - it just doesn't make sense.

By matching your food with your wine, you get the best bang for your buck. Paring food and wine does not have to be complicated. Following a few simple rules will allow even the most novice wine-drinker to get more out of a dinner and bottle of wine. It will also lend room for exploring wines that one would otherwise be less likely to try.

When asked what wine goes with what food, I like to offer several basic food and wine pairing tips:

  1. White wines complement light-colored sauces, fish and poultry.
  2. Red wines match with dark-colored sauces, beef and game.
  3. White wines fit citrus desserts while red wines fit chocolate desserts. Spicy dishes always pair nicely with a sweet wine.

So how does this translate to a wine selection at a restaurant or the local wine shop? If you are new to wine, making a selection can be overwhelming and confusing. How do you decide between the wines?

Narrow down what you will be eating, and then ask for a recommendation. A good restaurant and wine shop will always be able to offer several recommendations.

Ask and they will help you to select the right wine. It does not have to be an expensive one.

When you drink that sweet German Riesling with Kung Pao Chicken or a French Syrah with a dark chocolate cake, you will discover what is so great about matching food and wine. Experiment with different combinations, but know your basics so your money is well spent to enjoy your life with food and wine.

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