There's Still Hope for HIV / AIDS Victims

by: Junji Takano

Usually, when one is diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, they easily give up their hope for life. Especially in African continent where AIDS victims do not try to live but they somewhat try to wait for their death. They abandon every effort to live. It might be due to poverty according to some doctors in African hospitals.

They do not want to die in the hospital. They prefer to die at their homes surrounded by their families. Some families place order for coffin while the victims are still alive.

Here we want to emphasize that there are still hope for life even a part of their feet are in the coffin. Doctors told us that more than 70% of victims can survive and at least restore their ability to do housework.

There are various anti-AIDS drugs but they are far from the reach of poor nationals. We hear from people in Africa recommending taking garlic and other botanical herbs. Garlic may be one of the best anti-AIDS herbs. Yes, garlic can delay the rapid expansion of viruses. However, the effectiveness of garlic is uncertain compare to the latest anti-retroviral drugs.

Whatever it is, please be informed that there is a lot of hope for the recovery of the disease. Please consult your physician.

There are about 5–6 million people who are infected with HIV/AIDS in South Africa alone, and nearly 1,000 people are dying everyday. Indeed, it's a terrible number, but it seems to be a difficult problem to help them due to the country's economic standing.

We do not have enough records and testimonials for HIV/AIDS with the PYRO-ENERGEN treatment, although a lot of units were shipped to Africa for that purpose. The reason we cannot get reports from them is mainly because of privacy. We do not have any data especially for grave cases of the disease. We really recommend using the machine while the disease is still at its early stage. We hope that we can gather more testimonials whether it's good or bad soon. Nonetheless, with the PYRO-ENERGEN treatment, we have learned that HIV/AIDS patients' pH balance (alkalinity) have improved and viral loads lowered significantly.


We have delivered good number of PYRO-ENERGEN machines for HIV/AIDS treatment around the world, especially to several clinics and hospitals including private homes in Nigeria, Sudan, Zambia, and Johannesburg. However, people who could be treated with the machine are limited due to poverty. Many government hospitals are operating free of charge for them. However, poor families cannot afford to travel everyday to hospitals due to far distance from their homes or makeshift tents.

What are your good ideas and opinions? We have been cooperating with HIV/AIDS hospitals and clinics to combat the problems for sometime now. However, according to them their biggest hurdle is financial difficulty.

We were asked for contributions and donations of the PYRO-ENERGEN unit, and we have done it for hospitals where they bought the units. But what happened after that? News we receive from certain people are not as we expected to happen.

Numbers of HIV/AIDS family are increasing tremendously. Both parents knew that they are victims of HIV/AIDS, but there seems to be no end in adding another HIV/AIDS babies in their family.

About the Author:

Junji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause.
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