Oxygenated Water

by: Junji Takano

OysterOxygenated water is nothing new. 60 years ago, as a student, I learned about oxygenated water from my physic teacher. Today, oxygenated water is getting popular in the market as a healthy drink and healthy water for all living. Even in spa and sports arena, the name of oxygenated water is popular. Even the name oxygenizer or oxygizer are born in the dictionaries.

How does oxygenated water work for our living in the world study?

Oxygenation refers to the amount of oxygen in a medium. In blood it may be taken to be synonymous with saturation, which describes the degree to which the oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin is utilized (normally 98–100%).

Oxygenation also refers to the process of adding oxygen to a medium such as water or body tissue. Claims have been made that oxygenation of human tissue prevent diseases, although some of these claims as unverifiable. Oxygenation of various fluorocarbon liquids has been used successfully in liquid breathing systems, allowing air-breathing animals and fishes and shells including humans.

TomatoWe believe plants are inhaling carbon dioxide and exhaling oxygen. However, today, our experiments show that oxygen has to do something with plants, too.

First, we studied by giving an ordinary tap water to the tomato plant at our backyard. For the other lane of tomato, we gave water taken from waterfall. And on the last lane of tomato, we poured 30% of oxygenated water.
The results:
Best tomato we harvested was the water given from waterfall.
Better tomato harvest was with 30% oxygen-added water.
And the poor tomato was with tap water poured.

Other several studies show that oxygenated water increases energy, reduces stress, improves breathing, raise vitality, remove allergens, obtains better sleeping, and release the anions (negative ion). Anion is generated in the deep forest and helps the metabolism of all livings.

Today, the idea of oxygenated water is applied on many places such as health spa, rest room, toilet, office, fishponds, oyster farming, aqua bowl, exercise room, diet program, bedroom, yoga studios, clinics, and hospitals.

oxygenated water enhances almost every living thing.

EatingOf course, water from clean waterfalls in the deep forest is the best water to apply for all purposes because it naturally contains minerals and oxygen.

We believe that plants inhales carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen from leaves. However, their roots absorb minerals, water and oxygen diluted in the water. We understood that oxygen diluted in the water have a big role for growing of the plants. We understood this phenomenon from our experiment at our backyard farming constructed for the purpose.

We also applied oxygenated water to our clients and gathered their responses. Their varied replies are: increased appetite; natural bowel movement; smooth skin appearance; reduced pimples and stress; good sleep; reduction of high blood pressure; easier diet control; faster healing recovery for common cold and others; and less tiredness.

In Japan, oyster farming is done with a microscopic size of tiny air bubble spread around the oyster shells in order to increase planktons, which are the bite for the shell and enhance the growth of the shell itself.

YogaIn the case of bathing, we have jet cycle air bubble circulating tab. We have bubble jet shower bathing tools, too. All of these emit tiny bubble air to modulate the water to enhance our body condition for better health.

Did you know that air is a healthy and tasty food for living things? Take your foods on your table. Bread dough is raised by yeast and a lot of air in it. Ice-cream is with almost air in it. Icy cake is filled with air. Tasty foods are always filled with air. How about vegetable stems? Soft and tasty stems of vegetables are also filled with air.

Pet-bottled oxygenated water is everywhere. You can find it at drugstores, convenience stores and sports goods centers. However, it won't last for a long days. Air diluted in the water will separate from the water in a matter of few days to a week. The label will indicate validity date and percentage of oxygen contents in the water. In most cases, oxygen contents are within 10–35%. However, the percentage reduces daily.

Let's drink oxygenated water. It's far better than a simple tap water. It's available at your nearest convenience store...but it's costly.

There might be a simpler way to make such oxygenated water in your home. I will let you know as soon as I can. Research is going on.

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