Exercise May Aid Parkinson's Disease

by: Junji Takano

If you are suffering from Parkinson's disease, I consider exercise as the best remedy and PYRO-ENERGEN treatment as the most effective.

Dancing can also help Parkinson's patients move better and may even slow the inevitable march of this degenerative brain disease.

Dancing or exercising with treadmill everyday for at least one hour or more may not cure the disease, but I am sure that it will slow down the progression of it. At least you will be able to keep your bodies in shape for the coming years.

Physical Therapy for Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's disease gradually destroys brain cells called neurons that produce dopamine, a chemical crucial for the cellular signaling that controls muscle movement. As dopamine levels drop, symptoms increase: tremors in the arms, legs and face; periodically stiff or frozen limbs; slow movement; impaired balance and coordination.

Modern treatments can control tremors, for at least a while, but can't slow the disease's worsening.

Exercise sounds too simple a remedy. But consider that Parkinson's puts people into a downward spiral: The harder it becomes to move normally, the less patients try to move. Quickly, their muscles become weak, making it harder for the remaining neurons to force them to move.

We do not know what kind of exercise is the best. We do not have any evidence about it. But for sure, dancing, weightlifting, and walking will help you keep moving in better condition.

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