Minimizing the Risk of Getting Flu

by: Junji Takano

It's winter season, again. How to avoid acquiring dreaded diseases like flu or influenza? It's everybody's wish, especially this Christmas season.

Probably, you can prevent the risk of getting flu this year, if not at least minimize your worries.

There is no guarantee that you can be perfectly healthy for a lifetime, but at least you could maintain good health by doing healthcare works.

We do not guarantee but there are simple methods aside from vaccines to avoid seasonable flu or influenza. Don't you know that the best way to avoid winter flu is to eat a well-balanced diet with 100 steps backward walking exercise, and if you have PYRO-ENERGEN unit, then you are free from the risk of contacting flu?

Well-dieted foodstuff especially plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables during flu season is the best of all. It's also important to have enough water in your body. Although it's difficult to drink water during cold season, you can obtain it from fruits and vegetables that will add vitamins and other minerals. Fatigue and stress may cause flu so getting good and enough sleep is also an important role.

Did you know that most flu viruses or bacteria are not caused by inhaling through mouth or nostrils? The major contact of them is from your fingers that touches your nostril. Fingers touch a lot of places where the viruses or bacteria are attached. Therefore, we recommend you to wash your hands often, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

At home and office, clean surfaces such as door handles, light switches, keyboards, faucets, or water coolers where people usually touch. Flu germs can survive for about 1–2 days.

For schoolchildren, encourage their teachers to work on a "hygiene policy" with students. Sick students should stay at home. There's a possibility to carry germs to others even by just shaking hands.

Once you suffer from flu, stay at home, and try to avoid touching things around to prevent other members of your family from contacting flu.

The PYRO-ENERGEN treatment is a superior and one of the best methods in combating flu. No doubt, you can observe its testimonials on various internet sites for total prevention and eradication of flu.

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