Sardines – Little Fish, Superfood

by: Junji Takano
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Updated: August 2021

As everybody knows, sardine is a popular fish for centuries. However, it is also a fact that there are those who do not like to eat sardines because of its offensive smell and rapid spoilage. Knowing its characteristics, I tried to study how to cook, cut down the smell, and increase its fine taste from my mother.

Sardines are very rich in calcium, lecithin and omega-3 fatty acids, more specifically EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid). EPA does an important role in preventing blood clot. The fish oil fatty acids reduce blood clotting by decreasing the stickiness of blood platelets. Therefore, you should know the secret of sardines and its cooking techniques.

It is true that sardines are one of the weakest fishes. Sardines can easily crumple and rot, which is the main reason most people dislike sardines. But if you know how to maintain its best shape, you will certainly like its great taste.


Why Sardines Rot Faster than Any Other Fish

It is because sardine itself removes or peels off its scales for a certain reason, making its body collapse with its own weight and gravity. Of course, it is natural that a collapsed fish meat does not taste good, just like a rotten or deteriorated fish with empty taste.

Here's the reason sardines peel off its own scales. Sardines produce about ten thousand eggs, making it a feed resource of other marine creatures. Sardines are exposed to the crisis of their lives. To escape from the attackers, sardines drop their own scales to impede the sight of the enemies.

Sardines that lost their own scales are hurt and weak, so they easily die or spoil. Notice that most sardines you buy in the markets have few or no scales. This is because sardines have this unique habit of removing their scales when they are caught in the net.

How to Retain the Freshness of Sardines

To retain the sardines at its best condition, prepare a cooler box with water and ice cubes and place the sardines in it. This will keep the fish fresh.

Sardine's salinity density is 1%. Therefore, make an ice water of 1% salinity to balance and preserve the osmotic pressure. In this way, excessive extracts does not come out of the sardine's body and will hold down the offensive odor and preserve its good taste.

Sardines Are Very Healthy Foods

Sardines are one of the healthiest foodstuffs that are rich in calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, and lecithin.

As for calcium in fish, sardines are top class. 100g of sardines contains 70 mg of calcium. This amount is 3 times more than that of horse mackerel and 8 times that of mackerel. Also, sardines have the highest amount of EPA. There are 1,200 mg of EPA for every 100g of sardines.


Sardine’s Mouth is bigger than Other Fish

Notice that sardine mouths are much bigger than any other fishes. This helps them take more plankton and other small feeds. Sardines eat a lot of smaller planktons to get more EPA nutrient from phytoplankton and small plankton.

Sardines Have More Bones Compared to Other Fishes

Sardines have completely edible bones. These are soft small bones that are not noticeable when you eat it. Sardines have 270 fine bones and this is 5 times more than a horse mackerel! Sardines have one of the highest calcium contents among fishes.

Eating Fish Lessens Your Risk of Macular Degeneration

Salmon fish is considered as one of the most heart-healthy and brain-healthy foods. There are also many reasons to eat nutrient-rich fishes as it can help prevent age-related macular degeneration, and preserves eyesight.

Now, you understand that sardines are very healthy food to take. If you have any pressure cooker, then, it is easy to make sardines, like the canned ones you buy in supermarkets.

Eating sardines, including tuna and salmon, even once or twice a week confers many health benefits. Obviously, an all-around healthy diet will provide even more protection from other illnesses, too.

But cheap and abandoned fish is sardine. Eat sardines every day. Sardine makes you healthy mentally and physically. Make it a habit to eat more fishes that contain fish oil and lutein, and cook with vegetables.

Get healthy with fish.

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