Smell (Odor) Causes Most of Stress

by: Junji Takano

After a long research, I found that stress might lead or trigger viruses and bacterial diseases. I tried to study in cooperation with many Japanese scientists about what stress is and came to discover that:
Normally, when you are in a good sleep, your brain emits steady signals to control the body. This means good health and no stress.
When you are tired, anxious, or have a mental and emotional strain, your brain emits unsteady and strong signals that confuse your body on what to do. This means that you are under stress and your physical health is getting weak, tired, and may lead you to sickness. Also see article "Does Fatigue Lead You to Sickness?".

I became to understand how some wealthy people have no problem at all but religious and happy families get sick easily. I requested to test these people and scan their brain waves while they sleep in their house.

Unbelievable results came to me that it is not only mental, emotional, or physical strain that causes stress. But smell itself can cause most of stress. Do you believe that?

We know that our brain works more when we are awake and works less when we are asleep. However, we have learned that our brain works harder when there is smell around while we are sleeping. Our brain cannot control our physical body well when we wake up because the brain did not sleep or rest due to smell we did not notice.

Do you notice smell in your room? Probably, your answer is NO. It is because most of us are immune with our own room and body's smell. But our brains are not immune with them. Our brains are monitoring smell unconsciously even when we are sleeping. This discovery convinced me that some people who slept with heavy smell in their rooms felt tired when they woke up. They felt that they did not rest or sleep at all. This occurrence is accumulated as stress.

Now you understand that smell can also cause stress aside from anxiety and overwork.

Now then, where such these undetectable smells come from? We try to clean every parts of the house from clothes, curtains and kitchen sink. After cleaning, we tried to monitor the smell with sophisticated equipment. But smell still remains.

We placed few units of ionizer to clean the room. We placed plenty of charcoal to absorb bad smells. We also placed several plants to exchange carbon dioxide to oxygen. We sprayed expensive perfume, too. We tried everything to look like that of mountain forest. But alas, to no avail, the result was just the same. Smell detectors indicated the presence of odor.

I requested to have more sensitive smell detector to locate exactly where that unnoticeable smell comes from. Finally, we found that it was the plastic TV cabinet, decorated wooden wall and dividers, plastic tools, closet-type boxes and mirror that smells. We tried to clean these plastic and wooden materials including floors.

The night comes, they slept well and there were no sign of stress anymore.

Conclusion: It is important to clean everywhere including floors, walls, plastic materials and window glasses as often as possible. Of course, do not forget to open the windows and turn the fan on to amass more air. Try it. By doing the above, you will be surprised that your stress will reduce dramatically.

To Livestock Raisers – Planting Helps Eliminate Bad Odors

Chicken, swine and other animal raisers may have problem of receiving complaints from neighbors about bad odor. Although they came to your neighbor for fresh air at a later time, or they did not realize about it especially during hot summertime.

It is really difficult to find any solution for this. Probably what you can do is a simple remedy.

I myself have bought quite a big area of land in northern part of the Philippines for planting rice, vegetables, corns, and soybeans as a part of my hobbies. It is also to support and earn some living for the natives and caretakers who live there since I am very often out of the country or in Japan. I am now raising 10 cows, 30 goats, 5 swine and about 50 chickens. Of course, it produces unpleasant smell around. It is almost impossible to eliminate the smell, so I decided to plant a lot of tall trees and vegetables. The surrounding fences are planted with tall beans, too. The house is also surrounded with beautiful flowers and roses. At least, this remedy seems to be working especially during summer and rainy seasons. Even a small number of vegetables and tall trees will help reduce the bad odor when I give some harvest to neighbors.

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Junji Takano, the authorJunji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause.
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