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by: Junji Takano

We hear Sick Building Syndrome, Economy Class Syndrome, metabolic syndrome, AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), and many other syndromes. Where and how do these syndromes come to you as world diseases? Are there any methods or technique to avoid such syndromes? Yes, there should be.

As I mentioned in an article The Ancient Japanese Medical Book which I wrote as follows:

There were only 404 kinds of sicknesses according to an ancient Japanese Medical Book when I was born 6 decades ago. Most illnesses were treated simply with Chinese herbs and their recovery rate was great.

Today, most herb distributors in Toyama prefecture in Japan reduced dramatically due to big modern drug factories. However, what is going on in spite of modern medical science combating uncountable number of illnesses?

We just can't find effective modern drugs and medical techniques around us. We now have hard time to find herbs that were distributed from Toyama prefecture. Is it because those distributors were squished by the big drug companies?

Medical science of today failed to reduce sufferings but it seems that the numbers of diseases are increasing instead. I tried to look into the problem of human sufferings, and then I discovered the cause of virus and the unknown cause of illness from different angle...

Let's take the case of cancer patients. According to our old folks, they were able to relieve or cure cancer using botanical herbs that were prescribed by Toyama herb distributors. When I created the PYRO-ENERGEN 30–40 years ago, 100% of cancer patients recovered from it. Today, we have difficulties to find cancer cure. Is it because the cause of illness is no longer the same as before?

Our research teams have been trying to look into it. Then, we found that most of today's diseases are no longer the same as what old medical books describe.

Cancer you suffer might be so much complicated that it's made up of so many syndromes. It might be the reason that a single method of treatment is not enough for a cure. It might be due to sick building syndrome, metabolic syndrome, or by another new strain of syndrome.

We tried to recall Toyama botanical herb prescriptions from my old medical books. Toyama herb prescriptions work for detoxification of pollutants that are the cause of several modern syndromes. With an additional PYRO-ENERGEN treatment, nearly 100% of cancer patients including syndrome-affected patients were recovering from illnesses. Does it mean that several treatments are needed for just one illness? Yes.

Here we might be able to conclude that many illnesses today which are described as—syndrome may be due to pollutants caused by modern living.

Several weeks ago, one of our Filipino worker's family got an unknown cause of rapid heartbeat. He was about 20 years old and had a heartbeat of 121 bpm. A local doctor was not able to figure out the reason behind it. Why?

The 20-year old young man was just with slight fever and coughing. He e-mailed me immediately. I tried to analyze it via internet, and I found the following blog posted by Benj Arriola from Philippines.

- Quote -

What's wrong with Phenylpropanolamine and Paracetamol?
Thursday, January 5th, 2006

Where is Paracetamol?

When I was in the Philippines last December, I caught a fever, colds and cough. Commonly for anything related to fever and pain relief, Paracetamol is one of the generic drugs that would come to mind for the common Filipino since these are commonly found in the Philippines. Some of the popular brands are Biogesic and Tempra. I still remember old TV commercials of Biogesic promoting that Paracetamol is safe for pregnant women, people with heart ailments and asthma.

But here in the US, after a visit at the drug store... I went through each pain killer of the shelf and of course the most popular known is Aspirin which is like an everyday word. And this is Acetamenophen having one of the most popular brands as Tylenol. Another popular brand is Advil. But I noticed all of the off-the-shelf pain killers were either Acetamenophen or Ibuprofen. I wonder why there are no Paracetamol based pain killers in the US off-the-shelf drugs. Is it because of some policy the US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) that did not allow this but such rule does not exist in the policies of the Philippines' Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD)? In extreme pain, in the Philippines you can also buy Mefenamic Acid pain killers like the popular Ponstan.


I know Phenylpropanolamine has been banned in large doses since it is used in some rapid weight loss drugs and has several bad side-effects. But in small doses, it is used in medicines for the common colds in the Philippines. Nearly every cold tablet in the Philippines is Phenylpropanolamine, from Neozep to Decolgen, to Ornex to Dimetapp.

And here in the US, not a single cold tablet or syrup uses Phenylpropanolamine. All use Pseudoephedrine. I wonder if the US FDA does not allow to use Phenylpropanolamine even in small amounts why uses that is allowed by the Philippines' BFAD.

I am a Chemist by profession, but I am not Pharmacist. Generic names are actually nicknames and are not the actual scientific compound names. In chemistry, standardization of naming conventions was done by International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) and from the names of compounds, you already get to know what it is made of based on the name alone. Some compounds have very long names that pharmaceutical companies make nicknames of the compounds to make the name shorter. Phenylpropanolamine is a good IUPAC name since I know it is nothing but phenol, propanol and an amine group stuck together. Phenol is benzene with a hydroxyl group attached to it and benzene is a known carcinogen. I know Phenylpropanolamine has many harmful effects in large doses, but so does anything in large doses. Menthol which is in a bunch of candies and ointments is harmful to some extent, and even the ordinary Luffa is said to be carcinogenic.

Well just wondering why...


  • I am not claiming to be an expert in the field of pharmacy.
  • I am not stating which type of medicine is better than the other.
  • I am not promoting any type of brand of medicine.
  • I do not work for any pharmaceutical company.
  • I am neither a doctor nor pharmacist.
  • You may not quote me for scientific or statistical facts. I am not even sure of the spellings I wrote. It is just how I remember them. Thus this is not a reliable source of factual data.
  • All brands mentioned are trademarks of their respective owners.

I am just wondering why the predominant drug differs in the US and Philippines.

- End of Quote -

The above indicates side effects of modern drugs, but who knows such simple medicines can be purchased anywhere on the streets of Philippines. They are so dangerous, aren't they?

Many syndromes may be due to simple toxins in modern living and IT IS.

We recommended the young Filipino man to drink more than a liter of green tea everyday for detoxification purpose. Also, we recommended eating mugwort grass vegetable which is available anywhere in the street.

After a week, the young man was recovering from its syndrome. We also found a lot of people who were affected from the same syndrome in the Philippines. These syndromes might lead to a more serious disease sooner or later.

Read our information about green tea and mugwort:

Now, is it possible to bring back the time of our great grandparents where there were only 404 kinds of illnesses in Japan? It is very difficult, but we could avoid or prevent thousands of modern sufferings by applying what our old folks taught us. Bamboo charcoal, mugwort leaves, radish leaves, pine leaves, green tea and PYRO-ENERGEN treatment I found 40 years ago is the answer. You will wonder how thousands of syndromes could be eradicated.

Another technique is detoxification process. The thing that they call foot detox is not true to us.

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