Tamiflu Was Known in China 4,600 Years Ago – Part II

by: Junji Takano

In Part I, I explained more on old Chinese botanical herb, that pine needle tree is used for protecting influenza which seems to be known 4,600 years ago, and it is similar to that of world-known Tamiflu.

In this Part II, I will explain how pine needle tree or Tamiflu and PYRO-ENERGEN treatment are effective for influenza including most dreadful diseases of Bird Flu.

Usually, influenza thrives violence during winter. Suddenly without any advanced sign, you will be attacked with high temperature of 38 degrees Fahrenheit accompanied by headache and arthralgia. If diagnosis is mistaken, there are times life is dropped.

As I know, the deciding factor of remedy from early diagnosis and emergency medication should be done within a few hours. Although high fever drops to normal in a matter of few hours by taking Tamiflu or pine needle leaves, it does not mean that you are healed and flu-virus is eradicated. Even though your body temperature remains normal, virus may remain expanding the infection and you might be spreading the virus around to your family circle and other people.

According to the history in 1918, there was an epidemic influenza called Spanish flu and 20,000,000–40,000,000 people died. Is this the same as Bird flu we fear today? According to the record, this popularity started in America in the same year 1918 and expanded to the case of the US military European front participation.

If you do not prevent Bird flu expansion today, the very same history might repeat in the near future.

How do you determine temperature from normal cold and influenza? Certainly, multiplication speed of the influenza virus is quicker than the normal (common) cold virus, and the body temperature go up quickly.

If the cold is prevalent among the family, then there is a possibility of the influenza. And the influenza might infect others, too. In case of the senior citizen, you have to pay more attention to prevent complications such as pneumonia and high blood pressure.

Generally, to stop the multiplication of the influenza virus, a human body takes out a high fever, and we believe that the high temperature competes against virus.

We really do not know its true mechanism why a high fever didn't come out by the individual constitution and the difference in the immunity power though some people were infected with the influenza virus.

We only consider that a high fever doesn't come out easily in old people because the response power becomes weak and the power which gives off heat isn't enough.

The size of the influenza virus is 1/10000mm of the diameters and multiplies in a large quantity in a short period of time and one virus multiplies in 1000000 times after 24 hours.

If you are infected by the influenza virus, and if you will take Tamiflu, our observation show that fever will drop drastically in a day or two. Although the fever goes down dramatically, it does not mean that you are healed. Viruses are still in the body and you might be spreading the virus to others for about 3 days. Usually, virus which came out by coughing or sneezing into the air may remain about 9 - 12 hours.

How to prevent contracting influenza, then?

One effective technique is to brush your teeth, tongue and then gurgle. Why? For the virus to multiply, it needs protease enzyme which is produced in the mouth, too. By the decline of protease enzyme in the mouth, will reduce the multiplication of influenza virus dramatically.

From the reasons above, brushing your teeth, tongue, and then gurgle rule a great part on preventing influenza. Aside from it, washing your hands is needed and avoid touching your nose with your fingers. Why? Your hands (fingers) carry thousands of viruses which can easily enter through you nostrils.

Although Tamiflu is a commercialized drug, it is effective against influenza. Tamiflu is nearly the same as the Chinese wisdom, pine needle leave which is used for influenza since 4,600 years ago.

Since virus does not multiply without mysterious wave in the air as I mentioned in this website, PYRO-ENERGEN treatment is very effective and recommended.

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