The Real Cause of Albinism

by: Junji Takano

We have been receiving a lot of responses from sympathizers and opponents or antagonists since we posted the article "The Real Cause of Down Syndrome". Wow, thanks for both. Here's another article for sympathizers who want to know more about the mysteries of the world.

Albino is a term for a person with albinism, the lack of pigmentation in the eyes, skin and hair. You may be wondering why albino children look as if they are born from different races of parents.

About 25 years ago, in the northern part of the Philippine Islands, I was invited by a group of local tabloid publishing company and people of Tuguegarao and Apari tribes. We are composed of two drivers and the same time as interpreters, three medical teams and me. It was nearly 12 hours of driving from Manila, and we had 30-day mission there.

There we hired a cook to prepare our daily food for 30 days. The name of the cook was Juanito. We were busy treating more than 40 sick people daily and gathering information about traditional medicines. I met several traditional healers and a woman who is believed to be a witch. After a week, the younger sister of our cook, by the name of Liwayway came to the sight. Liwayway have a child with albinism. (The below pictures are from other sources, and does not correspond to the story here).

When I saw the child, I immediately sensed that the father of the child should be a spirit. So, I asked Juanito, if I can carry exorcism on Liwayway to know who the father of the child is.


The story unfolded as follows: 130 years ago, Spanish soldiers landed and occupied that area. Hundreds of soldiers died there, too. Many of their spirits did not go anywhere but stayed in the tribes around. One day, the spirit of a Spanish soldier saw a beautiful brown tribe woman, Liwayway and fell in love. Liwayway was 27 years old, married with no children yet, an aggressive sex maniac, and probably was not satisfied with her husband alone. In her dream, not only at night but also on her daydream, sex act with the Spanish spirit lasted for four years. During those years, she gave birth to three children and all are albinos. She knew that they are all children of the Spaniard but she could not tell her secret to anyone.

After the exorcism, Juanito and Liwayway requested us not to tell it to her husband. We kept it as a secret.



In the last week of the mission, we met a woman who is believed to be a witch. She is about 35 years old and looks just the same as the other women in the tribe. Our cook, Juanito informed us that she is a witch. She came to sell her traditional herbs and talismans she collected from somewhere in the region. We purchased some of her products for curiosity and for trials.

To verify that she is really a witch, I requested Liwayway to be the medium in order to call the spirit of the witch if the woman is really a witch. Before Liwayway, I conjured a prayer and expectedly the witch appeared. The woman was really a witch. I also tested the talismans (amulets) the witch sold to me, and found that they were all real and genuine.
Does witch really make you sick? Is it true? Yes, it is true.
Does talisman really work and effective? Yes, it does.

CONCLUSION: Albinism is not caused by the sudden changes (mutation) of DNA molecules as scientists say.

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