Fart (Flatulence) Silencer

by: Junji Takano

Let's smile when you get a big sound of fart. You are lucky you got that big sounds of fart, aren't you? You don't like it? It might embarrass you, right? OK, here's how to silence it.

You need something that will absorb smell and sound. You cannot stop from farting because it is a natural phenomenon for every one of us. But there are people who do more often compare to normal or average.

We know that there are women who resigned from their works because of fart embarrassment. People will often strain to hold in the passing of gas when in polite place, or position themselves to conceal the noise and smell.

Fart is a mixture of gases known as flatus in the digestive tract of all mammals. Fart gases contain mainly nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, oxygen, methane, and sulfur.

Intestinal gas is composed of exogenous sources, air that is ingested through the nose and mouth. The exogenous gases are swallowed when eating or drinking. The endogenous gases are produced as a byproduct of digesting food. Anything that causes food to be incompletely digested in the small intestine may cause fart when the food arrives in the large intestine due to fermentation, especially when there are yeast organisms around.

Beans, milk, onions, radish, sweet potatoes, cheese, cabbage, oats, bread, and rice produce more farts.

Well, what is good to silence fart, if it can't be eliminated completely?

I met centenarian women in Okinawa, and they told me their lives when they were young. According to them, excessive human flatulence is regarded as embarrassing and repulsive, even to the point of being a taboo subject, especially married women before their husbands and the public. If those young women could not hold it, they had to run outside their houses, if not, girls were sent back to their parents because of slovenly.

How to Reduce Farting

To reduce fart, these girls had to decrease eating food that contains carbohydrates. Because of this, most girls were skinny during their times.

To reduce fart, they also found foods which are effective. What are those? They are spices and seaweeds (kelp). Girls had to eat a lot of spices such as peppers, curry, and kelp in order to be good housewives who do not fart, when they're near their husbands. However, they found out that kelp was one of long life foods. Here, I came to know that there are hundreds of centenarian in Okinawa.

In a normal body function, the action of fart is a signal of normal bowel activity and hence is noted by doctors following surgical or other treatment of patients. However, symptoms of excessive fart can indicate the presence of some kind of sickness. In particular, the sudden occurrence of excessive fart together with the onset of new symptoms provides reason for seeking further medical examination. Anyway, fart is not poisonous. It is just a natural occurrence. However, discomfort may develop from the build-up of gas pressure. In theory, pathological distension of the bowel, leading to constipation could result if a person holds in the flatus.

How to Silence Farting Using Foam Rubber

It maybe difficult to eradicate fart by adjusting the daily food you enjoy on your dining table. How about a simple floor cushion, and there you will sit during dinner times? How about that?


About 2 inches of cotton and about 1 inch thick of activated carbon powder or any charcoal powder on the top of foam rubber. Just sit on it. The charcoal will absorb the smell of fart and the cotton and foam rubber will silence the sound.

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