Ghost Story (True Story)

by: Junji Takano

Feast of Dead, Halloween, All Saints' Day, and All Souls' Day. Starting from the end of October until the whole first week of November, wherever you go, whatever you see on TV, movie houses, shopping malls, you will see ghost, ghost, and ghost.

Whether you believe that ghosts exist or not, here, I am going to let you read a true story of a ghost phenomenon.

Mr. Maeda purchased a virgin land on a hilly countryside of Nara Prefecture in Japan to build a house to make his wife and daughter happy. The house, surrounded with big garden, was so nice and beautiful. On the day of house blessing and feast, Mr. Maeda rushed downtown to buy some foods and decorations. On his way home, his car fell in a valley and he was gone. The supposed to be the happiest night turned into a darkest night for Mrs. Maeda and the daughter, Aya.

Since Mr. Maeda left the family, his wife and daughter could no longer afford to maintain the mansion. Therefore, they decided to sell the place and move to a small apartment in the rural area of Nara. After Mrs. Maeda and her daughter moved to the apartment, strange phenomena occurred in their daily living. Both of them could not eat well at all and became very skinny. They consulted a doctor for medical checkup. However, there were no signs of sickness physically. The doctor in the clinic recommended them to visit my office in front of Shin Osaka Station Hotel.

When they went in my office, I saw them so skinny and I immediately noticed that they are suffering from spiritual sickness! At first, Mrs. Maeda told me that whenever they were about to eat dinner, she felt that her husband was at her back holding her shoulder. Of course, there was no one if she turns her head back. In the case of her daughter, Aya, whenever she was about to eat, someone is choking her neck. Both of them could not eat well, thus, it was so clear that both of them might soon die of undernourishment.

Five people are in the office, including me, my secretary, Mrs. Maeda, her daughter Aya, and a brother of Mrs. Maeda. I requested Aya to be the medium as a bridge between spirit and our world. Mrs. Maeda agreed with my idea of exorcism.

Aya sat in a chair and closed her eyes. Before her, I conjured a prayer to call the spirits that bothers them, if there are any. Suddenly, Aya stood up and shouted "Ah, ah, ah!" I uttered another incantation to prevent the spirit from escaping.
Then, we started to talk with the spirit, "Who are you?"
The spirit answered, "Mr. Maeda, Mr. Maeda!"...we continued talks.
Then, we began to understand the true story behind the family.

Mr. Maeda bought a virgin land on a hilly countryside of Nara Prefecture. To build a house, he had to level the land with a bulldozer. However, gnomes and mythical animals living for hundreds of years inhabited the land. It was the paradise of spirits. But the paradise of innocent spirits was destroyed instantly by Mr. Maeda. The spirits were waiting for a chance to kill Mr. Maeda, and on the day of house blessing, a great chance to take out the spirit of Mr. Maeda approached. The car driven by Mr. Maeda was caught by the group of gnomes and appeared as a car accident. His spirit was taken as slave by gnomes and mythical animals, and was not able to go anywhere but the land where he leveled with a bulldozer.

The spirit of Mr. Maeda was ordered by the head of gnomes to kill his wife and his daughter. It was the reason that Mrs. Maeda and Aya became skinny and had difficulties in eating.

We had more than an hour of talk with Mr. Maeda and the spirits surrounding him. I have arranged that the spirit of Mr. Maeda be freed, so that I won't harm gnomes and other spirits. Finally, everything ended amicably and we parted.

To avoid the spirits from returning to Mrs. Maeda and Aya, our sales department handed a PYRO-ENERGEN unit to safeguard them.

The names of Mrs. Maeda and Aya are fictitious to avoid their true identity.

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Junji Takano, the authorJunji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause.
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