Tired and Getting Lazy and Sleepy?

by: Junji Takano

Am I the only one who gets tired and getting lazy and sleepy easily? Yes, when you get old, as old as I am, it's probably natural. However, when you are at 20s – 30s, you should normally be an energetic and active person.

But NO WAY, many people feel lazy and sleepy regardless of their ages after eating turkey, especially after Thanksgiving Day.

It is because there is tryptophan or amino acid in turkey that induces sleepiness, fatigue and laziness. Of course, carbohydrate also makes people sleepy.

But don't worry about it. A simple exercise will surely help you wake up and start doing your work. Let's do it together, But don't worry about it. A simple exercise will surely help you wake up and start doing your work. Let's do it together, PYRO-ENERGEN is better than the famous brand of "sildenafil citrate" :).

Building Strong Bones

Building strong bones take a combination of calcium, vitamin D and exercise.

Young children should consume about 800 milligrams of calcium a day. Ages between 10 and 18 need more than 1,300 milligrams of calcium a day. 1,300 milligrams of calcium are about 3 cups of milk and calcium-rich foods, such as cheese, yogurt, and broccoli.

To make bones, we need about 200 units of vitamin D, too. Sunlight is a major source of vitamin D. Only a few minutes of sun exposure daily is good enough for children.

Not only sunbath, but also a few minutes of physical exercise or activity daily is needed in order to maintain strong bones.

A Pinch of Grinded Garlic a Day

Garlic is not only against Dracula but also against hypertension. However, remember that too much garlic daily will you make you suffer from high blood pressure instead. Just take a pinch or two pinches of garlic a day. If you take a medium-sized tomato together with a pinch of grinded garlic daily, it will prevent you from cancer diseases according to studies done by some Japanese doctors.

How to remove warts the cheap way?

There's no need to spend for medicine. Just follow the way of folk remedy. Banana peels work for eradicating warts. Just rub banana peel on warts around. It may take sometimes 30 days or more.

Believe it or not, the herbalists of old knew it.

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