Ancient Healing: Traditional Chinese Medicine

by: Junji Takano

I've mentioned in my very first article that there were only 404 kinds of illnesses during the ancient time in Japan, and all of them were treated by simple herbs.

Most Japanese senior citizens knew or learned during their childhood in the school or from their parents or old folks that there were only 404 kinds of illnesses, and they were treated by traditional chinese herbs from Etchu, Toyama Prefecture in Japan.

And yes, these traditional medicines are very effective.

I believe that herbs listed below seem to be competitive to modern medicines available in your neighborhood drugstores.

As you know, most modern drugs are from traditional botanical herbs or known animals. Of course, if you visit Chinese medical herb stores, you will wonder or somewhat amazed when you see grotesque appearance of dried sea horse, tortoise, feet of animals, etc. However, they are also very effective for treatment of modern diseases.


Morning GloryMorning Glory Seeds

The above photo is a morning glory known by everyone in the world—a very popular flower that appears in the morning hours and closes toward evening. Its seed is at right, black and baroque shape. The seed is used to cure constipation. Crash or grind about 3 pieces of seed and drink with water.

For sting or insect bites, use the green leaves of morning glory. Mash or grind the leaves with your fingers, and paste it in the infected area of the skin. It heals very fast.

For frostbite or chilblains, keep dried leaves for winter season. Boil and make something like tea. Wash with the tea-like water for frostbite-infected skin.

2. FIG


The above photo is a sweet-tasting fruit called fig.

The fruit can be eaten as is for hemorrhoids treatment. Dried fig fruits are also effective. You can get white-colored sap (plant fluid) by breaking the branch of the tree. Apply the sap to the anal area. You might feel itch for a while, but it will dry and heal.



Lobster is anywhere in the world, and it is very effective for the treatment of measles. You can either just eat it or cook with soup. With the remaining hard shells, crash it and with about a liter of boiling water until the amount of remaining water is one half. Drink it, too. Measles will be healed without any complications.



Plum is very popular in China, Korea and Japan. Nowadays, you can find plum fruits anywhere in the world. Plum is known for thousands of years in China for the treatment of gastroenteritis. In our house, since the time of my great grandparents, we keep about 10 kilograms of plum fruit with salt in a big jar for preservation purpose. We have nearly 100 year-old plum, too. It was preserved by our great grandparents. As you know me, I am now 70 years old. Wherever I travel abroad, I carry a pack of plum preserved with me and take a piece a day to avoid getting stomach troubles as well as avoiding contamination of toxic matters and bacteria.

Plum is generally considered a miracle aid for almost all kinds of diseases. Plum juice (preserved with salt for several months or years) is used for treatment of fever and dysentery. Plum juice is also applicable as an external use for tinea.



Truly, sweet persimmon fruit has a lot of medicinal properties. The calyx of the persimmon fruit where it is connected to the branch of the tree, can be used to make a calyx tea. You can dry it and keep it and use it to make a tea. Drinking calyx tea is good for stopping hiccup;hiccough, and is also good for bed-wetting. The fruit itself has also the same effect. There are a lot of other uses as well. For bee stick, paste a grinded astringent persimmon. It's very effective according to our ancestors.


Charred HairCharred Hair

For stypsis in stopping bleeding, e.g. hemorrhage including internal hemorrhage, charred hair is used. For male, use female hair. For female, use male hair. Especially, a case where the cause of internal bleeding is unknown, charred hair is very effective according to old folks. Drink about 3 grams or one teaspoon of charred hair with water.



For lacquer poisoning and other skin allergies, use chestnut leaves. Place the chestnut leaves to boiling water and use it to wash the skin several times a day.



Dandelion has several medicinal uses. All parts of the plant, from root to flower, are edible and can be eaten in various forms like soup and salad. Its medicinal uses include treatment for gastric ulcer or gastritis, inflammation of the stomach, gastric dilatation, gastric catarrh, stomach cramps, constipation, and liver diseases.


Foot PatchPain Patch

Pain PatchPain Patch

Pain PatchIf you talk about plaster ointment or pain relief patch, there's a variety of brands that can be found. Whether it's for stiff shoulders, swelling, a Band-Aid®, or a nicotine patch for smokers, there's a lot of them.

But here's a good one for stiff shoulders and neck and especially for swelling and pain. Prepare any wheat flour or a baking powder and vinegar, and mix them to make a paste. Place it to the surface of any paper. Then, just patch it to your shoulders, neck or other swollen parts of your body.

If you like to give it a menthol (methyl salicylate) effect, just add some grinded ginger with the wheat flour and vinegar. During my younger days, there were no medicated patches that you can buy in drugstores. But this formula is more effective compare to any other plasters you know, and it has been known thousands of years ago in China. Try it.



Earthworm – you may find one in your backyard garden. Earthworm is known for treating almost all kinds of high fever, influenza, and malaria since thousands of years ago. It is also known to treat asthma. Dry it under the shade with cool air. Boil it with water and drink it. It is as simple as that.

Also, don't you know that raw earthworm is good for running ears (otorrhea), and tinea cruris and stiff neck and shoulders. Grind the earthworm and paste it in the infected area.

I can remember now, when I was a small boy, on our backyard garden, was a young woman digging soil for search of earthworm. For curiosity's sake, I asked her, "Mrs. Nagata, what are you going to do with that earthworm?". She laughed and said, "It's my breakfast". I ran to my grandma and told about Mrs. Nagata's breakfast, earthworm. Grandma told me that it was used as a medicine for asthma of her husband.

When I had a cook in the Philippines 20 years ago, I visited his brother in the uncivilized remote area of the southern mountains for vacation. There is no electricity and they live in a small house made from coconut leaves. The young brother was suffering from asthma. I told them about earthworm treatment, surprisingly though, they knew about it already. He learned about the earthworm treatment from his Chinese friend in a nearby town.



At least remain some earwax in your deep ear. Why? Because earwax that you might think a dirty waste also provides a degree of protection from bacteria, fungus, and insects. It is a Chinese old medical knowledge. Today, modern medical science was able to prove that earwax has chemical compound that can kill or eradicate bacteria in the ear to prevent getting ear diseases.

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