Alcoholism Symptoms and Effects

by: Junji Takano

Alcoholism refers to the continued consumption of liquors to an extent that it causes uncontrollable behavior, and adversely affects social and work function, similar to drug addiction.

Alcoholism will destroy the patient's body and brain as well as the whole family. Aside from it, many cases of social problems are caused by alcoholism according to the National Health Department.

Common symptoms of alcoholism include:

  1. Preoccupation with alcohol. Alcoholics think of drinking alcohol from morning till night.
  2. Self-deception. Alcoholics suffer from self-deceiving behavior. They become so good at deceiving themselves that they can also fool those around them.
  3. Guilt and Amnesia. Alcoholics have memory lapses when they drink and this is often attributed to guilt.
  4. Anxiety and Depression. Alcoholics drink to relieve anxiety or depression. The usual sequence is: a man feels bad for any reason, so he drinks, and feels better; then he feels bad again; he drinks again, and feels better again.

Eventually, alcohol addiction will lead to the destruction of one's body, mind, and spirit, causing social, economic, and family problems.

Once you become dependent on alcohol, it is almost impossible to stop doing it. You have to realize before it is too late.

Alcoholics also experience a medical problem that does not come from drinking alcohol but from NOT drinking alcohol. This is called the "Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome". This manifests as insomnia, shakes, agitation, convulsions, hallucinations, seizures, illusions, and possible heart failure, all of which are commonly referred to as "delirium tremens". This can cause death as alcohol is every bit as addictive as heroin, and just as dangerous to quit for those who are seriously addicted.

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