The Cause of Cancer and Its Remedy

by: Junji Takano

"Cancer Death" is one of the top maladies in Japan, and it is no longer a rare disease worldwide. If the cancer had metastasized, there is no way to escape from death sentence. Is that so? Before it is too late, let us find out the "cancer remedy".

Medical staffs around the world have been trying to analyze the movement of cancer cells in order to understand its functions and its remedy.

Do you know how many cancer cells are there in 1 cubic centimeter clumps of cancer cells? There are about 10 billion (single cancer cell size is about 10 microns—one millionth of a meter).

Well, how long does it take for a 1 cubic centimeter of cancer cells to grow to 10 cubic centimeters? The answer is about 2–2 ½ years.

From these statements, you understand that you should fight cancer disease in less than two years.

How about stomach cancer? If it is more than 2 centimeters in diameter, the transition may occur to other organs. Of course, there are certain types of cancer cells that can spread in various sizes.

To fight cancer diseases, it is important to know the characteristics of cancer cells and determine how cancer diseases advance.

How Cancer Cells are born?

Clinically and medically, scientists believe that cells undergo a process called "cell division" for it to reproduce and spread.

Normal cells replicate by making an exact copy of itself by duplicating its genetic material. However, if carcinogens entered the body, the newborn cells will be carcinogenic, too. Every cell of our body is equipped with the ability to fight cancer, but sometimes it also goes wrong.

As a result, cell division of cancer cells will be copied. Moreover, once the cancer cells start growing, it will continue to multiply and build up. Then, it will be too difficult to stop its rapid growth.

Some medical scientists claim that there are differences between benign tumors and cancer cell division. Benign tumors are simply excessive cell growths but do not spread to other parts of the body. Meanwhile, cancer cells are alive during its replication and will continue to grow until the whole body is affected.

Of course, modern medical science is in progress to control the proliferation of cancer cells by means of new medical applications.

Cancer Cells and Metastasis

Cancer cells as well as all human cells are surrounded by collagen fibers and connective tissue. As you know collagen and other materials are well-bonded for the body cells to remain intact. However, cancer cells melt the collagen compound. This phenomenon is the start of "metastasis".

We need to discover a drug that will stop the collagen from breaking down by cancer cells. Various kinds of drugs were developed especially in these past 20 years. However, there are medicines that cannot be accepted by some patients because of side effects or other reasons.

In addition to drugs, modern instruments were invented for fighting cancer cells like nuclear medical instruments called radioisotope. However, cancer cells are moving around faster than these applied treatments. As soon as the cancer cells are born, the cells are always one step ahead and faster than the healing process. It is probably the main reason that no one can eradicate them. Instead, modern medical equipments as well as drugs are producing side effects called incurable diseases of the modern world.

Here, you should realize that scientists and businesspeople are trying to invent therapeutic machines and drugs without knowing the real cause of cancer diseases.

The Real Cause of Cancer

Generally, scientists believe that cancer cells are close to the blood vessels from bringing oxygen and nutrients to survive. Now, your question may be where and how the first cancer cell is born, and by what kind of energy? Is it because of stress? Is it because of environmental pollutants? Is it because of smoke (smoking)? Is it because of fatigue, and your brain signal created the cancer cells?

Do you know that cancer cells can somewhat create blood vessels of their own to suck nutrients from the blood?

In the case of cancer caused by pollutants such as mercury, asbestos, and other toxic elements, we believe that this type of cancer cells are produced by chemical reaction and electrolysis, presented by the polarity of toxic pollutants and polarity of organs. This kind of cancer is almost incurable by any means excepting surgical removal of cancer cells. The PYRO-ENERGEN can do nothing with this type of cancer.

What are the other types of cancer, then? They all have an unknown cause by modern medical science. Is it the reason that there is no definite cure or remedy at this time? Yes, it is.

There must be some kind of energy that can form cancer cells. If you can find that source of energy, then it will no longer be a problem to find a cure.

Electrical wave that I termed "negative energy" is everywhere around our planet just like that of radio waves. When this wave surrounds or attracts someone, the body will be polarized and some part of the body will have electrolysis-like or chemical reaction-like phenomena. And this is a byproduct you can call as "cancer cell".

The negative energy attracts only the persons whose brain waves are tuned to the corresponding frequency. If you can invent a machine that can reject the negative energy without any side effects, then you are free from cancer diseases.

The PYRO-ENERGEN for Cancer Treatment

The PYRO-ENERGEN machine is operated under static electricity—the first in history used to eradicate the negative energy and of course, world maladies, or diseases.

Most diseases of unknown cause or incurable by modern science are believed to be caused by negative energy.

The PYRO-ENERGEN has no side effects at all.

Early stage of cancer can be eradicated in a matter of one week. Tomorrow will be another day for you.

When we posted similar articles several years ago, we received lots of e-mails from antagonists who never tried to use PYRO-ENERGEN. Hundreds of our freelance sales workers and distributors around the world all tried and tested the machine. They knew its effectiveness, and they agreed and joined with us.

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Junji Takano, the authorJunji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause.
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