Numbness or Paresthesia – An SOS Sign

by: Junji Takano

Numbness you experience might be an SOS sign of your health condition. Let us check it clinically.

If you sit on the floor for quite a long time, most of us will experience numbness. However, there are types of numbness that are serious to your health. Numbness can be a dangerous sign to your life. It is better to know more about numbness.

There is a type of numbness that occurs when you start walking and get well if you stop. This is a very dangerous health condition.

Let's take a case of our relative, Mr. Ogawa. Whenever he goes out in the morning, he feels numbness on his feet and legs. But he did not take it seriously. After about three months later, the numbness increased greatly and he experienced pain and difficulties in walking. He began to feel numbness just by standing.

Numbness or Paresthesia

Finally, he decided to visit his family doctor for consultation.

In the case of Mr. Ogawa, if he walks for a few minutes, he feels numbness with his feet, and he needs to stop walking for awhile. Then, he can start walking again.

Diagnosis in the clinic showed dangerous stage of Mr. Ogawa's heath.

For sure, there are a lot of people who may have similar symptoms of numbness. Numbness is a sign of dangerous health condition.

Before you feel total numbness, you may feel something hot or cold sensation on the affected area. This is caused by poor blood circulation or lack of blood flowing that leads to malfunction of nerve cells. Once the nerve cells fail to work normally, then the nerve cells can no longer send proper signals to the brain. This is what we call "numbness" or "paresthesia".

Mr. Ogawa's blood flow around the feet were checked and found out that his blood vessel was getting thinner due to "arteriosclerosis obliterans".

Hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) is thought to be caused by the accumulation of cholesterol; however there may be other causes, too. We recommend you to take a visit to a cardiologist if you feel some strange numbness.

In the case of our friend, Mr. Yamada, cardiologic analysis showed that his numbness was caused by lack of blood circulation within the waist bone. We call this "Lumbar Spinal Stenosis".

Whatever it is, if you feel numbness in a simple movement, you might have a dangerous health condition.

According to the Medical Journal in America, USA alone indicates that more than 30% of patients with numbness are at SOS stage. Immediate consultation and treatment are needed. Of course, we knew that this kind of disease takes 3–5 years before it gets worse. However, sudden death could also happen out of this simple numbness.

In conclusion, if you feel any unreasonable numbness to your feet, consider that it might be a blood vessel-related disease or waist-related disease.

To maintain good health and avoid numbness, daily exercise with bicycle is suggested. This creates one of the best figures for our body. That kind of body figure helps rejuvenate your entire body condition. To those who cannot ride bicycle, just push the bicycle with your two arms.

How to know that you're suffering from blood vessel-related condition?

  • Pain disappears while you're in standing position.
  • Numbness or pain appears when you're riding a bicycle.
  • Pain or Numbness disappears while you're sitting on a chair.

Of course, there are various ways to find blood vessel-related diseases other than these. Consult your doctor, if required.

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