Pick's Disease – A Serious Progressive Deterioration in Personality

by: Junji Takano

Pick's disease (a.k.a. Pick Disease) is a rare "neurodegenerative disease" compared to the much more prevalent Alzheimer's disease. Although this rarely happens to happy families, knowing more information about this disease will help you be prepared in the event that it may happen before your eyes in your family.

Pick's disease usually occur at the age of 45-65 years old, while Alzheimer's disease occur at the age of about 40-50 years old and commonly affects women.

The exact cause of both Pick's disease and Alzheimer's disease is unknown by today's modern science.

Let's take a case of Mrs. Kaneko's family, with her 55 year-old husband, who have a high ranking position in a well-known company, and two grown up children at high school and college. Mr. Kaneko earns enough to support his family as he belongs to a wealthy clan in Osaka.

Nothing seems to be going wrong, but Mr. Kaneko's hobby changed by buying nearly 35 pairs of shoes a year, collecting hundreds of neckties in a year, and collecting and buying unreasonable materials every now and then.

Mrs. Kaneko talks with him but there is nothing that shows that he is doing something wrong or changed in his daily manner.

Mrs. Kaneko suspected that her husband might have some strange behavioral problems. She visited her husband's office, and talked with his office mates, but she was not able to find any differences. One day, when she was watching a medical program on TV, she noticed that her husband's daily activities resemble the disease that doctors were talking. She immediately rushed to her family clinic and found out that Mr. Kaneko was deeply affected by a disease called Pick's disease.

The major signs of Alzheimer's disease are decreased intellectual function like the ability to describe or explain things, poor and hard to understand speech and writing, and significant memory loss, but in the Pick's disease, it changes the "personality" of the patient.

Personality changes may take the form of lack of enthusiasm or energy and indifference toward usual interests, or total disregard of other's feelings. For example; inability to maintain self-control over anger; one-sided conversation; feeling sluggish; taking strange food; enters and leaves into the neighbor's house; theft; loitering. Yes, it is really a change in personality.

As the disease advances, problems with language become common. For example, they often forget simple words and substitute unusual words and their verbal communication may sound distorted. The patient also hesitates or ignores medical examination, and in addition, starts repetitive speeches, meaning he keeps repeating the same sets of words and sentences over and over again. Also, their answers to others questions are unrelated.

CT scan will mostly show a form of "cerebral atrophy".

Record shows that a person affected with Pick's disease leads to very high death rate by 2 to 8 years.

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