Vinegar as an Eco-Friendly Solution

by: Junji Takano

"Vinegar" is a common material found in almost every household. It is a healthy medicinal material on your dining table—an eco solution for everyone.

Perhaps it is useless to let you know the history of vinegar, but it may be of interest to some.

According to some historical books, vinegar has been used for over 10,000 years. And no special process is needed to make simple vinegar. Any liquid that has sugar in it automatically turns to vinegar when exposed to air.

Some vinegar manufacturers claim that they developed new methods or something, but there are no significant changes in it. For seasoning and to preserve foods are the major uses of it.

Do you know where the name vinegar came from? According to my dictionary, in France, a cask of wine got a crack in it and became exposed to air. And they uttered "vyn egre", which literally means "sour wine".

Vinegar is made when aerobic bacteria come in contact with the alcohol in liquid while exposed to oxygen. This will turn the alcohol into "acetic acid". This is the acid that you can find in all vinegars.

Vinegar is a natural food and contains no harmful chemicals or preservatives as vinegar is a preservative itself.

Vinegar has many beneficial uses, either as a medicinal, or for cleaning and cooking. It cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes better than anything you can find in the market. It can drive away ants, unwanted insects, including weeds. Vinegar can marinate meat and kill unwanted bacteria.

Here are some ailments that people use vinegar to help heal:

Relieve mild arthritis pain, cure a stomachache, dissolving warts, relieving itching from mosquito or bug bites, soothing sunburn pains, relieving a sore throat, jellyfish stings.

Vinegar is very effective for hypertension or high blood pressure. In fact, I am taking vinegar every day for nearly 20 years now. High blood pressure caused by overthinking, stress, overwork, and unbalanced diet, are seldom due to viral infections. Daily intake of more than 5 ml of vinegar (1 teaspoon) will maintain normal blood pressure within three months. If you stop taking vinegar, your blood pressure may rise again. After three months, if you want to reduce or stop taking vinegar, you may change to pure honey at least 10 ml (2 teaspoons) daily for lifetime.

Quick Vinegar Home Remedies

For upset stomach – Drink two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in one cup water.

As a Cough Suppressant – Mix with equal parts of honey.

For Dissolving warts – Mix one part of apple cider vinegar to one part glycerin into a lotion and apply daily to warts until they dissolve.

For cuts and scrapes, use vinegar as an antiseptic.

Get rid of foot odor by washing your feet well with vinegar.

Clean a hairbrush by soaking in a vinegar solution.

Other Vinegar Tips

After washing your face with soap, rinse your face with 2 liters of water mixed with a tablespoon of vinegar. This way, you don't need to use any other cosmetics. Your face will be as beautiful as Cleopatra.

Vinegar is a very versatile sanitizer and cleansing agent. Vinegar is an acid with a low pH, so many germs, molds, and fungus are killed with it. Vinegar is good for sanitizing kitchen and kitchen appliances, and bathroom and bathroom fixtures including toothbrushes.

Even automobile can be cleaned. Take note that since vinegar is acid, some metal objects might rust. You may need rust prevention for such items.

These are only a few; there are hundreds of applications used by many even in the health field.

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Junji Takano, the authorJunji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause.
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