The Secret in Freezing Foods and Vegetables Successfully

by: Junji Takano

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We know that there are many foods that are not recommended to be placed and kept in the freezer section of the refrigerator. It is because fresh vegetables and fruits do not fit well in the freezer since they will look spoiled or will have rotten appearance. On the other hand, items we thought that cannot be placed in the freezer might actually be better in the freezer.

For instance, Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris) is preferable to be stored in the freezer, and you can eat it as is as salad. Can you believe that its taste is better than before? Aside from the taste, its vitamin C contents will increase dramatically. Keep in mind that you should not defrost it by water or hot water, as its taste will deteriorate.

Today, any convenience stores in your neighborhood display frozen meals.

Frozen FoodFrozen Food

You can try potherb mustard, leek, corbicula (freshwater clam), cucumber, radish, swine meat, onion, and tomato. We notice that nutrients in them increase when frozen. In contrast, vegetables like spinach are not recommended to be frozen due to increased bitterness. You will know the result by trial and error.

In the case of corbicula shell, its amino acid increases four times by means of freezing. Although the shell meat becomes a little soft, its taste is better.

Frozen Food

As we know, cucumbers do not freeze well, but if sliced, and preserved in vinegar with sugar added, it will retain its texture and will amazingly be crispier and more delicious after being frozen for a while. It is because of the sugar and vinegar's chemical reaction that is taking place during freezing. Try it.

However, it does not mean that all vegetables or foods are suitable to be stored in the freezer.

For example, radish cannot be kept in the freezer, but cooked radish with seasonings can be. When you eat, just heat it with microwave oven. You can keep it in reasonable quantity in a poly bag for every meal.

Frozen Food

How to Make Soft and Tastier Meat Using Your Home Freezer

We know that the taste of meat will become waterish when frozen slowly. It is because the meat's juicy part becomes just like an ice cube in the meat itself. However, a certain method will prevent this and will even make the meat tastier. Visitors in my house enjoy eating our meat foods more than any other. How come our frozen meat becomes tastier than non-frozen meat (fresh meat)?

At first, what you have to do is to marinate the meat with your taste of seasonings you like to freeze. Then, place the meat in any kind of freezer whether it is slow or fast freezing. Our experiments show that any frozen meat marinated with seasonings will give you the best taste, and will retain the taste as long as one month or even more.

How did this happen?

If you freeze the meat as is in a slow freezer, the juicy parts of the meat will become just like an ordinary ice inside the meat. That's how the cell or cytoplasm is damaged.

As you know in science, seasonings will hold water molecules, meaning the iced particles will not expand, and the damage to the meat will be suspended. Aside from that, seasonings such as ginger, vinegar, pineapple will help you make the tenderest meat possible.

Onion cannot be placed in the freezer. But, did you know that 'sliced' onion can be placed in the freezer? If you fry the sliced and frozen onion, it will be a lot tastier. For onion soup, mix with egg for omelet.

Tomato can be placed in the freezer as is. Do not defrost, it will destroy everything. Eat it as is, or you can grind or grate the frozen tomato to make tomato sauce.

You can freeze fishes the same way as meat. In winter or in cold countries, you can find or learn how to keep meat, vegetables, and other foodstuffs in good shape. This is an idea for healthy brain and healthy body.

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