Killer Bees Are Coming to Town – Survival Tips

by: Junji Takano

Killer bees, also known as vespine wasp, hornet, or yellow jacket, are dramatically increasing in towns and cities. Killer bees are generally found in deep mountainsides, but they are beginning to appear in civilized towns and cities, threatening our lives.

Killer BeesKiller Bees

We hear that many people are being injured or killed by vipers, bears, monkeys, and killer bees, every year. Surprisingly, these incidents are happening in advanced cities, and not in deep mountainsides. How come such animals are appearing in the cities around the world? Is it because of global warming, or is it because their dwelling areas are getting destroyed by civilization? Why the killer bees prefer to make their nests in congested cities?

Our studies show that it is not only because their territories are being destroyed or occupied but there seems to be tastier foodstuffs in the garbage along the streets.

Killer bees love to eat thrown kitchen wastes such as hamburger, meat, cheese, spaghetti, and fish. Can you believe that hornets love to eat fish and meat much more than catching insects, which they normally do? Therefore, the garbage in the cities could make a good feeding ground. In addition, the city's buildings are good shelters from bad weather compared to mountain forest where they live. It means townhouses have all the favorable conditions for hornets.

Killer Bees

Then, how come these killer insects have to attack people with deadly poisons? They are creatures that sense danger by instinct. Yes, they know the instinct of self-preservation. It is all an act of instinct, and we can do nothing about it.

How come killer bees attack people suddenly with a huge number ranging from few hundreds to thousands, and how they know whom to attack insensitively?

Whenever a killer bee sees someone in a distance within 4–6 feet from its honeycomb, it will spray some poisonous fluid against the moving object. The fluid produces perfume-like smell that will alert other killer bees to join for fight. All killer bees will attack where the smell comes from. If you look closely at the attack of hornets, you will notice their sharp sting repeatedly stabbing and injecting deadly poison.

Usually, most bees will die once they attack and stab with poison, because their stings will be removed or separated from their bodies. However, killer bees have completely different stings that do not separate from their bodies. They can and will repeat stabbing hundreds of times injecting deadly poisons. Do not think or consider it just like that of honeybee. They are armed with completely different stabbing needles and poison sprayers. Also, you must be aware that the poisonous fluid of vespine wasp, hornet or yellow jacket can destroy or destruct the entire red-blood corpuscle (cell) in the body.

Helpful Tips to Prevent Wasp or Hornet Stings

  1. Avoiding the wearing of black dresses is the best way in preventing wasp or hornet stings. Studies have shown that the targets were mostly black.
  2. Be cautious especially if you have black hair. We recommend you to wear white clothes and white hat.
  3. Do not use any perfume or alcoholic insect or bug spray. These sprayed fluids attract hornets more.
  4. If you are attacked by killer bees, escaping as fast as you can is the best way.
  5. If you have been stung by killer bees, rush to a nearby hospital and suck the poison out from the affected part before it is too late.

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