The Truth about Why You Are not Losing Weight

by: Junji Takano

What's wrong if you don't get slim despite following a non-calorie diet? Definitely, millions of people failed to get slim after taking non-calorie diet foods. It's a common knowledge that non-calorie foods do not make you fat, and that's how we have learned, haven't we?

There are restaurants that operate with low calorie foods for office workers in Osaka. Is it really true that non-calorie foods will make you slim?

Lose Weight

We hear a lot of complaints from people following a non-calorie or low calorie diet. After a long period of time following such diet, they still gain their weight and appear with poor physical conditions. Some felt that they were in the bottom of hell after spending huge amount of money and effort for diet food advertisements.

What went wrong in the process? You should know more about low and non-calorie foods and your brain function for the digestive system.

Here's how you can be slim even if you just eat to satisfy your stomach.

For instance, we know that agar has no calories, and foods and cakes especially those that are processed for slimming purposes are labeled with “no calories”. Yet, it produces heat (energy or body heat). Why it is that non-calorie agar produces heat? It is because agar is mostly made up of vegetable fibers and it is not absorbed by the body. It is the main reason that cake shops say that agar contains zero calories and is a good diet food.

Twenty of our friends who believed the ads tried to reduce their caloric intake to about 1,500 calories a day. After 30 days of their efforts, 12 out of 20 of our friends showed increased weight by as much as 25%. What happened to them despite taking non-calorie foods?

Here's what you should know. There are two results that you can get out of diet. One gets slim out of diet, and the other gets fat out of diet. When one has enough nutrition in the body, and will not need any excess nutrition, the brain tells the body to burn all excess calories. Then, it works in losing weight.

However, whether one has enough nutrition in the body or not, the body needs minimal amount of nutritional calories. Thus when there are no calories taken, the brain tells the body not to burn any calories. Not burning any calories is all right, but what about when a lot of non-nutritional diet foods are taken. This means that one may gain more weight without taking additional calories.

As I said, there were more people who get fat by following a non-calorie diet than those who can succeed in losing weight.

Non-calorie diet for weight loss is not recommended to those who have illnesses like hypertension, anemia, diabetes, asthma, and heart diseases. People who have difficulties waking up in the morning, and those who are over-stressed and have poor blood circulation, should also avoid following a non-calorie diet.

Eat enough and get slim enough!

There was a case of a 55-year-old woman who was overweight and obese. The woman tried to reduce her daily meal of 1,500 kilocalories, and took an average of 400 calories per meal. Our experiences show that if you take only 60% of calories and nutrients needed each day, you can maintain your right figure.

Do not think that you can get slim in a matter of weeks. Even if you are under the doctors advises, good slimmed figure will usually take 4–5 months to attain.

In the case of another woman, she tried to reduce more than 1,500 calories a day. Just to satisfy her hunger, she tried to eat non-calorie food every day. After a few months, she noticed that she was getting more weight compared to the time she started taking diet food.

What was wrong or what went wrong with the woman's diet? Some wrote us that if you stick to a diet, your extra weight will come back like a boomerang. The reason behind this is the nutritional value you take each day.

You should know that if you reduce your food intake and reduce nutrition, your brain will work by saving energy (calories). It means that you will not lose and burn calories, instead you will gain weight. That's what happening to many slim dreamers.

To have a 400-calorie meal that will give you good enough nutrition and burn excess energy to keep you slim, take enough protein foods such as mushrooms, seaweeds (kelps), and vegetables except potatoes. Fruits are well recommended. About 120 milliliters of milk, one slice of cheese, one piece of egg, 100 grams of fish meat, 50 grams of beans...find reasonable amount to eat from your local dining table.

After several researches I've done, I can conclude that our physical appearances are somewhat made according to our age and work. As I mentioned earlier, whatever diet food you take, your extra weight will come back like a boomerang. There seems to be no way to keep your 17-year-old beautiful figure forever. I met several sumo wrestlers, professional wrestlers, judo wrestlers, and other sports practitioners who are overweight. They eat a lot and burn a lot of energy, but they told me that it is really difficult to maintain their weights as they desire. Some doctors told me that it is due to genetic factors.

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