Rejuvenate Your Brain, and Praise for Success

by: Junji Takano

Sometimes we easily forget things we have done just a few minutes ago. Even if you are still young, it could happen to you if you will not use your brain at all times. According to some studies, we can rejuvenate our brain by means of praising one another.

People who forget things easily do not smile naturally. We can say that they even have forgotten how to smile, because their brains are getting old ahead of age. Lack of brain exercise may explain why this happens.

When we first started our business, I had to scold my workers, because I felt that my workers are dull and have no brains. Our company was losing and had hard time to find monthly salaries for workers. During one long summer vacation, it so happened that I read a book entitled “Praise for Success”. That's where I found out that scolding others won't gain you anything but lose. Instead, we should praise others for success.


Amazingly, all laborers started to work more, and all the staffs started to bring their ideas with smiles. Wow, in just a few months, our production and sales went up several folds, and in three years, our workers have multiplied to cope with our business growth.

We have other vocational and nursery and children school businesses, and we applied the same “Praise for Success” method. Yes, it was a great success for management, teachers, and students, to boost motivation and performance.

Very often, we experience gaps among our people in every angle due to lack of communication or misunderstanding. Suddenly, smiles will disappear from our faces. At this stage, our brain stops working and aging starts early.

We believe that degenerative disorders of the brain such as melancholia, Alzheimer's, and dementia, are caused by lack of socialization that leads to poor function of the brain. Socializing and praising each other will help stimulate the brain, delay memory problems, and will always make you young. Also read article “How to Overcome Dementia or Alzhemeir's Disease”.


By means of praising each other, our business groups as well as our workers, schoolchildren, relation among families of schoolchildren and teachers became active in all areas.

Neuroscience is learning how important it is to communicate and praise each other. Communication and praising others will create smiles. It is the secret to rejuvenation and stop aging. In this way, the number of Alzheimer's patients will reduce dramatically.

Sometimes there are elderly people whose memories are better than the young. There are young people who easily forget what to buy when they arrive to marketplace.

We studied 40 volunteers, 20 of which are elderly above 70 years old and 20 young ones aging 20–35 years old. We did an experiment called “memory recall test”. The volunteers were given a written list of what to buy at the grocery store. Of course, the list should not be carried with them. They have to remember what is written in the paper. When all of them knew what to buy, they proceeded to the grocery store. However, when they were inside the store, they just couldn't remember easily what to buy. We gave a clue to the elderly on how to memorize the list easily. The clue we gave was just a simple idea to imagine what to cook in the list shown to them. The result—70% of the elderly was able to complete the test compared to the 30% for the young. By just simple brain stimulation, old brains can be as good as young ones!

Dementia and Alzheimer's patients can benefit well from laughing games or works. This will help rejuvenate their brain and improve their memories.

Let's take a case where you are ironing and the telephone rings. Naturally, you will attend on the phone call. But then, you might forget that the iron is still operating. You can avoid such incident by working and putting your imagination into practice. For example, before going for shopping, visualize all the items you need to buy to create a mental image, then for sure you can minimize forgetting many things.

Imagining things will help stimulate the brain and improve memory. This practice can help dementia and Alzheimer's patients, too. One important thing here is to praise them whenever they can remember and finish works.


Everybody wants to be healthy, rich, and happy. Yes, you can have all of them if you praise one another every day. You can never be happy without money. Having no money makes people sick.

Let us praise one another, and we will be happy to live!

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Junji Takano, the authorJunji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause.
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