Enjoy like a Vegetarian with Steam Cooking

by: Junji Takano

It is not necessary to be a vegetarian to escape from obesity. You can enjoy eating vegetables just like beefsteak, pork chop and barbecue.

But how could vegetables be as tasty as beef and pork?

How about healthy and tastier vegetable to avoid getting obese starting this week? We are not going to talk about obesity, but on how to cook vegetable in a healthy and tastier way our ancestors practiced.



I remember how our old folks were cooking vegetables during the world food crisis 60-70 years ago. We were not able to find meat excepting some small fishes we caught in the nearby river or ponds. However, although there was a lack of meat during those times, properly cooked vegetables tasted fine and we were at least in a certain way healthier than today. We also knew that there were no obese people like the pictures shown above.

Well, let us remember or recall how kitchen preparation was done by our great grandparents. Yes, I remember how they cooked vegetables. During the time of our old folks, there were no automated electronic cooking machines. Instead, they used big clay pots and clay made ovens with dried firewood.

Healthy Cooking With Steam

When I was a little boy, I traveled with my father in many parts of countryside where there are small inns with hot spring. My father was a fruit dealer during that time. We noticed that the inns used steam from hot spring instead of fire for cooking. Rice, fishes, hot tea, and vegetables, are all steamed. They tasted better than the conventional way of cooking. Yes, they all taste great.

We have requested various groups to study both the taste and nutritional value of steam cooking. We discovered that steam cooking is better than conventional cooking most of us do. We do not mean that all cooking should be replaced with steamed cooking. This is just to give you an idea that you can enjoy steaming your food even once a day. Yes, you can steam not only vegetables but also fishes and meat. You can make cakes, too. Also, did you know that the more you steam vegetables, the vitamins increase as much as two to three times, or even more?


As you can see from the photos above, you can steam almost anything from rice, cake, bread, meat, vegetables, fish, noodles, etc.

You may think that the steaming process is difficult to do. Of course, sophisticated processes can be automated. Otherwise, you can simply use any cooking pan or pot with a bowl.


Now, let's take the case of steamed spinach where you will see something like worn-out or tasteless looking spinach. Yes, if you steam it for a few minutes, that's what you will see. How about 30 minutes to 2 hours steaming? What do you see? It looks like refreshed spinach. Yes, the steamed spinach is alive, isn't it? Much more alive than raw spinach. Can you believe that? And surprisingly, the nutrients in it increase two times more.

How to Steam Food Perfectly

The important part of it is to keep the temperature of the steam at 70–80 degrees Celsius (158–176 degrees Fahrenheit). Don't worry, maintaining that temperature is very easy. Remember when you were at Chinese restaurant where they use steamers like bamboo-made colander shown in the photos below?

Bamboo ColanderBamboo Colander

Yes, these are made to keep the steam temperature at 70–80 degrees Celsius. If you do not have it, just simply keep the pot lid a little open for the steam to escape. That will maintain the right temperature.

Mushroom, shell, fish, meat, cabbage, spinach, potato, carrot, okra, hamburger, rice, or any vegetables...try anything you want with new taste. You can add some seasonings to it if you like. It's really a fun thing to do. All nutrients will turn to another wonderful nutrients and tastes. You won't lose anything out of steam cooking, but you will find more fun from it.

Enjoy your life with healthy foods and you won't contract incurable diseases. Then, you won't need the PYRO-ENERGEN, ha ha ha.

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