Foot-and-mouth Disease – What You Should Know

by: Junji Takano

Wherever and whenever foot-and-mouth disease (FMD or hoof-and-mouth disease) cases are reported especially in developed countries like America, England, France and Japan, the news will spread around the world immediately. Not only the health department but also all communities will be alerted. Authorities will start gathering cloven-hoofed animals and incinerate or bury them to avoid the spread of FMD virus.

The 2010 Japan Foot-and-mouth Disease Outbreak

In April 2010, 35,000 cattle and swine in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan, were slaughtered and buried 6 feet underground, even though they were not positively infected with the FMD virus in the first place. It took them three months to bury all of them, but the truth is that only a few of them were actually found to have been infected with FMD.

This incident lost millions of dollars and yen including other industries all over the country. The Miyazaki Prefecture estimated ¥235 billion yen overall loses by its industries. Wow!

Is it really necessary to cremate or bury uninfected animals just to eradicate the FMD virus? Or is it more important to trace or study how the FMD virus originates and how it only spread to cloven-hoofed animals?

The Avian Influenza or Bird Flu (H5N1) Outbreak

I remember several incidents in developing countries about FMD and H5N1 virus, more commonly known as "avian influenza" or "bird flu". Several years ago, my group visited a tribe in a tropical island in Southeast Asia. It so happened that it was the time bird flu was rampant around the world, and many poultries were affected in Vietnam, Japan, China, and even Russia.

In this particular tribe, the local radio and TV stations, and local health authorities announced the spread of bird flu especially among local ducks. Yes, we saw several ducks are dying right before our eyes.

However, because of financial difficulties of local duck raisers, they ignored the news and advices of the health authority. They hid their dead ducks and cooked them immediately, and distributed it to nearby market for money.

Foot-and-mouth Disease Incidence

About a year ago, my group visited another tribe in a tropical island in Southeast Asia. They stayed in a small farmer's hut where six cows live together just next to the room under the same roof. They were told by local health authorities that one of the cows had contracted the FMD virus.

Foot-and-mouth Disease

In the early stage of foot-and-mouth disease infection, a rise in temperature is noticed especially on the tips of the animal's feet. Blisters will begin to develop on the bulbs of the heels and upper surface of the tongue. Frothy saliva around the lips is also shown.

Foot-and-mouth Disease

Caretakers of the cow are so poor that they could not afford to lose one, since the cost of one cow is more than one year of their income. What they did was kill the cow immediately, and distributed its meat to neighbours and nearby street market.

Poor communities like this area have no budget to spend huge amount of money. Luckily, it was reported that no FMD virus had spread.

Bird Flu Incidence

Another incident was about bird flu. People were raising ducks in a small countryside community, and my group happened to see about 50 dead ducks in a nearby community pond. Local health authorities reported that the cause was bird flu. However, due to lack of government budget, nothing was implemented to the incident.

The dead ducks were completely buried, but the remaining ducks were marketed for human consumption at a nearby market. In this case, it was also fortunate that the bird flu virus did not spread.

We have several similar reports from poor countries around the world, and we haven't received any reports that they have killed or buried all suspected animals. Health authorities in these poor countries cannot afford to bury animals 6 feet underground, unlike in developed countries.

What about AIDS patients?

Another one is AIDS patients in the African continent. Several PYRO-ENERGEN machines were distributed to HIV-infected patients. These patients seem to belong to well-to-do families. But poor families have to go to our dealers and distributors every day.

Some neighbouring patients can afford commuting every day, but what about patients who live from far distances? They could not afford to commute every day for the treatment. The result—well, you can imagine what had happened. But we just cannot dump these poor people 6 feet underground like animals. There's no way we could do that, so the number of HIV cases are increasing instead. You cannot stop it.

But we can tell you that one day, HIV disease will disappear from this world, and new strains of diseases will appear to conquer the world.


We met a lot of traditional healers and elders who do not believe in modern medical science. Their opinions are that calamities will come and go from time to time, and history will be written as memories.

It is unnecessary to kill or bury them as modern medical doctors think. These are just certain movements of evil spirits for people to understand the world.

If modern medical authorities can understand it more deeply, then they could have avoided killing tens of thousands of uninfected animals, which wasted huge amount of people's taxes and savings.

I believe that these incidents are just part of our planet. These happened because modern science failed to find the true origin of world sufferings.

What is your idea?

To treat with the PYRO-ENERGEN machine, we constructed a big cage with bamboo for cow and water buffalo, and small cage for chicken.

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