Ladies, Why You Still Fail to Get Slim Despite Diet Control?

by: Junji Takano

We receive a lot of questions from women saying that they failed to get slim and lose weight despite taking low calorie diet. Where did it go wrong?

Lose WeightLose Weight

Why more women fail to lose weight than men?

Yes, it is true that more women fail to lose weight than men. Is there any reason behind it?

More women enjoy chatting with friends. Women enjoy sweet cakes more than men do. Yes, there is a scientific reason and evidence behind the failure of diet-control!

Medical science knows that female rats drink water mixed with sugar more than male rats. It is because of one thing—female rats have “ovaries”. Well, how about female rats whose ovaries are dislocated? As we expected, they do not consume sugar water as much as ordinary female rats.

We injected estrogen (female hormone) to the rats with discarded ovaries. Then, the rats started to drink as much as twice more sugar water. From this study, we understood that sugar is needed by females to fertilize the egg and grow in the ovary.

Therefore, it is natural to believe that women are different from men physically and mentally. Women enjoy chatting with friends, of course, there goes with coffee and cake. Sometimes, when shopping, they do sample tasting. When women do cooking, of course, there goes sampling. They do it more than men. Not only that, physical and mental functions as well as their works completely differ from men.

One good tip is to record your weight in the morning and evening. It will really help you in losing weight.

Record your weight

By just taking note of your weight, we notice that the success rate in losing weight is more than 60%, while women not doing it remained at a failure rate of 40%.

Many women who succeeded in losing weight claimed that they lost 4-5 kilograms of weight in three months time. All of us know that sweet foods make you gain fat, especially on the abdominal area. We really know that ladies consume about twice more sweets than men. This is really due to the female hormone called estrogen.

However, there are times that female hormones are reduced, about ten days before menstrual cycle. We recommend you to do some simple aerobic exercises and diet control. This will be effective in losing your weight, because the estrogen in the body will be consumed easily, and you do not feel like taking much sweet foods, too.

Up and down step exerciseUp and down step exerciseJumping/Skipping Rope

Simply by doing up-and-down steps 20–30 times, or jump rope exercises 20 times before meal every day will reduce your stress and eating habits.

These simple exercises do not take even 20 seconds. Wow, don't you like to waste only 20 seconds before meal, if you can be slim and keep your beautiful figure?

By doing these simple exercises, your high blood pressure, blood sugar contents, cholesterol amount, and stress, could be normalized.

We also recommend you to do diet control with your friends. This will initiate competition with your friends, making you more eager to do the job. It is also the way to success. It is lonely to jog alone, but with friends or partner, it will help you last for longer period of days.

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