Combat Aging with This Secret Anti-Aging Strategy

by: Junji Takano

Is there a way to stop aging? Do you want to stay young? Do you want your eyesight to remain young? You don't want to have wrinkles? You don't want to look old? That's basically what everybody dreams about!

What does really make you old? Are there methods that can be done for you to remain young?

In this article, I am going to reveal to you the secret on how to cheat aging. And once you know it, you can find a way to get young again!

If you know the reason why you get old, then you can stop aging.
If you know the formula in avoiding aging, then you might live young forever.
If you know how aging works in the body, then you will be certain that good news will follow.

Thanks to the new findings about the secret of aging, there is now a new hope for you to keep yourself young without facing the consequence of aging.


Someone told me that this is an impossible thing to achieve. But some scientists are proudly emphasizing that there might be a possible way on how this can be done in the near future. Whatever the result will be, conducting this study may not be useless at all. If we can go back just 5 to 10 years younger, then every one of us will be very happy and will be filled with joy.

Now here's the secret formula on how to cheat aging, which you and your family can apply.

According to recent studies, the aging process in all living things has something in common. This is what we call Advanced Glycation End-products, which is commonly referred to as AGEs.

AGEs accumulate around the skin, bone, eye, blood vessels, and just about everywhere in the body. The accumulation of AGEs will cause cracking of bones, poor eyesight, and dryness of skin. Therefore, to stop or slow down aging means you need to prevent the formation of AGE.

What are AGEs that cause aging? Why does it accumulate in the body and where does it come from?

One source of AGE is from foods you eat. The browning of food as a way of cooking helps give desirable taste to the food. This is done by heating or cooking sugars with proteins in the absence of water. Yes, it is in this process that AGEs are formed.

Foods like bread and meat all have proteins, which when toasted or cooked without the presence of liquid, will increase the formation of AGE. This process that gives brownish tasty color to a food is called “maillard reaction”.

Maillard Reaction
Maillard Reaction

Now, you understand what AGEs are. Yes, browning of foods will boost their flavor. Unfortunately, this is also the key to aging.

As you age, your structural proteins are damaged due to glycation. This is a process wherein sugar and protein molecules combine to form a tangled mess of tissue, which significantly alters the structure and function of proteins. This is what AGEs are, and is also formed when browning foods!

In other words, it is sugar itself that create the potential for AGEs.

In that case, is it true that diabetic patients are more susceptible to premature aging? Yes, they are. In fact, diabetes is a form of accelerated aging!

How can you escape from premature aging?

The main problem of diabetic patients is elevated blood sugar levels after meals. To overcome this, a simple remedy is for you to follow the way of vegetarians. Eat vegetables and fruits and do not take too much protein-rich foods at the same time. Watch out for foods high in protein such as rice, bread, beans, and sweet items.

So when should you eat foods high in protein? During snack time! read it right! Eat protein-rich foods during your snack time only.

Maillard reaction is what you have to avoid for you to escape from aging. In fact, vegetarians are doing it right by refraining from sugar and protein-rich foods and eating them only at snack time. By then you can cheat aging more than any other people.

My family and I only realized about maillard reaction recently. Despite that, we started to eat more vegetables rather than meat nowadays. Soon, we may be getting younger even a little.

It is almost impossible to stop aging 100%. You can only slow it down, but at least you can follow by eating more vegetables if you want to stay young. Look at that sheep. They do not get old. That's why they cry only “maaa maaa” like a baby, ha-ha.

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