The World of Spirit

by: Junji Takano

IMPORTANT: If you do not believe in the 'spiritual world', please disregard this article.

Several years back, our family had a 15-year-old maid servant named Irma. According to her, her parents died due to an incurable disease when she was still 3 years old. Her elder brother who was 12 years old back then took care of her, but the young brother certainly had difficulties feeding his sister Irma.

Years had passed and the poor young brother also became sick due to hardship in living without shelter and food, and eventually, he died on the street. Irma grew up as a street child without any educational background.

One day, a friend of a social worker came to us asking to help a girl by making her work as a maid servant in our house. As the youngest servant in our household, she was a good hard worker for about a month.

Since then, Irma started to tell her co-servants that she often dream of her elder brother despite the fact that she does not remember him well and how his face looks like because of Irma's young age.

From the day of that incident, she often begins to shout that she cannot open the toilet door because it is locked. Sometimes she says that she cannot move because of iron chain tightened around her legs. Of course, the surprised co-servants came to me for help.


Immediately, I let Irma sit in a chair, and started to perform exorcism. There we found an amazing story of Irma's life.

From the exorcism on Irma, we learned the lives of Irma's family as well as the hardship they experienced. Irma's brother loved her very much and pitied her because of her hard life. According to the brother of Irma, their parents and himself were killed by imp-like spirits, and were forced to work as their servants.

By the way, the dead brother was taken neither in heaven nor hell; rather, he stayed on earth together with other unheavenly spirits.

Irma's brother was watching her always. He wanted to take her beside him and live together as spirits.

This very simple reason of Irma's brother made a big problem for us. I did not punish Irma's brother. Instead, I let him go if he will not bother her anymore.

After that, Irma's life came back to normal and she spent her time living with us for more than a year until she left.

More info about spirit will follow in future articles.
Note: Mr. Takano is an exorcist.

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