Do Witches and Wizards Really Exist?

by: Junji Takano

Have you ever wondered if witches and wizards really exist in this modern world? Well yes, they do exist, and they are quite active in the modern world. You might also be a victim of them without knowing what's really happening within your body.

Today, many well-educated scientists are beginning to believe its existence. In fact, they even began studying about its spiritual powers and mysteries.

Do Witches and Wizards Look Like These?

Look at the illustrations below. I'm sure you're familiar with it, but is this how witches and wizards look like in reality?


Of course not! In folklore, a witch is often depicted as someone dressed in black, and stirring a big black boiling pot with wooden sticks. They are also often described as someone flying on broomsticks or pitchforks. But actually, in the real world, they do not look that way!

How Does Witchcraft (Magic) Work?

Witchcraft is a complete mystery to many. To think and do right or good things are really difficult, but to think and do bad things sound easier to do. Yes, that is true. So if we say that you can be a witch right now, do you want to be one?

You may be familiar with one of the most famous folk tales “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” from One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights). In this story, Cassim and Ali Baba utter the mysterious words “Open Sesame” to open the rock cave containing the treasure of the forty thieves, and seal the cave on the words “Close Sesame”. Most of us believe that there must be mystical words to have such unbelievable power.

“Cinderella and The Little Glass Slipper” is another known folk tale and the glass slipper is a key to the miracle.

What about Talismans? Do They Work for Real?

There are special words or special objects that are considered to possess magical or supernatural powers. One of these objects is called “talisman”.

Did you know that many talismans are commercialized and are available in big cities in the world?

Talismans that you can buy on the streets are mainly for lucky charms or love charms, which are being sold as amulets or bracelets. But do they really work for that purpose? Well, if you ask me, yes they do work, BUT it depends on who is holding it. Those who believe in its powers will have their wish usually granted whether it is evil or good.

You can also find protection talismans, which are amulets with Arabic or Latin words engraved on them like the photo below.

Love TalismanProtection Talisman

Some of these talismans are fakes and some may be true. But do remember that all talismans must be accompanied with corresponding prayers to activate them properly.

And Then, There is “Black Magic” and “White Magic”

People say that white magic is good and holy, while black magic is evil and bad. But the truth is that both of these magic are evil and they both involve the invocation of evil spirits.

People think that if you use it for good purposes, then it is holy, but even evil spirits can do good work. However, it is much better to ask holy spirits to do the good work.

In addition, most talismans sold can be considered a white magic charm, thus you do not need to utter spells of some sort to place the power to the talisman. In contrast, with holy talismans, you are required to utter incantations to activate its power.

No magicians will say that they are witches or wizards...

Witches are like robbers, they won't say that they are robbers.

Do not think of other people that they'll do wrong. You might be making them do wrong. This is how the work of witches or wizards begins. Think of others that they'll do right. By doing so, you are making others to be successful, and God will bless both of you.

If the wish, whether good or bad, that you imagined to your opponent did not go through, then, the wish might return back to you. This is where the magical work starts.

Here's One Interesting Story That I'll Share to You

One day, during lunch, suddenly, my cellphone rang. It was from a sister of my cook's wife. Something has happened, so my cook and I rushed to their house.

When I arrived at my cook's house, his wife was holding a cooking knife and was acting like crazy, so we asked for help from our neighbors. Strong men came and we were able to restrain and tie her to a big chair.

We noticed that the cook's wife, named Linda, was actually possessed and bewitched. We immediately proceeded to exorcise bad spirits from Linda's body. I performed exorcism on her and we tried to extract all information that we can get including the intention of the evil spirit that was inside Linda's body (by the way, I have been an exorcist for over 45 years now).

We then understood that she was a victim of a dried fish vendor in the market that morning. Linda and the fish vendor (a 19-year-old woman) had a fight because of some misunderstanding.

Instead of hurting the fish vendor, I instructed the fish vendor to believe in God and not to think of others with evil mind. By thinking of evil things, you'll turn them into a spirit that will travel and hurt others.

Now, Linda woke up from her sleep as if she was in a very deep and long sleep. She is now fine. She goes to the same market as usual, but she seems to not remember the incident that happened with the fish vendor.

As you can see, becoming a witch is as easy as that. Just by concentrating on evil matters, you can become a witch. So do not think badly of others. Instead, bless them, and you will receive good luck in return.

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