How Grunting or Yelling Improve Your Performance

by: Junji Takano

Healthy living and success are created by means of emitting voice with rhythm. Voice with rhythm can even move mountains as what historical books state.

Screaming, Yelling, or Grunting Can Raise Your Fighting Spirit

Grunting is one good example that can help increase your fighting spirit easily. For instance, when you hit a golf ball or swing your tennis racquet, you shout or scream "Yah!" or "Yey!".

Actually, just like how breathing patterns affect your ability to lift weights, grunting can help you establish a rhythm while you hit or swing your tennis. In other words, grunting will help you expel energy and improve your timing, and can help you win your match.

To Grunt or Not to Grunt?

I asked some golf players, who are normally driving the golf ball over 220 yards, to grunt and see if there will be improvement in their performance. The result was surprising! By yelling "Ssssss…Yahhhhhhh!", all of them were able to increase their golf driving distance to over 330 yards easily.

Golf Playing

You will also notice that your swinging power depends on how loud you grunt. The louder you scream or yell, the more powerful the swing will be.

Grunting Can Help You:

  • Release tension
  • Synchronize breathing
  • Increase focus
  • Increase core stability
  • Increase strength

Grunting or Yelling in Martial Arts

You often hear people shout or yell "Aiyah!, Hyah! Eee-yah!, or Hi-yah!", in martial arts. The reason they do it is the same reason you grunt to increase your power.

Martial artists yell primarily to make their techniques accurate, faster, and stronger. It also helps control their breathing, and tightens the surface of the muscles.


How Can Grunting Increase Your Power and Improve Performance

Grunting or yelling changes your body chemistry. It triggers your brain to release adrenaline, and produce higher heart rate, increased blood flow, as well as psychological boost. This is also the reason why hearing loud music or your favorable music makes you feel energized and pumped.

Loud grunting also activates the muscles in your back and abdomen, which can increase your overall power for throwing, hitting, swinging, jumping, or punching.

Grunting while playing basketball

The Principles of Grunting or Yelling Can be Applied to Other Things, Too

Yelling isn't just for disciplining children or winning arguments. Basically, yelling or grunting is "breathing with strong energy". Maybe, it is better if we call this "yelling with spirit".

Yelling with spirit will lead you to focus and concentrate on whatever you are doing. Not only it releases your tension, it's good for your lungs, too!

Lastly, yelling with spirit stimulates your brain and builds confidence. It is a good idea to yell about how you look forward to having successful work for the day (speaking the words aloud with enthusiasm and vigor) every time you wake up in the morning. This is one of the keys to a healthy and successful life. I know hundreds of businessmen around me who became successful by practicing this every morning. Can you believe that's how I became a successful businessman, starting with zero capital?

A cook in my house told me that he applies the technique of yelling with spirit, in cooking. Then, his cooking became easier and more fun and enjoyable, with better tasting foods.

Team Yelling

Yelling is good for sports and relieving stress. Go ahead and yell at the wall, at the mirror, into a pillow, or at nothing at all. I believe you can apply this technique to health, business, love, and many other things.

Let's shout now for our future happiness!

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