Health and Wellness: Dealing with Misfortunes

by: Junji Takano

Many of us suffer from various problems especially in this time of global financial crisis.

Whether it's a financial problem for job seekers, family feud, or intractable diseases and long time sufferings, there are just many of them. Are these problems caused by bad omens?

Look at the people around you. They seem to be happier than you are now. Is your destiny planned out? Or can you change your future to be happy in paradise while you live?

This article is not some sort of religious topic. It's just that many of us think that when we suffer from a disease or illness, it is a sign of guilt.

Bad OmenBad Omen

Is it really a result or evidence of guilt? From my experience in life, I can say both Yes and No.

Here's Why

During the World War II, when I was six years old, our family had a very hard time to live. Food was scarce and my father lost his work due to war. We were at the bottom of our life. I can still remember those days.

All my uncles in the cities and aunts in the provinces belong to rich families. My family used to visit them for so many times asking for help. That's the only thing I can remember. All members of our family were weak and sickly, probably because of famine.

Nearly 25 years had passed and we were still the poorest of the poor. My uncles and aunties were getting richer as they started to own big establishments. Then, I began to think that all of these were due to some bad omen or curse in the family. I started to think of God at this point.

Then Everything Changed

Little by little, our lifestyle and living conditions were getting better. All of my family were able to stand alone with our own works. We were certain that our prayer finally reached Heaven.

We are still physically weak due to old age, but thanks to God, every experience we learned was splendid and helped alter our lives. They are all treasure to me now. We are all senior citizens, and we live peacefully on comfortable homes with children and grandchildren.

If you think about it, yes, I worked hard for over 70 years. All members of our family worked hard for over 70 years and we believe that finally we are free from bad omens. We are healthy now and living on a comfortable life.

You may now have an idea on how we were able to conquer problems in life, and still discovered a brighter future ahead even at old ages. We have hundreds of friends including our PYRO-ENERGEN subscribers who joined us in experiencing a healthy life.

Do take note that the brains of all healthy and elderly individuals are functioning well even during rest or sleep. That's what we have to add in this testimonial. First, you should drink 1 liter of mineral water every day. This is very important to have a clean body and probably for you to benefit with the mineral's therapeutic value.

Secondly and the Most Important One is “Stress Reduction”

We understood that stress is a major factor in having a healthy and longer life. You should reduce your stress so you can live healthier and prolong your life.

Yes, we do agree that there are various theories on how you can achieve a longer, stable, and healthy life. But what constitutes a large part of it is all attributed to stress. You may have financial problem or a family problem, or you may have a court case or worries with your business transactions. In this regard, we cannot find the exact answer on how much you can improve your health and wellbeing. Therefore, your overall health condition depends on the stress density that you shoulder.

Whatever it is, you can improve your healthy gradually by reducing your stress. How you can reduce your stress will depend on how you manage it. Try reducing your day-to-day works and problems bit by bit. This is the only way for most people. When you try to reduce your problems, you'll notice that your stress is reducing, too. This is a sign that your brain is being activated to improve your health and wealth.

Could we say that your misfortune is therefore due to stress? Reduction of stress is the answer for health and wealth, and of course including long life.

How stress directly relates to health and lifespan is still being studied at the moment. We will let you know more about it in our upcoming articles.

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Junji Takano, the authorJunji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause.
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