Muscle Cramps – Danger and Prevention

by: Junji Takano

Have you ever heard the hidden dangers of muscle cramps that you should watch out for? Many of us think that muscle cramp is just a simple painful condition that will go away on their own. Unbeknownst to many people, muscle cramps can actually lead to death if not properly attended.

How Can a Simple Muscle Cramp Lead to Death

To my surprise, I heard of cases where patients had to amputate their feet because of muscle cramps. What could be the reason behind this?

We found through ultrasound that small and fine blood vessels are clogged by cholesterol deposits. Thus, the blood does not circulate properly, leading to muscle cramps.

In some severe cases, either the left or right feet appear paler than the other as shown on the photo below.

Muscle Cramps

As you can see, the shape, texture, and color of your feet can provide you signs of possible underlying disorders like poor blood circulation. To determine if you are suffering from this condition, put your feet up as high as you can for about two minutes like the photo below.

Muscle Cramps

If you noticed that one of your feet looks paler, then it means that blood is being blocked due to cholesterol accumulation.

Muscle cramps are mostly caused by too much exercise, dehydration, or body temperature changes. But the physiological process of muscle cramp is not yet completely understood even by today's modern medical science.

If you are experiencing muscle cramps very frequently, you'd better make sure that your blood vessel remains strong and that your body keeps producing new blood vessels to help combat such conditions.

But is that even possible? Yes, it is! Here's how.

Walk for 1 minute and rest for 3 minutes. Try this for only 10 times a day for 7 days. It is as simple as that. Unbelievable?

Our body is made to be always new. Did you know that even your teeth are being reconstructed daily? In fact, our body produces about 300 billion new cells every day!

If your muscle cramps occur too often regardless of any heavy activities, then your blood might be flowing abnormally throughout your body. You may need to consult your doctor for immediate attention. Probably, bad cholesterol deposits or missing blood vessels may be the culprit along the arms and feet.

Resting under the treatment of the PYRO-ENERGEN therapy is one of the most effective ways to avoid muscle cramps.

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