How You Can Reduce Foul Odor and Frequency of Flatulence

by: Junji Takano

While the subject of gas is not something that is commonly talked about, the truth is all of us have gas in our intestines and need to get rid of it in some way. Flatulence or farting is a normal biological process.

However, the main concern is that there are many people suffering from excessive gas or flatulence. This is such an embarrassing problem especially if you are always in a public area.

The important thing to know is how much gas can be considered normal and if the frequent expulsion of foul-smelling odor means anything.


In this issue, you'll learn the secrets on how you can dramatically reduce the frequency of flatulence and reduce foul odor dramatically.

What is the Chemical Composition of Flatulence (Intestinal Gas)?

In order for us to know what causes the foul odor of farts, we need to determine its chemical composition.

99% of flatulence consists of odorless hydrogen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide

Flatulence Chemical Composition

That's right. 99% of its chemical composition is odorless! In fact, the gas in the digestive tract mostly comes from swallowing air, which originally is odorless, too. So how come farts can smell so bad?

Chemical Composition of Flatulence

63% - Nitrogen
26% - Hydrogen
10% - Carbon Dioxide
1% = ?

The answer lies on the remaining 1% trace component of flatulence.

The 1% chemical composition of flatulence is what causes it to stink! And this consists of "bad bacteria" breaking down the protein and fat, which creates the bad smell.

How to Reduce Foul Odor of Flatulence

The foul odor of intestinal gas starts to get worse when you reach the age of 50. This is due to the fact that digestion is much slower when you get older, thereby causing gasses to build up excessively.

To counteract this, begin by eating the right food and drink.

1. Eat Yogurt. Yogurts can suppress the growth of bad bacteria in the digestive tract. Eating a total of 300 grams of yogurt per day can greatly reduce the foul odor of the intestinal gas.

Eat 300 grams of yogurt per day

2. Eat Sweet Potato. Foods that contain dietary fiber, which can be found in a lot of vegetables especially sweet potato, can significantly improve bowel movement. Remember, constipation is often associated to smelly flatulence because of the fecal matter stagnating in the colon. With dietary fiber, it can help prevent or delay the decomposition of undigested foods. We recommend consuming a total of 100 grams of sweet potato per day.

Eat 100 grams of sweet potato per day

3. Drink Green Tea. Some people cannot digest yogurt. If you are yogurt intolerant, then we recommend green tea for you. It is thought that catechins in green tea can kill bad bacteria without harming good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Catechins in green tea can kill bad bacteria in the intestines

Note: Individual results may vary.

How to Reduce Frequency of Farts

Aside from the foul odor of flatulence, the frequency of farts is also a concern by many.

In our previous article entitled "What Causes Flatulence (Farts) and How You Can Reduce It", we have revealed that symptoms like stiff neck, and habitual behaviors such as fidgeting and teeth clenching are all linked to the excessive accumulation of gas within our intestines.

Clenching your teeth stimulates saliva production. When you swallow back the saliva, you also ingest air. This causes gas to accumulate in the intestine, which can lead to flatulence or burping.

To resolve this, it is very important to break your habit of teeth clenching. Write a reminder on a piece of paper, and place it in front of your computer, on your desk, or in your other workplaces.

Interesting Trivia – Did You Know?

  1. Since flatus contains hydrogen and/or methane, it is flammable. With an adequate amount, these can be ignited.
  2. Termites are the largest producers of farts, and not cows. It is because metabolizing wood is not that easy.

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