The 3 Most Surprising Causes of Chronic Dizziness

by: Junji Takano

Have you ever felt lightheaded or dizzy after rising quickly from a chair or when getting out of a bed? These symptoms are often temporary so most people ignore the dizziness until such time that it greatly affects their daily routine.

However, there are certain types of dizziness that are actually life-threatening or can even be an indication of cancer.

In this article, we'll let you know how you can identify this dangerous and mysterious type of dizziness, why and how it attacks, and its prevention and treatment methods.


1) Bloody or Tarry Stools – Risk of Cancer

How dizziness or lightheadedness occurs? In general, dizziness occurs because of lack of blood or oxygen going to the brain due to the non-constriction of blood vessels.

Let's take the case of Patient A, who began to experience chronic dizziness three years ago after receiving shoulder surgery. Medical results show that he has colon cancer.

Since the blood vessels at the surface of colon cancers are fragile, they are easily damaged every time stool passes through the large intestine. Unfortunately, the condition often go unnoticed as most patient won't feel any pain because of lack of nerve cells in the large intestine.

In the case of Patient A, he was suffering from anemia due to internal bleeding. This causes his brain to be oxygen-deficient.

Fecal Occult Blood Test

If you are suffering from chronic dizziness, it is recommended that you check from possible blood in your stool to help you identify early signs of colon cancer. Clinical tests like Fecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT) are available. Bloody or tarry (red-black) stool can also be a sign of colon cancer so have yourself examined.

PYRO-ENERGEN Therapy for Colon Cancer

The PYRO-ENERGEN electrostatic therapy machine is highly effective in preventing and in eradicating cancer cases like colon cancer. We highly recommend that the therapy is applied during the early stages of cancer or as soon as the patient is showing signs of the condition to prevent cancer cells from spreading throughout the body.

PYRO-ENERGEN electrostatic therapy for colon cancer

2) Heart Pauses for 3 Seconds – Life-threatening!?

Now, let's take the case of Patient B who began to suffer from chronic dizziness since five years ago. He though that it was simply because of fatigue. But after a while, he is often experiencing sudden fainting, and can't even try to stand up from a chair or get off from bed.

Medical results show that Patient B's case of dizziness is caused by abnormalities of the heart, wherein there's a lack of blood that flows to the brain.

Our heart moves by electrical signals, but Patient B's heart has an abnormal electrical signal. This condition is called "cardiogenic syncope", which is characterized by long missed or skipped heart beats. This can be a life-threatening condition if left untreated.

You can determine if the cause of your dizziness is an abnormal heart by measuring your heart pulse rate. If you find your heart pulse to stop for more than 3 seconds (sinus pause), there's a high likelihood that you have a heart problem. In addition, people suffering from fainting due to palpitations (rapid and irregular heart beat) are also at risk.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, it is recommended that you visit a cardiologist.

Sinus Pause

In the case of Patient B, his heart problem was resolved by embedding a pacemaker in his body. But remember that one who underwent pacemaker surgery may need to wait 1 year from the date of surgery before performing strenuous physical activity or exercise and must do so under the guidance of a physician.

3) Stress Can Cause Chronic Dizziness

There's one type of dizziness that can cause sudden fainting but is not due to anemia or heart problems. This condition can occur at any day that affects even healthy people.

This disease is called "Vasovagal syncope". It is apparently one of the most common causes of fainting due to stress.

Normally, your blood flows all over your body from your feet to head even when you are in standing position. The blood vessels expand and contract to make this happen.

However, when one is faced by stress, some body functions (involving the vagus nerve) will not be able to work properly, thereby leading to a reduction in heart rate, and lower blood pressure. As a result, the heart won't have enough energy to pump blood to the upper portion of the body since blood is also subject to gravity.

The good news is there's a home remedy and treatment for Vasovagal syncope – and that is as simple as "Standing", which we'll talk about that shortly.

In addition, before an episode of fainting, one may experience symptoms like nausea, abdominal pain and blurred vision. If these symptoms appear suddenly, you can prevent fainting or loss of consciousness by doing the following immediate maneuvers:

1. Cross your legs. This produces a rise in cardiac output and blood pressure.

2. Tense your muscles. Apply tension to your abdomens and hands (hand gripping or clenching).

Vasovagal Syncope Maneuver

The above procedures will allow blood to go the brain and help delay or stop the onset of vasovagal syncope.

Home Remedy and Treatment for Vasovagal Syncope

Chronic dizziness caused by stress can be cured by a sort of exercise therapy that involves standing and leaning against the wall. Surprisingly, this method helps your body to develop resistance from fainting.

Great Health Idea

Here's how:

  1. Stand perfectly still and lean your body from head to your bottom to the wall.
  2. Avoid moving your feet.
  3. Your goal is to remain standing for 30 minutes. It is OK if you won't be able to do this in your first attempt. But practice doing this twice a day, every day, for 30 minutes at a time, and you will notice improvement after 1 month at the earliest.

IMPORTANT: Stop doing this procedure immediately if you suddenly feel lightheaded or dizzy, and avoid placing other objects around you to prevent accident.

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