PYRO-ENERGEN: Genuine vs. Imitation

The PYRO-ENERGEN machine was invented in 1968 with the aim of eradicating the origin of viruses and diseases of unknown cause.

PYRO-ENERGEN is a unique alternative treatment device that utilizes static electricity, making it the first and only one of its kind in the world.

Static electricity occurs when electrical charges accumulate on the surface of a material. It is referred to as "static" because there is no current flow like in AC or DC electricity. Static electricity is typically generated through the rubbing of materials together, resulting in objects being attracted to each other or producing sparks upon contact. Examples of static electricity in everyday life include static cling, flyaway hair, and sparks when touching certain objects.

The PYRO-ENERGEN machine generates static-like electricity of approximately 18,000 volts, depending on the insulation between the patient and the ground. Climate and humidity can also affect the range of static voltage.

The static-like voltage is stepped up from the AC line house outlet voltage. Many people ask whether the output voltage is AC or DC. It is important to note that the output voltage is neither AC nor DC; it is static-like electricity voltage.

The machine has a power consumption of less than 5 watts, making it energy-efficient. It employs a specialized PYRO-ENERGEN technology based on electronics to produce static-like electricity, enabling the treatment of various diseases.

We do not use any technologies existing within electro-technologies and medical technologies of today. Therefore, the world's health ministries, including America's FDA, cannot or does not certify or approve the PYRO-ENERGEN.

Despite lacking official approval, the PYRO-ENERGEN has demonstrated remarkable healing effects on various incurable diseases within a matter of days since 1968. Its reputation spread worldwide through word-of-mouth, magazine advertisements, and newspaper ads. Thousands of units were patronized by a remarkable number of sick people. In 1999, with the advent of the internet, the PYRO-ENERGEN gained further popularity.

Subsequently, several imitation or counterfeit machines with different names emerged in Japan, but none of them employed static electricity technology. These machines could only produce AC stepped-up voltage, with a maximum of 9,000 volts, complying with the regulations set by the Ministry of Health. Higher voltages were deemed too dangerous for human use due to potential side effects resulting from voltage penetration into the body. Similarly, imitated machines surfaced in Taiwan, copying the features of the fake Japanese machines. Some individuals in the Philippines and Canada also attempted to imitate the PYRO-ENERGEN, including statements found in this website, but they failed to produce any static electricity and could only generate AC stepped-up voltage.

Since these imitation machines lack knowledge of how the PYRO-ENERGEN technology facilitates healing, their manufacturers do not provide explanations of how the machines work in the body. Instead, their brochures contain statements cautioning against usage by pregnant women, menstruating women, patients with high blood pressure, individuals with fever, those with heart disease, patients with pacemakers or other metal implants, and individuals recovering from surgical procedures or after taking a bath, among other restrictions, due to severe side effects.

For men, these machines may cause sterilization of spermatozoa, resulting in a side effect similar to male menopause. Exposure to high-tension voltage can lead to menopause and other strange symptoms. Surprisingly, these side effects are not disclosed by the manufacturers! Consequently, the FDA restricts the application of voltages higher than 9,000 volts.

Usage of these imitation machines is limited to a certain duration to mitigate side effects. As a side effect, patients' body temperature may rise, necessitating careful time management during usage. Manufacturers' websites also provide numerous prohibitions. It is possible that additional side effects may emerge later.

Why do these manufacturers imitate our PYRO-ENERGEN machine? Simply put, they do so because our product is excellent and effective!

We are the only official manufacturer of the genuine PYRO-ENERGEN machine and it is distributed through our authorized PYRO-ENERGEN networks only. For verification, contact

Our authentic PYRO-ENERGEN has none of the aforementioned side effects, allowing users to operate the machine without the mentioned precautions. The PYRO-ENERGEN's static electricity does not induce current and voltage in the body, making it one of the safest electrostatic therapy machines globally.

Please be aware that any other machines claiming to operate similarly or employing the term "static" are imitations of our PYRO-ENERGEN. Devices with "9000" in their brand names and other related machines originating from certain Asian countries are completely counterfeit.

Currently, approximately 30 companies worldwide, including some in Europe, have emerged using the term "static electric field therapy," despite not employing the technology. Once again, they operate solely with AC high voltage ranging from approximately 9,000 to 13,000 volts. The PYRO-ENERGEN remains the only machine in the world that operates with TRUE static electricity.

And why do they produce counterfeit machines or imitations, attempting to replicate our PYRO-ENERGEN technology? Could it be because the PYRO-ENERGEN demonstrates remarkable efficacy?