The PYRO-ENERGEN vs. Other Electrotherapy or Electromedicine Devices

Most electrotherapy or electromedicine devices known and used today inject electric current into the body or blood. They claim that electric current is a beneficial remedy that can help treat various diseases. Other forms of electrotherapy available include Frequency Generators, Scenar, Ultrasound, Pulsed shortwave diathermy, Interferential therapy, TECAR therapy, and Laser therapy. However, none of these can completely eradicate the origin or cause of disease.

When the frequency, voltage, current, flux, and rays are overused or given in excessive amounts, they can damage the skin, organs, or cause side effects to appear. How can one treat or cure diseases caused by the side effects of so-called modern electrotherapy? This is because the cause or origin of the disease has not been identified. Additionally, these treatments are not cure but rather "remedies".

Various types of high-tension voltage therapeutic machines are available in the global market, operating on either AC or DC. Some of these machines are patented and approved by the Japanese Ministry of Health or the Food and Drug Administration of the USA. However, there are several restrictions associated with these machines. The Japanese Ministry of Health, for example, prohibits applying voltages exceeding 9000 volts due to the potential harm they can cause.

Did you know that high-tension voltage of AC (alternating current) induces Joule heat in the body and can even cause death?

Unlike any other existing electromedicine or electrotherapy devices, PYRO-ENERGEN employs a unique technology that utilizes "negatively-charged static electricity". It is referred to as "static" because there is no current flowing as in AC or DC electricity. Modern medical science may have never imagined or applied the beneficial effects of PYRO-ENERGEN technology.

Consequently, there are no side effects associated with the use of the PYRO-ENERGEN machine, even if it is used continuously throughout the day and night. The most notable aspect of the PYRO-ENERGEN is its effectiveness in cancer treatment, unlike other machines that come with a long list of prohibitions. With PYRO-ENERGEN, you can use it without any worries. Remember that true treatments should not harm healthy people and should only contribute to their overall well-being.

Special Features and Benefits of PYRO-ENERGEN

  1. Eliminates all viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause, including respiratory diseases caused by allergies.
  2. Healing Results are Quickly Observed.
  3. No Side Effects and Impossible to Overdose—You can use it during menstruation, pregnancy, or after childbirth.
  4. The use of PYRO-ENERGEN is not only intended for ill individuals. Healthy children and adults are also recommended to use PYRO-ENERGEN to safeguard and maintain good health.
  5. Rejuvenates and Strengthens the Immune Systems.
  6. Overcomes Fatigue and Stress.
  7. Promotes Proper Blood Circulation and Improves Blood pH Balance.
  8. Very Easy to Use
  9. Lightweight and Easily Transportable. Only 2 kgs.
  10. It is very economical. It consumes only a few watts of electricity, so you don't need to worry about your electric bills.
  11. Trouble-Free and Maintenance-Free