Cancer – Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

by: Junji Takano

"Cancer" is a disorder characterized by uncontrolled division of cells and the ability of these cells to invade other tissues. Cancer may affect people at all ages, but risk tends to increase with age. There are many types of cancer. The severity of symptoms depend on the site and character of the malignancy and whether there is metastasis.

Cancer is usually treated with a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. However, its total cure is still dim with today's medical technology. It is because medical science have difficulty in identifying the definite origin of cancer diseases. Without knowing the origin and cause of a disease, it maybe impossible to find its cure. Is it the reason that most cancer problems occur seriously? Yes, it really does.

We have received some complaints that the PYRO-ENERGEN machine did not work for their cancer diseases. Here are our investigations and findings about their cancer problems.

Breast Cancer

Kinds and Causes of Cancer

There are several kinds and causes of cancer and leukemia, and you should know what has no effect or less result by the treatment of PYRO-ENERGEN and other medical applications.

First, the cause of cancer is uknown but guessed. They say that cancer is caused by the mutation of the genetic material of normal cells, which upsets the normal balance between cell division and cell death. The uncontrolled and often proliferation of cells can lead to either a benign tumor or malignant tumor. "Benign tumors" do not spread to other parts of the body or invade other tissues, and they are rarely a threat to life unless they extrinsically compress vital structures. "Malignant tumors" can invade other organs, spread to distant locations and become life-treatening.

The unregulated growth that characterizes cancer is caused by damage to DNA, resulting in mutations to genes that encode for proteins controlling cell division.

Many mutation events may be required to transform a normal cell into a malignant cell. These mutations can be caused by chemicals or physical agents called "carcinogens", by close exposure to radioactive materials, or by certain viruses that can insert their DNA into the human genome. Mutations occur spontaneously, and may be passed down from one generation to the next as a result of mutations within germ lines.

Heredity and Lifestyle Factors

Heredity—there is no basis in heredity in our research. Although there are recognized syndromes of cancer with a hereditary component, you can disregard them completely.

Tobacco smoking—there are no records or evidences in our research that it causes cancer. Once you're suffering from cancer, yes, cigarette smoking will worsen the illness itself, so we recommend you to stop smoking.

Environmental Factors

Many forms of cancer are associated with exposure to environmental factors such as X-radiation, nuclear radiation, asbestos powder, environmental pollutants and viruses. While some of these risk factors can be avoided or reduced, there is no definite known method to entirely avoid the illness.

Here, we can say that if cancer or leukemia is caused by radiations, asbestos or toxic matters inhaled, there maybe less applicable treatment in this modern medical world. Probably, detoxification by herbal teas and herbal bath may reduce the fatigue and worsening of the disease (see "Domestic Syndromes and Detoxification (detox) Process in Modern Diseases"). Consulting or talking to friends will reduce aggravation of sickness both mentally and physically. In this case, the PYRO-ENERGEN treatment can only help a part. These are the complaints for those who used the PYRO-ENERGEN, and did not get good results.

Types of tumors such as melanoma, carcinoma, lymphoma, sarcoma, mesothelioma, glioma, and germinoma, as they medically termed, are just the same cancer disease. The cause of them varies from radiation to environmental pollutions to viruses and unknown causes.

Of course, it is a difficult task to find the cause of cancer. You must at least think or trace it through your living. If you work near X-ray or radio stations, your cancer might be due to radiation. If your work is at asbestos factory or chemical factory, then there is a possibility of toxic pollutants. If you cannot imagine how you have contacted such disease, then, your cancer may be caused by the negative energy, which is an invisible energy wave and a cancer-causing agent.

Treatment of Cancer

Another problem for cancer patients is that most were not informed directly by doctors when cancer cells were found. Even the family hesitate to tell the truth to patients. It also promotes the delay for cure.

There are various treatments for cancer, such as surgery, radiotherapy, and immunotherapy. The choice of therapy depends on the location and the stage of the disease as well as the general condition of the patient. If the cause of cancer is due to radiation or pollutants, then, complete removal of the cancer tissue (if the location is operationable) will lead to cure. The other parts of your body will no longer be affected after the removal of cancer tissue.

Chemotherapy is another treatment for cancer with anticancer drugs that can destroy cancer cells. However, chemotherapy has the potentional to harm healthy tissues as well. And we observe that most cases are just to "prolong the life of the patient".

However, if your cancer is caused by the negative energy, removal of cancer tissue by surgical methods will not end the problem, because the origin of the disease, which is the negative energy, is still present and surrounds your body.

According to our record, almost all breast cancer patients (caused by the negative energy), showed great recovery results in a matter of week or two using the PYRO-ENERGEN.

The PYRO-ENERGEN treatment indicates fantastic results for all diseases caused by the negative energy.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Some other measures include psychological approaches such as meditation to aid in pain relief and to help improve mood. The benefits of these approaches have not been proven. Other complementary approaches include traditional medicines like Traditional Chinese medicine. It helps a lot according to our records. Another treatment includes dietary supplements, green tea and other herbal treatments. Herbal bathing for detoxification is recommended to relieve some pains.

Now, you understand that some cancer patients who were affected by harmful rays and environmental pollutants such as asbestos and mercury, were not cured, although they used the PYRO-ENERGEN religiously. But these causes are only a fragment of thousands of cancer victims.

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