Hidden Diabetes May Result To Sudden Heart Attack – Simple Medical Test Cannot Detect

by: Junji Takano

This time, a fresh finding concerning with diabetes of new type—"hidden diabetes"—causing myocardial and brain blockage. You might not be familiar to this because this type of diabetes is discovered only recently by research teams in Japan.

You may notice your neighbor friends who looked healthy and never been hospitalized in their lives, suddenly gone with heart attack. It may be due to hidden diabetes. By doing simple and common physical checkup won't show any sign of hidden diabetes. A special medical checkup is required to determine hidden diabetes. Even among the people who are believed to be with normal and healthy condition, 1 out of 4 people have the possibility of acquiring hidden diabetes.

Many think that diabetes is simply "the sickness where the sugar blends to the urine", and yes, it is a fact, and it is the sickness where various problems happen.

Hidden Diabetes

The Actual Condition of Hidden Diabetes Patient

A 65 years old man who lives in Osaka, thought that with physical checkup he was healthy enough without any health problems. However, one morning, suddenly, he suffered from a heart attack and was fetched in the hospital. It was a serious state that 9 blood vessels were dying for lifetime in favor of fast disposal among 32 big blood vessels which are plugged to the heart. When a special clinical test was completed, it was the only time the hidden diabetes was discovered. In other words, there is a time where blood glucose value rises suddenly without any diabetic symptoms previously.

Every year, most companies in Japan are required to do medical checkup for workers. And this time, we requested selected company workers to check about hidden diabetes and surprisingly we learned that about 10 out of 40 workers were in danger of hidden diabetes. In other words, about 25% of adults are in danger of hidden diabetes.

Once Again, What is Hidden Diabetes?

Hidden diabetes occurs when blood glucose value rises abnormally, suddenly after taking foods. To check if you are at risk of hidden diabetes, drink 225 milliliters of phosphate (phosphatic drink) that contains 75 grams of dextroglucose. After 2 hours, check your glucose value - if it exceeds 200mg/dl, then you are at risk of diabetes, myocardial blockage, and even brain blockage.

A healthy person's blood glucose value is maintained at the normal range by the insulin. Deficiency of insulin will result of sugar not being consumed properly by the body. Then, the blood glucose value will become high and could damage blood vessels instantly.

People with hidden diabetes seem to have insufficient insulin, and their blood glucose value rises easily after every food intake. However, actual clinical tests indicate sufficient insulin with them, but why their blood glucose does not go down? Because we found out that the insulin is too late to come in, which is the largest primary factor where blood glucose value rises largely after every food intake.

In fact, the increase of blood sugar value is not only caused by the delay of insulin. The function of insulin also depends on the fat cell of the intestinal fat. If the intestinal fat is reduced, then, insulin works easily and could stop the rise of blood sugar value. Yes, to reduce internal fat is the answer.

How to Prevent Hidden Diabetes

Just by reducing internal fat, then you can be free from hidden diabetes and sudden heart attack. How nice to think about it. I do not mean that you jog daily. There are people who got stroke while jogging. Probably, reduce your food intake and fatty foods. It might be hard to follow whenever we see good delicious food in front of our eyes :).

What about "Backward Walking Exercise" and drink enough green tea daily?

Backward Running

Doctors recommend us to walk or do jogging everyday as part of exercise. But it is too time-consuming for busy businesspeople and dangerous for hidden diabetes people. A physical exerciser told me that 100 steps backward walking is equivalent to 1,000 steps conventional walking. 1,000 steps walking take a half day work. Many have no such precious time to waste just for jogging especially in the morning. It is also hard to continue everyday.

For backward walking, an important point is not to bend the knee, but try to keep your feet straight or in stretched position. Backward walking does not require long distance, which means you can do it anywhere, at your backyard or at the top of your office building during snack time.

The drawback, of course, is a lack of hindsight. We recommend that newcomers to backward walking or running do it gradually on a track to avoid potholes, signs, cars and other hazards.

Let's walk backward and get physically and mentally healthy! Your big hips will be slim and look beautiful for women, and dandy to men!

Backward walking is the cheapest and easiest for hidden diabetes patients. Why don't you try it? It's good for you.

In a just a month of backward walking, nearly 90% of workers were able to escape from hidden diabetes. And don't stop backward walking as long as you could continue.

In addition, green tea is known to prevent myocardial infarction since it was recognized as a traditional medicine hundreds of years ago. At least drink about six cups of green tea daily. It is very effective according to the 20,000 testimonials reported in Japan. Green tea works for other diseases, too. Oh, by the way, I drink about 8-10 cups of tea a day.

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