Microwave Cooking - Does it Destroy Nutrients in Vegetables?

by: Junji Takano

After writing the article "Spicy Foods May Provide Protection against Food Poisoning", I received a lot of comments about microwave destroying food nutrients.

It is because I mentioned that garlic can be cooked with a microwave. It is the easiest way rather than using baking oven, bread toaster, or frying pan. Every few months, there's a new scare that spreads on the internet, and now, its microwaves. They say that foods cooked in a microwave are unhealthy and harmful for health. Who crazy people said so? These are simply myths circulated by people who don't understand what microwaves are and fear them irrationally.

Some scientists and doctors who say that microwave for cooking is harmful for human health should study more about our world today. I hope that those people who wrote me that microwave is harmful to health are not scientists who usually write incorrect or fake information in the magazines to mislead the public.


When we were using candlelight during the time of our ancestors, life was simple and the life span was about 48 years. When lightbulb was invented by Thomas Edison, many said that it is harmful to our eyes. When fluorescent lamp came out, a lot of people said that it is very harmful to our eyes and we can be blind soon. And now people said that microwave makes food poisonous and harmful to our health.

When I was 13 years old (about 57 years ago), I made a microwave using 2 pieces of 807 vacuum tubes called push-pull high frequency oscillator. It was about 150 watts microwave. A few turn of gauge 6 or 8 copper-wired oscillator coils, and between two copperplates at output, I placed sweet potato, eggplant, spinach and many other foods, and then I was able to cook a lot of things for several years.

Since then, up to this modern time, I cannot live without a microwave in our kitchen. In Japan, I have a hard time to find a house without a microwave. Therefore, I was eating poisonous foods for over 55 years using that dangerous machine, and yet, I did not suffer from incurable diseases, and remain healthy.

Don't you know that all cooking methods reduce nutrient levels in vegetables to some degree? It's because many vitamins are sensitive to heat exposure. Whether you use firewood, charcoal, electric stove or microwave, the contents of the original food will be changed.

Let's take the case of juice mixer or blender. Why don't you complain about the use of that sharp-bladed mixer or blender in your kitchen? Don't you know that anything when juiced or blended, some nutrition will be broken? When fruits or vegetables are blended and exposed to oxygen, a huge amount of vitamins or other nutritious parts will be lost. This is called oxidation. Why don't you throw your mixer?

Let's take bread toaster. It is also the same. It will change your bread to poison and it's dangerous to your health.

Let those people who love to live in a primitive life, throw that TV in your room, it is dangerous to your eyes. Let them throw your chemically painted house, it is dangerous to your health. Let them throw your own life, since it is dangerous to others.

Those people are with a tiny brain and their life span is maybe only 47 years (same as cave dwellers who live less than 47 years old). In our modern world, especially in Japan, there are only few who will say that microwave is harmful to our health. Did you know that an average life span of Japanese is now 89-92 years? :) I am now 70 years old and I am still kicking around. I have never suffered from incurable diseases at all.

Myths and Facts about Microwave Oven

  1. Microwave causes cancer. The facts: There's no solid evidence of that, and the opposite may be true. When you microwave meats for a few minutes before grilling and frying, most of the cancer-causing chemicals from the meats are lost along with the juices.
  2. Microwave destroys the nutrients in food. The facts: Yes, it is true. But don't you know that microwave retains more nutrients than other forms of cooking, if you don't use a lot of water and don't overcook the food.
  3. Microwave oven produces radiation. The facts: Yes, it is true. But microwave ovens manufactured by renowned companies today do not radiate or leak any harmful wave outside to cause any danger to humans. Containers, packaging and wrapping materials for cooking, are where you should be careful. Because the container might melt to the food and the chemicals might contaminate the food.

So, is the Microwave Safe?

Everyone wants to be healthy, but some scientists said that microwave is dangerous to your health. Don't believe them. Their brains are so tiny. Microwave oven is the safest device of all. Just don't use too much water. Microwaving with too much water is more like boiling, which does deplete nutrients. So, once again, don't use a lot of water. Cabbage, broccoli, potato, fish, meat, carrot, eggplant, and many others, can be cooked without water. Think wisely.

Oh, if microwave is as dangerous as some people think, then the Japanese Ministry of Health, or even the American FDA as well as other health-oriented authorities prohibited its use long time ago.

It is easy to use a microwave rather than firewood or charcoal inside a modern kitchen room in your house. Why don't you use microwave? It will make you healthy. Don't be silly and be wise!!!

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