Spicy Foods May Provide Protection Against Food Poisoning

by: Junji Takano

I have been in Korea several times, and I noticed that it is hard to find Korean food without garlic and pepper spices. I heard that garlic can reduce high blood pressure from almost all doctors and medical scientists. I also heard that garlic and pepper are effective against food poisoning. Is it true?

To get healthy and to avoid food poisoning, we were taught to take more garlic and pepper as spice from our grandparents, too.

There are thousands of Korean who are suffering from high blood pressure and new strains of food poisoning bacteria and virus-like particles appear. Korean should be healthier than any other nationals.

I knew that garlic does not reduce high blood pressure as you expect if you do not know how to eat it. Pepper does not kill new strains of bacteria and virus-like particles. I myself was taking a lot of them when I was a small boy until my breath had bad garlic odor, because that's how I was taught by our Korean neighbor after WWII.

Most books and magazines including medical books of herbs say that garlic reduces high blood pressure, and pepper kills food poisoning bacteria. It sounds that they are not true for me when I discovered the origin of world diseases sometime in 1960s.

Spicy Foods

Why does garlic don't work in reducing high blood pressure but will increase the blood pressure instead? Is it not because the way you eat garlic might not be right?

You were told to eat a lot of garlic when you get high blood pressure.
You did not know the right amount of garlic to take in a day.
You did not know how to take garlic or how to cook it.
You did not know when to eat garlic.
You did not want to take garlic because of its smell.

When I asked about the above questions to 30 doctors and 50 high blood pressure patients, they told us that they do not know that garlic makes blood pressure high. It's because they did not follow the right way of taking it. They just thought that one whole garlic must be grinded, then swallowed. Wow, that will make your blood pressure go up more.

Is it true that garlic is a healthy spice and could reduce high blood pressure? Yes, it is true, but the amount you take and other methods should be followed. It is just the same as other herbs and drugs.

One whole garlic a day is good enough to keep you healthy, but if you grind it and take it raw, then it might hurt you. Instead of reducing your high blood pressure, it may suddenly go up. That's what happening to many of you, isn't it? In Korea, most people consume an average of more than one whole garlic, yet they suffer from high blood pressure.

Now, do this way. Place one whole garlic into a microwave for about 2-3 minutes. It will be well cooked. Husk off the garlic, mash it to form a paste and add one tablespoon of sugar or honey, a little bit of salt, peppermint, and green leaves for aroma. You can use the garlic paste for sandwich, potato salad, cookies, etc. It tastes better than raw. Consume it in one day. In this way, its smell is very much less. Do this daily for your lifetime and you won't suffer from high blood pressure.

This garlic paste takes place to be effective to you after about 2 weeks of time. Our study indicates that Kimchi gives less effect for high blood pressure, although Kimchi contains a lot of garlic in it.


Salsa herb holds health benefit. Study finds that a compound in cilantro kills harmful bacteria. Cilantro, an herb and key to many cuisines can kill food poisoning bacteria, especially that new strain of most harmful Salmonella bacteria.

The study shows why salsa and many other spicy foods seem to have innate antibacterial activity. It fits in with other studies done over the years that show popular spices can keep food from spoiling.

A certain compound in the fresh leaves and the seeds of cilantro known as coriander, should work as an antibiotic agent against new strain of Salmonella bacteria. Other antibiotic compounds in fresh cilantro show some activity against various harmful bacteria.

Let's take the case of Salmonella bacteria which is rampant around in the kitchens of aged homes and school canteens and swimming pools in Japan nowadays. Is it just because of epidemic season or what? Is the Salmonella bacteria cooperated with pool heat? If you mention swimming for exercise, various infection symptoms are accounted with virus and bacteria including unknown cause or reason of diseases called pool heat.

What Is Salmonella?

Salmonella is a type of bacteria. That's what doctors and medical researchers believe. Salmonella is usually found in places such as poultry, eggs, unprocessed milk, meat, water, bathroom, swimming pool, school canteen, and kitchen. No one knows where does salmonella come from in what way.

What Kind of Infection Does Salmonella Cause?

Salmonella is believed to attack the stomach and intestines. In some serious cases, the Salmonella enters the lymph tracts. Some symptoms of Salmonella poisoning are: diarrhea or constipation; headaches; stomach cramps; nausea; vomiting; high fever; and blood in the feces.

Our researches show that Salmonella is not caused by bacteria alone but also goes with negative energy. Thus, such patients can be treated by PYRO-ENERGEN and taking the garlic paste helps a lot. If you talk about drug, antibiotic is recommended. As we mentioned previously, Salsa herbs helps more than any other.

Eating 2-3 pieces of red-hot peppers daily makes your stomach condition perfect to prevent bacterial infection, especially from food poisoning.

Pool fever has similar symptoms as Salmonella poisoning. It is not caused by dirty and unsanitary conditioned water in swimming pool. It is also caused by negative energy. It is the reason there are people who are affected from pool fever and there are people who are never affected from it, although they use the same swimming pool with the same water. In this case, PYRO-ENERGEN treatment is effective.

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