Ulcer Facts and Its Treatment

by: Junji Takano

There are various ulcers and various terms that are used to describe them:

"Decubitus Ulcer" – an ulcer on the skin caused by pressure and friction from bedding when somebody is confined to bed for a long time.
"Peptic Ulcer" – ulcers of the stomach (Gastrointestinal Ulcer) or small intestine (Duodenal ulcer)
"Oral Ulcer" – a.k.a. Canker Sore (mouth ulcer), an ulcer on the lips or inside the mouth

However, not all, but most of them are due to the same cause, not really as what scientists say. Ulcers, which are shallow sores, are produced by the destruction of skin or the mucous membrane. Although they are all called ulcers, they may be similar in their symptoms and appearance, but most of them have a common cause and it is not what scientists claim it to be.

Some doctors say ulcers may occur in association with a number of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, kidney and heart ailments, varicose veins, syphilis, tuberculosis and cancer. They claim that gastrointestinal ulcers occur with chronic gastritis, ulcerative colitis, and typhoid fever. I cannot agree with this last claim.

Here, I would like to refer to a particular ulcer, the "Stomach Ulcer", which is the cause of pain and worry for a lot of people.

Some medical doctors say that it is due to drinking of liquor, overeating, irregular eating, cigarette smoking, overwork, fatigue, stress, etc. There are many people who are heavy drinkers, overeaters, smokers etc., but many do not suffer from stomach ulcer.

The stomach is the one of strongest, most durable, acid-proofed, elastically made bags in our body. Why would such a bag become scratched or be punctured by the above reasons? There must be something else that is working to create ulcerous membrane.

Doctors agree that diabetes, kidney, heart ailments, cancer and others are associated with ulcer and these associated diseases are caused by energy force of the negative energy, according to my PYRO-ENERGEN technology research and finding.

Believe it or not, stomach ulcer can be treated by PYRO-ENERGEN in a matter of days.

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