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by: Junji Takano

I meet a lot of people every day. Most senior citizens ask me how old I am now. Most of the people who visit me are much younger than I am but look much older than I am. Oh, yes, I am now 71 years old, and my brother is 76 years old. Both of us are actively engaged in various activities. All of our families are also actively involved, and no one is sick.

During snack time, lunchtime, and dinnertime, I usually offer visitors something to eat. Many of them suggest to me, "Don't eat junk food. It contains chemicals or toxic elements and is bad for your health." "Don't eat soybeans and tofu because they will make you sick," and so on. "Don't drink coffee, don't use a microwave oven, don't, don't, and don't."

Most visitors comment hundreds of "don't eat that kind of stuff." No, I do not argue about it because they have a reason to say that. However, don't be troubled too much. If you believe all of that, then there will be nothing to eat in this world.

Let's take the case of microwave ovens...

When I wrote an article about microwaves, I received over a hundred comments that microwaves produce toxic food and are harmful to human consumption. I have read a news article about a man in California, USA, who lived for 112 years with a junk food diet. I myself have been cooking most of our daily food with a microwave for 52 years now. Today, 85% of American families use microwaves, 90% of Japanese families use microwaves, and 85% of European families use microwaves. Only a few percent of simple-minded people think that the microwave is a very dangerous machine in the modern world.

And I notice that most people who are very conscious about food and their cooking methods are the ones who give me a lot of comments and are often sick.

The Cause of Illness

As the founder of PYRO-ENERGEN and its technology, I know how people can develop mysterious illnesses, as well as cancers and viral diseases.

You are aware that many illnesses can also be caused by stress, mental fatigue, and spiritual or psychological factors. Therefore, you understand that many illnesses can also be cured psychologically or spiritually. Hence, many diseases could be eradicated simply by redirecting our minds towards a 'normal' and 'good' mindset, which can truly make a difference in our well-being.

Whether the cause is stress, mental fatigue, psychological factors, spiritual factors, or negative energy, changing your attitude can help you get well.

I understand that you may be sick because your attitude or way of thinking is not usual or normal, right? When your thinking is not normal, your brain waves are easily influenced by negative energy. This is why you may need PYRO-ENERGEN to protect yourself from getting sick. When someone is suffering from severe diseases, mere mental exercises may not be enough to eradicate the ailments. That's why they need the help of PYRO-ENERGEN.

My Path to Wellness

When you are young, you want to go easy and enjoy as much as possible because youth will never come twice. The first trial in your life ends at the age of 40. It is too late to repent or confess after 40. Your destiny is set whether you will be in Heaven or not at the age of 40. Try your best to do well in the eyes of God before you reach the age of 40.

My elder brother and I were born as Buddhists, but we were somewhat atheists. We did not know how to pray, but we did our best to make our clan happy.

At the age of 36, I started to understand right and wrong seriously, and I began to meditate, and my attitude reached Heaven. At the age of 40, my life finally became steady. After 40, I tried to work hard to receive a reward from Heaven. And at 70, I am now in paradise on earth.

Many of my old friends have been doing things wrongly in the eyes of God. Although some of them became wealthy at a young age, their fortune may disappear due to family problems or severe maladies. I have seen their sufferings. In their 70s, many of them experienced misfortunes on earth. How long do they have to endure their sufferings while they are alive?

Living a Good Life

I am not a preacher or a religious person. I just wanted to share with you how to live a healthy life. I have several friends who are monks, priests, pastors, ministers of different religions, or schoolteachers. Most of them talk about good news, but they may not always practice what they preach. Why do many of them, as well as their families, suffer from serious illnesses? Could it be because their brains emit distorted waves or signals that attract negative energy and make them sick? If you think and act right, like meditating, your brain waves will be calm and undistorted, which can repel negative energy. You can also refer to my article "PYRO-ENERGEN Treatment and Listening Music: You Can Change Your Life to Success".

People who are proud of themselves or their children often have distorted brain waves. That is why they are more prone to getting sick easily. It is better to use the word "GLAD" instead of "PROUD". For example, saying "I am glad to have a child" is more blessed compared to saying "I am proud of my child". Which one sounds nicer to your ears?

Even I have tried meditating to reflect on what I have done wrong. Especially from the age of 36 until I reached 40, our family made sacrifices and faced serious financial problems. When I lost all my possessions and didn't even have a dime left in my pocket, yes, my family and I cried. However, it was during that time that we became free from almost all our sufferings.

Yes, I have invented PYRO-ENERGEN for those who cannot meditate and make sacrifices like I have. Now, you might be puzzled about babies who you think have no faults at all, yet there are babies who suffer from serious illnesses. The baby's brain also emits signals or waves that correspond to the parents' waves. Do you believe that waves are somehow spiritually connected?

So, you are now learning how to cheat diseases. It is not a simple task to correct yourself and produce the right brain waves to control the body's systems, but it is the only way to be free from diseases. How many of us in the world can generate undistorted brain waves to repel what I call the origin of diseases, the negative energy? It is challenging to sacrifice oneself, which is why there is a machine called PYRO-ENERGEN. This machine does not make you produce undistorted brain signals to control your body systems, but it repels the creator or origin of diseases, the negative energy.

Good luck, friends. Your lifespan is in the hands of God, not PYRO-ENERGEN.

If I mentioned anything incorrectly in my previous articles, please let me know so that I can correct them immediately.

Oh, you are asking me how long or how often I use PYRO-ENERGEN? No, I have never used it. I do not need it. You do not need it either IF you can meditate and make sacrifices as I did.

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Junji Takano, the authorJunji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause.
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Are you suffering from a disease? Do you want to prevent disease? PYRO-ENERGEN is the answer Are you suffering from a disease? Do you want to prevent disease? PYRO-ENERGEN is the answer

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