What Does Make You Sick? – Part I

by: Junji Takano

What does really make you sick? Is it bacteria? Is it virus? Is it negative energy? Is it your sloppiness? Is it hereditary or genetically? There are various reasons and causes that make you sick. However, there should be an answer on how to escape from getting such maladies, if not, minimize it.

Some people are really healthy and some look so weak. We envy rich and healthy people when we get ill. Some look so sick due to financial stress. Stress is also a cause of illness as you know.

Whatever the causes are, there must be some solutions to minimize getting illnesses. Yes, there are.

Do you believe that brushing teeth is one way to eliminate many kinds of diseases? Brushing your teeth may prevent serious illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, kidney, and liver troubles. Is it possible to clean your blood and prevent some heart disease out of your toothbrush? Yes, it is possible. It is just like a good prayer to God when you brush your teeth :) .

Many illnesses we know are maybe the result of "periodontal (gum) disease" without our knowledge or undetected. Of course, such periodontal disease goes through the bloodstream to other internal organs in the body, and one day it may lead to unexpected illnesses.

Most of us do not think that health problems come from our mouth or teeth. However, most dentists know about it. Brushing teeth is a very effective means of preventing periodontal diseases.

Of course, brushing teeth does not mean that you won't suffer from diseases like diabetes, cancer, and AIDS. What we mean is it will help you minimize contracting such maladies because as I said it is just like a prayer to God. Brushing teeth daily is just the same as concentrating spiritually as well as mentally. Do you notice that your blood pressure goes down, sugar contents in your blood goes down, and your heartbeat calms down, after brushing your teeth? It is because when you are concentrating to something just like that of "Yoga" or listening to a classical music and of course brushing of your teeth, your brain wave becomes calm without distortions. Also see article "PYRO-ENERGEN Treatment and Listening Music: You Can Change Your Life to Success".

Ideal Brain Wave Pattern

Of course, there are hundreds of factors involve when getting sick. Food intake, works you do everyday, and stress you shoulder everyday could be factors of getting sick.


We all know about "fasting". Almost all religious sectors seem to have a certain session for fasting. What does fasting means? Fasting from food. Fasting from sex. Fasting from drinking liquor. Fasting may mean detoxification of all evils.

In an ancient Chinese medical and Buddhism book, it says that fasting will stop or slow the function of cells in the body, and heals all wounds physically and spiritually.

In Japan, there are temples and fasting centers where they train on how to start fasting. When I was 13 years old, I was thin, weak, and sickly boy. My mother recommended me to be in a fasting center for 40 days. In the center, they taught us that fasting will stop the aging process in the body including viruses, bacteria and other toxic objects that invade our body. They told us that in 40 days, viruses and bacteria will die out and our body will be detoxified and will be spiritually united with the will of God. However, since I was underage, I was allowed to do 20 days fasting.

When I became 17 years old, I went back to fasting center and there I learned a lot and became interested in knowing traditional Chinese healing technology.

Now, educating yourself through these ancient medical knowledge, you can minimize or avoid getting sick. In fact, in 72 years of my life including my brothers and my family, we have never suffered from such dreadful diseases so far. Because we do not think bad to others, we do not do bad to others, we do not have bad habits, and we do not eat crude food. We do not smoke. We do not gamble. We do live in a decent way in a decent place.

At least, you now understand what really make you sick. When you are calm and your brain wave is calm, thus, sending proper signals to your body cells, you won't get sick. That is right. For you not to get sick, your brain must emit or send proper signals to your body cells. It is as simple as that. But it is quite a difficult task for most of us, and yes, we know that.

Let's brush our teeth religiously every morning and evening. Don't think bad to others. Do good to others. Eat the right food. Don't drink too much. Make yourself right.

In conclusion, what does really make you sick? The answer seems to be your "aggressive" and "unreligious mind" of your distorted brain wave that controls the body cells. Now, at least, you can avoid contracting some maladies, if you understand these things.

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How about eating spinach and get strong like "Popeye the Sailor"?
There are many things to do to be healthy, aren't there?

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