Outside Negative Energy Force Resides in 5th Dimension

by: Junji Takano

Many doctors and scientists have asked me about the relation between the outside negative energy force and PYRO-ENERGEN, as well as where the negative energy comes from. Here is the answer.

Reading this article may provide you with more insight into the PYRO-ENERGEN technology I discovered over 40 years ago.

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The Six Senses

During my time as a student, I pondered the role of the senses in the spread of diseases, which prompted me to study them further.

People commonly acknowledge five senses, but some individuals claim that humans possess a sixth sense: sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing, and intuition. Initially, I dismissed the sixth sense as mere imagination perpetuated by psychics. While I agree with the existence of the five senses, I remain skeptical about the sixth.

Through my studies, I began to grasp the significance of different dimensions in our existence. I became familiar with the concept of the 4th dimension, recognized by scientists as the dimension of time. However, there is another dimension that exists—the 5th dimension.

What is the Fifth Dimension?

In physics, the fifth dimension is defined as a hypothetical extra dimension beyond the usual three spatial dimensions and one-time dimension. However, during my youth, I lacked the means to prove the existence of the fifth dimension.

The three dimensions that most people understand are width, height, and depth. The fourth dimension, time, involves the movement of three-dimensional objects through time.

For many years, scientists have posited the existence of another dimension, the fifth dimension, beyond our perception. However, they believed that investigating this dimension would be fruitless as it seemed unattainable.

Now, I understand that many diseases are likely caused by a fifth-dimensional object, which I refer to as the negative energy force. Physicists are endeavoring to gather evidence to support or disprove the theories regarding extra dimensions that are currently in vogue.

Recently, a scientist in the US has emerged with a complete formulation proving the existence of the fifth dimension. Not a single scientist worldwide disputes her formulation.

Physicists are delving into the fifth dimension, and I can attest to the existence of realms beyond our plane or brane.

Fifth Dimension

In the photo above, envision the black plate as the Earth's crust, where mountains, buildings, and people reside. These are all three-dimensional objects. Since they move with time, we refer to it as the 4th dimension.

Scientists now believe in and acknowledge the existence of the fifth dimension—a hidden force that penetrates and intrudes upon the Earth. This force is the negative energy field I discovered over 40 years ago.

The Fifth Dimension in Cosmology

In cosmology, the enigmatic energy force known as "dark matter" or "dark energy" is highly likely connected to the fifth dimension and the negative energy field.

However, for scientists, confirming that the cosmos possesses more than four dimensions would only present them with a multitude of mysteries. These mysteries include cosmic inflation, gravitational waves, ultra-powerful gamma-ray bursts, and super-high-energy particle collisions.

Physicists have long been puzzled by the weakness of gravity compared to other fundamental forces of nature. Some have theorized that the graviton, the particle believed to carry gravitational energy, may "leak" or slip into the fifth dimension or even higher dimensions. This could explain why gravity is considerably weaker than other fundamental forces.

Graviton leaking into the fifth or more dimensions
The animated image shows a collision between two subatomic particles residing in our three-dimensional universe. The collision produces other particles, including a graviton that escapes from this 3D space into the fifth-dimensional space. Image courtesy of Fermilab


By reading this article, you will likely comprehend that the assumption that the negative energy force resides in the fifth dimension is plausible. Unfortunately, we cannot perceive the fifth dimension. However, there is no doubt that it exists within our planet.

If one could exist in the fifth dimension and observe our planet from that perspective, Earth would appear translucent. Until recently, nobody in the world could trace its existence until an American scientist unveiled it with a complete formulation.

See-through Planet

However, I knew of its existence over 40 years ago, though I could not scientifically formulate it. Naturally, the fifth dimension is more complex than what I have described or illustrated here. It possesses numerous characteristics such as shape, polarity, color, frequency, space, weight, size, and speed.

I am delighted that scientists now believe in and acknowledge the existence of the 5th dimension, without any denial. I can now proclaim to the world that the outside negative energy force can be found within the fifth-dimensional space. It serves as the very ROOT CAUSE of many unusual and infectious diseases, such as cancer and viruses, as well as miracles and strange phenomena.

Yes, you might be able to find 6 to 11 dimensions in the future, too.