Varicose Veins, Economy Class Syndrome: Cause and Treatment - Part II

by: Junji Takano

Last week, when we sent the article "Varicose Veins, Economy Class Syndrome: Cause and Treatment", how many of you tried it and were satisfied? Isn't a simple feet and back stretching exercises very effective?

Swollen feet no more. High blood pressure no more. Chest pain no more. Insomnia no more. Migraine no more. Heart pain no more. For sure, you also got good results of reduced cholesterol amount in the blood, reduced stress, reduced fatigue, increased appetite and a lot more.

You got good result all around, didn't you? And some of you were able to get rid of varicose veins, is it right? Now, you can believe it. If you know the reason, you can find the solution for it. It means that if you cannot find the real reason, you will never find the definite solution.

Many have been doing massages and foot spa, and some of you may have been using fishy electronic devices at your clinics or beauty parlors, but to no avail at all.

Up to this modern age of time, scientists and doctors are trying to find how to cure viral diseases. If you cannot find the origin of virus, then it is 100% impossible to find the definite cure for viral diseases. As I mentioned in the website, virus originated from the negative energy that exists in the fifth dimension. See "The Origin of Viral Diseases (negative energy) - Belongs to 5th Dimension". It is easy to eradicate viral diseases if you know its origin. Now, you got the PYRO-ENERGEN as final answer to that virus. And now, you will know the origin of varicose veins and its cure.

With regards to varicose veins and economy class syndrome, you should know what is happening along the blood vessels, especially somewhere along the veins (arteries). Doctors knew that blood circulation is abnormal. Then, many recommend massage and hot foot spa. Did they check the flow of blood using ultrasonic during and after massage and hot foot spa? Results do not indicate as good as expected, don't they? You have used all those fishy gadgets and techniques available in the market but got no good results after all. Then, you should stop doing them all.

About three months ago, our men visited the northern part of Malaysia during festivities of the rural area. There they met two older women, mother and daughter, dancing. Their ages were about 113 years old and 91 years old respectively. I instructed to study their lifestyle in longevity. To make the story short, they have been doing rice pounding using their feet since childhood.

Rice Pounding EquipmentRice Pounding

Their works fit exactly for the exercise I recommend.

Also, I realized that most rural people in the southern parts of Taiwan live healthier and without hypertension as well as varicose veins. Yes, they pound rice the same way as the above photo, just like the Malaysian folks in the rural area our men found.

Of course, there are many factors involved in fulfilling good health and longevity. Whatever it is, their simple major daily food was milk of water buffalo, green beans (equivalent of soybeans), bitter melon, coconut, corn and rice.

Their cholesterol contents in the blood were normal. Our men did not find anyone suffering from varicose veins in those rural places. In addition, backward walking (retro walking) indicates good result for varicose veins, too.


Varicose VeinsWell, let's explain this scientifically and clinically.

Of course, you must understand that these exercises will not prevent viral diseases and some bacterial diseases. It is because many other factors are involved in fulfilling good health.

Now, why does varicose vein appear? What is the reason for it?

Did you know that your vein have blood pumping valves along the inner part of the tube as you can see at the above left side illustration?

Whenever you are tired or when you are sickly due to some reasons, the vein's valve does not function well. If the valve is destroyed partially or completely and permanently, there will be no pumping blood back to your heart. And it becomes like the above right side illustration. In that case, the valve is not working properly in pumping blood back to your heart. This causes unwanted accumulation of used blood (venous blood) along the legs and it appears as phlebosclerosis. And it becomes varix (varicose veins).

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Junji Takano, the authorJunji Takano is a Japanese health researcher involved in investigating the cause of many dreadful diseases. In 1968, he invented PYRO-ENERGEN, the first and only electrostatic therapy machine that effectively eradicates viral diseases, cancer, and diseases of unknown cause.
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