Varicose Veins, Economy Class Syndrome: Cause and Treatment - Part III

by: Junji Takano

Varicose Veins, Economy Class Syndrome: Cause and Treatment - Part I
Varicose Veins, Economy Class Syndrome: Cause and Treatment - Part II

This is the conclusion part for varicose veins and economy class syndrome.

Why does the said simple exercises of ankles, back stretching, or backward walking are good remedies for swollen feet and avoiding varicose veins?

If the blood valves do not work along the veins, used blood will not go back to the heart through the veins. If remedies like massages, hot foot spa, and other mechanical or electronic gadgets you tried did not work well, then, what is the secret in the said exercises? The exercises seem to be one of the best remedies I can tell. The ankle exercise can make the muscles press the veins and push back the used blood to the heart more than 10 - 15 times faster than any known massages or gadgets introduced by doctors. You can see the amazing result on the screen using ultrasound scanner at your clinics. You can call this exercise as muscle pump.

The exercises can prevent varix, which means you can avoid sudden death that is accounted for 80% of economy class syndrome and varicose vein occurrences.

When the blood flow stagnates, it will create thrombus. Also, when the flow of blood along the vein stagnates, the moisture exudes outside the blood vessel which is seen as swollen feet.

For your information, people whose work needs being on standing position, and even pregnant women, have a difficulty with their blood returning to the upper body. Such has a strong reason that pregnant women have difficulties in hormone balance. There are scientists who claim that heredity could be a reason, too.

Anything that looks so difficult to understand is just like magic. A magician's trick shows amazement before your eyes. But if you understand the trick, then you will say “it's nothing”. Yes, everything is just nothing. If you know the trick, you won't get sick, too. You can be healthy always and live longer. What we research are tricks for getting good health.

The said simple exercises will surely prevent hundreds of illnesses. Because many illnesses we know today are related to blood problems.

Take care and have a good exercise and God bless you always.

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